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  1. God Bless him he is a real hero.

    "He is the epitome of the Spartan soldier. It was only a matter of time before he would demonstrate his true ability."

    Thought I would add this because he was Called a Spartan But I know he is the real deal and without Soldiers like him we would not be Free!

  2. Any news on a new Friday night crouch game yet boys, I would be up for some of that. :thumbsup:

    Hi Zebb, With all the new (old) games out on steam and ect folks are playing other games so untill they get tired of LFD2 and Silent Hunter4 no plans have been made

    but we still have the server and it has been set to unranked so we can set it up anyway we need.

    If you would like to use the server Sparta can give you the rcon password.

  3. If you want to just play OA without Ace2 we also have a server for that.

    If you want to play Ace2 jumpin our TS and anyone can give the password (to server).

    ....we lock to keep out undesirables and to keep an older mature base of which any

    GR.Net person fits.

    Start with regular Domination you will get a lite version of BAF but it's much better with the full pack, then after you are feeling better at the game add Ace2.


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