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  1. Yes, you are correct about those to also. While the F4U4 Corsairs used in Korea were single engine, they were also the last piston engined aircraft to be used in wartime by the Marines if my memory does not fail me. The Navy also introduced the F9 (twin engine) during that time though I don't recall them seeing any combat. ← If you are referring to the F9F Panther, then you are correct, it is powered by 2 Rolls Royces, and it did see combat..my Grandfather flew them with VF-781. The Navy was also flying the A1 Skyraider well into Vietnam which was Piston, though I also dont recall any use of them by the Marines.
  2. and the A-7, and the F-8, and pretty much most Korean War era fighters. Im sure im missing a few @WK, There is a nice article on the Zulu Snake in the last issue of "Check Six". Whats interesting is they are designing both seats to act as pilot of BCG. I think the USMC is getting a good little bird here
  3. usually new campaign mods dont overwrite or cover the original campaigns, but when you select the campaign box you get the new one as an option
  4. quick suggestion. Add a little bit more sand color to that terrain and I think you will hit desert look on the head. Right now it kind of resembles some distant, baron planet
  5. loved the characters Hated how in the mission section apparently you dont get to pick your team for each mission and some of them even have that dumb lone wolf things Just my thoughts though
  6. They had one at Miramar this past weekend.
  7. WOW. That is amazing. If I could make a texture like that, I would retexture the YOTM Huey in a heartbeat. Snowfella, You mind if I add you to my messenger list? I would like to ask you a couple questions regarding textures. You just got my creative itch going.
  8. DM, Give me a shout next time you are on, and we will discuss PR. You brought this up before, and I was thinking that I would wait till more of the missions were done Edited...sorry bad night
  9. sounds awesome. From your website, it looks like your mod will show a different part of the Vietnam war then YOTM does. Thats always cool to see. We are a lot more farther along then you are, but unless we get more scripting help, you may finish before us still
  10. thats funny. did anyone happen to check out Stalker's latest mods roundup?? We are featured in it with two brand new never before seen screens.
  11. I go to college with a guy who was formerly in the 82nd. He has some interesting jump stories.
  12. yeah check out ebay or if you are a student, then check out the prices for student licenses
  13. yeah its too bad he couldnt get a video of it from RSE to show us. He just reported on what he saw and everyone starts making their own assumptions.
  14. yeah its really too bad. To this day, shadow was, IMO, one of the best modders out there. His attention to detail is amazing. he would have done nothing but do this mod justice.
  15. sweet! If your releasing it, I look forward to seeing her in action
  16. great interviews guys..good questions. I really thought the list of question contributors was great!
  17. we are in scripting right now. one of the last endeavors of the project. Trust me though, the PBR will have a significant role in the mod. The mod is centered around SEALs in Vietnam, which depended on the mobile riverine force more than anything on transportation and support. the progress thread has a photo of the pbr in it, and if you check out the latest "Mods roundup" you can see some of the most recent shots of the mod, although it doesnt feature the PBR
  18. sure does..complete with working 50 CAL turret
  19. you knew this was inevitable right? The longer we procrastinate, the quicker someone else will come up with the same ideas.
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