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  1. I will purchase this game and will have fun with it but with the thought that it is not Ogr or ArmA. When released and playing with folks you know it will be a better game just like CoD4 Weekends we had at Sparta was much much better than going into an open server.

    Yeah it is run and gun but if you run with a squad it is much better and will hold me over till ArmA3 come out.

  2. Not bad graphics although I set mine at mostly medium the real eye candy has been turned off in the beta.

    Q9505 uses 80 % of all cores

    GTX465 uses 70-85 % and I have never had a game that would properly use it till now.

    The beta is open and only has one map it is a run and gun game but can be enjoyable played with freinds

    all and all it's fun and when released will abide our time till another hot item is released.

    Come on Guys your gamers go ahead and dowload the beta just for the heck of it.

  3. It's really worth it.

    How many sites have dedicated themselves to game/s then drop the support whereas this site has continued the support

    of it's base game and other FPS games.

    I had visited this site a couple years before I even registered and can only hope to support it in the future as you never know

    what game will come down the pipeline that will be disscussed and or played here.


  4. I have not used sli but for a small while I ran a GTS250 as physx and my GTX465 (1920x1080) as Main using an OCZ 700w ps and all was well to include

    powering 2 HD's, 1 A drive (what is that) and the case has 7 120mm fans plus I have an IO front face thingy for my xfi-platinum.

    Power wize I was ok but removed the 250 as I did not need it using this 465 and q9505.

    I say try it and see what happens.

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