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  1. That three view texture that you put on it will be an excellent template for one.
  2. The Cobra you saw in the screens will NOT be in the mod. that was my first helo and it does have its bugs..not to mention that is a later model that wasnt even in vietnam. BUT... a gunship will appear in the mod..could be an attack huey, could be a cobra...we'll see. And no inscreen flybys of the Phantom yet. The missions that it is planned actually havnt been scripted yet. But rest assured. The team is planning a major update very soon
  3. YOTM will most definately see an F-4 make an appearance or two.
  4. hey I think your off to a great start. My only suggestion is getting some stuff inside the prison. Make it look more inhabited. Put some alarms on the walls, maybe some trash dumpsters. I see you put some survalence(sp?) cams. Nice touch. Ask sleeper, im kind of a sucker for the little details which, I think, makes the map so much more fun.
  5. IMHO I do believe this map would have changed the GR world, it was without equal. As far as the rest of the post - Para you know where I stand Absolutely! Best map I have ever seen. Maybe you guys can talk Para into positng a SS of it. Agreed. I wasnt going to mention that mp because i didnt know if it was worth getting the public ryled up over it, but it was definately one that I had both eyes on.
  6. I agree. Some of the best work I have seen yet lies in that WIP.
  7. correct. We, YOTM, has a vietnam era huey in it. We are in the scripting stage right now and things are going quite nice. while, we still have quite a few missions to do, you can still expect it released in the very near future. Snowfella, I really look forward to seeing your guys huey. I have been a fan of your mod for awhile and cant wait to try it out.
  9. I think way back in the day, Mike Schell retextured the caves map into a desert map. that was WAY back before DS came out. You may try and hunt down that mod for pointers.
  10. I would like to touch up on this a little. The specialists in the mod are primarily from other units..including one Vietnamese Interpreter. SEALs used interpreters from many sources..including the ARVN, Civilians who do this so they wont be drafted into the ARVN, and on rare occasion..Americans with Vietnamese backgrounds. I didnt specify on this specialist...so use your imagination
  11. YOTM = Year of the Monkey A mod that follows SEAL team 1 in Vietnam which I am the project leader for. Its in scripting phase and will be out soon.
  12. unsure...it still might make it into YOTM..but very doubtful. We are in scripting right now and it just kind of goes with the needs of the missions.
  13. I have Kilgore modeled. He has an original photo realistic face also. He was originally going to be a specialist in YOTM, now its not looking like he is going to make it.
  14. yeah I made the skins for that mode like two years ago for Monolith, but he never got around to finishing it.
  15. eloso.3dretreat.com he has a whole tutorial on his site dedicated to tagging different kinds of vehicles. El oso's site was like a bible to me when i was learning vehicles.
  16. Tag the helo has a tank. Raise it above 0 level(it stays at that level, sorta like a floating tank). Then the helo can have a 50cal and itll work in MP also. you may not have to tag it as a tank. A lot of the other vehicles support the Turret tag, even though RSE swears it doesnt. YOTM has a Navy PBR boat with a working 50 cal turret on it. Just try tagging the gun on the helo the same way you would tag a gun on a tank, only leave the vehicle as a helo. EDIT: of course it wont work in mp
  17. ok the emproxy problem is common. An easy way to solve it is to simply find the emproxy plugin located in the plugins folder and just delete it. Trust me, it doesnt do anything worth while to keep.
  18. hmm I used 5 with ME, and now I use it for XP
  19. Do you have any kind of sound editor? You can fix the file type and the sound volume that way. Sound Forge may do it.
  20. you should do everything in your power to make the sound file as identical as possible as the stock ones so that you dont get any conflicts.
  21. hey yes this has been done before. Works great for mods that dont feature the blackhawk but features some other aircraft. What you will want to do is locate the stock sounds in the IT folder and you will rename your sound files to match those, so that when your mod is activated, it will simply use your sounds over the normal ones. You will need to make sure your sounds are the same file format as the stock ones and it will probably be best to get your sounds to be the same length also.
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