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  1. Sorry to revive the dead, but: Whenever I insert at the beggining of this mission on Hardcore, my number 2 guy dies immediately... Lone wolfing the mission seems pretty doable, but I prefer to get it done with the entire team, as it is "supposed" to be done... I mean, usually I try to fire as little as possible and use my fireteam as my weapon... Is there any way to avoid having your #2 man die immediately? Thanks
  2. I'm curious, is there a technical difference between the Rx4 and the M416 (ingame of course)? I realize that alot of people have preferences because one "feels" stronger, lighter, tighter, etc., but those are probably just due to sounds or effects. I mean, in the actual coding of the game, is there a real difference?
  3. Ok, sorry for the double post but its acting as a bump. I recently discovered that the problem is not completely gone. Map loading still freezes about 30 percent of the time. Sometimes first map load of the game, sometimes 3 or 4 maps in. But regardless, It still occationally freezes on mapload.
  4. Uh... Yes and no. All I have done since I last played was run updates a few times, and now it works; so it was probably the vista updates. HOWEVER: The game remains very unstable while loading. I do not get freezes on 2nd, 3rd, etc map load that much anymore BUT I do occasionally freeze when I FIRST try to join a server/load a map. This generally occurs when I am running a freshly downloaded map (ie. I download the map ingame, restart the game, and attempt to join the server running the new map). I suspect this may be because my windows user (although I am the only user/admin) doesn't have "Full Control" over the newly downloaded map. (I have previously given myself "Full Control" over the entire Ubisoft folder. I haven't had enough experience with this problem to post anything definite so I'll repost/edit when I find out more. But yes, for now, the Vista updates seemed to solve the general 2nd map loading problem and make gameplay more possible.
  5. Hmm... I've been updating all the time, lemme run my game and give it a shot UPDATE/EDIT: WOOT it works; back to some tactical fragging
  6. Pitiful bump, its been a month, anyone found a solution?
  7. For those w/ the 2nd map laod problem, or a functioning GRAW on vista, pls see this: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=42620
  8. Hi, I've joined these forums in order to ask this question and hope someone has found a solution. Many people using GRAW on Vista seem to experience a crash/freeze when loading a 2nd map. Meaning that they are able to run the game, load a single or multiplayer map/game, however when returning to a loading screen for a second time (to load a different map). This game will either freeze (requiring an AltCtrlDelete) or crash to desktop. The solution that I have seen the most is this: 1. Make sure the user running the program has full control to the Graw folder and all subdirectories. It seems that this has helped no one. Here is my experience: -I have done this, I have given ALL users full control, I have run the game as an admin, nothing solves the problem. Please only reply if you run GRAW on Vista and have something worthwhile to add (either your experience with the issue, or suggested solutions) OR if you have a worthwhile suggestion. (Last lines are to ensure that this does not become a complain thread). Thanks, Dev38
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