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  1. I play since my bro purchased it for me :thumbsup:

    Thoughts well it's my first mmo so I have nothing to compare except things like return to Zelda back 10 year ago

    It is fun but really takes up SOOOOO Much Time but I enjoy it. Sparta has several players but 1/2 have gone silent since it came out

    I reckon they have mastered the game and became bored not sure but I still play.

    Halli lvl29

    K-Halli 15

  2. I thought 3 true monitors needed at the least sli but I could be wrong.

    My brother has a racing sim set-up with 3 monitors 22' using 2 gtx260's so todays cards should rock & roll over that set up.

    I can say his little set up runs BF3 fine and is very cool sitting in the seat...........hell I would like to watch a movie sitting there. :)

  3. Understand that games like this roll with the tide as there are up times and down times yet down the road the tide will come again

    with new interest or games and it would be best to just leave and show back up later rather than say goodbye.

    Also understand this site is a gaming community Not a clan, The main game is GhostRecon but there are plenty of other games being discussed and even just random every day info.


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