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  1. Back to the topic of Osama being killed instead of choppers. To the person who mentioned the SEALs being trained in hand-to-hand combat if Osama was armed, I'm glad they didn't utilize that training. I'm glad they killed him. If we captured him alive, we'd wait over ten years just for him to go on trial like we're doing for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. That's more tax money I don't need wasted.

    I'm sure the warrant on him was Dead or Alive and now the deed is done.

    It's never a good thing for a soul to leave a body but there are some souls that need his judgement quicker than others.

  2. You could just go back and add it yourself.

    EDIT: changed spelling of yourself

    It may be that if you donate to the forum that it will grant editing, as the last post I added a line I would use on Sparta's in red but also saw the true server add edited by line.

  3. I can tell you I have not seen any strange choppers around but if they become common I would know as I live 30 Miles from the 160th and if I am not at my house I am at my dad's whom lives 15-10 miles from the 160th.

    Remember it's radar reflection more than noise they would be looking for.

  4. He is dead.

    It is the CIA's job to not let us know what and how they do things.

    The current task at hand of capturing our most wanted list has been done as far as number 1 and I'm sure it was Dead or Alive.

    May God or your Belief be apon those whom has lost thier lives and now we all will move on to the next chapter of the book of life.

  5. This is a good thing and I can only hope someone shoved Bacon in his mouth before the Burial at sea.

    Thank you Ruin for Posting the info here and it is quite befitting that you were the one to start the thread, God Bless the

    U.S. and her Allies!!!

  6. Thank God they did not bring up Halliburton ..... Hell I can't even Google my last name without sorting thru thousands of crying post.

    I like films like that and hope I can see it over here (US).

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