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  1. Belated wishes but not forgotten Happy Birthday United States of America God Bless America
  2. I will check later. SPARTA's TS is open and always ready for GR player This is TS address ts3.legionofsparta.net
  3. I tried unpacking but it would not work, when a Simple solution for a Simple man has been found I'll play.
  4. I watched till the end haha what a performer.
  5. I play since my bro purchased it for me Thoughts well it's my first mmo so I have nothing to compare except things like return to Zelda back 10 year ago It is fun but really takes up SOOOOO Much Time but I enjoy it. Sparta has several players but 1/2 have gone silent since it came out I reckon they have mastered the game and became bored not sure but I still play. Halli lvl29 K-Halli 15
  6. Hey It's Saturday .........
  7. Yes I feel it can breath life into tac sims as with our group ArmA2 carried us for a while and ArmA3 should also the question will be is it just a big $60.00 patch or will it be a new game. ArmA3 Hurry up!!!
  8. Beta is out now but they only want kids home from school or unemployed folks A slap in the face to even offer it as I work for a living.
  9. You Old Dog You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As of today/yesterday he is now older than me no wonder he is grumpy... being that old
  10. I thought 3 true monitors needed at the least sli but I could be wrong. My brother has a racing sim set-up with 3 monitors 22' using 2 gtx260's so todays cards should rock & roll over that set up. I can say his little set up runs BF3 fine and is very cool sitting in the seat...........hell I would like to watch a movie sitting there.
  11. Happy Birthday Tinker and JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. They offered me a code but said it was 3-6pm est .........I am at work during that time as is most adults........
  13. I am really great at Dropping Mortar guys. The second they set up you get a fast white blip so if you watch the mini map you can Fire Hit E then R Move and wait for for him to reset up. I only Mortar the Mortar guys and maybe tanks if on screen but the trick is shoot then move fast.
  14. Hey ya need a profile pic old man.

  15. Haha are you sure he is only 47 he seems more like in his sixty's Hahahaha Love ya Bud hope you have a great year!
  16. Thanks Ghost Recon for my first online fps .....haha dial-up around 32k.
  17. Sweet as the I7 cpu's had to be set at no hyper threading too stop stuttering. Off to try them out...............
  18. Mine was bought via Origin pre-release and it will get Karkland free I would think they will release it for a week or so to those that have "Limited/pre-release" and then open it up to all but this is speculation.
  19. I bet was not me though...haha In filter put Sparta There are about 4 spartas that come up we are the only one that say's Legion of Sparta 1 Us Virgina server 1 UK Server
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