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  1. One thing I would like to add is that the maps that have day/night versions, there are differences in the maps other then just time of day settings. So its not like your playing the exact same map verbatim.
  2. not all of our weapons do that. But some of them do, especially the m16. No matter how much I try and move the left hand helper point, it has no effect....we pretty much have it classified as a "YOTM known issue"
  3. **BRIEF UPDATE** some shots of the NVA T-54 Tank I have been working on: BTW..Texture completely handpainted A shot of just some of the playable characters..Some Standard, Some Specialists More to come soon.
  4. No, we have that too...as well as something that is ← LMAO
  5. Sad to see you go, bro, but we talked about this before and I knew it was coming. No model requests here, just stay on MSN...I enjoyed our talks!
  6. am i the only one who thinks this could be revolutionary for gr?
  7. no exact release date though..but just to give you an idea of where we are at.. we are kneedeep in scripting right now. I believe there is 2 missions bagged and complete with 3 more in the works..out of a grand total of 13. We still have one last map to complete. If things continue to move as fast as they have been lately, we will be done sooner then I personally would have expected. More to come soon. BTW..@Foxtrot, nice MACV patch
  8. Not true. I have animated textures in YOTM and have never used any kind of helper point.
  9. I think you're taking this the wrong way. My request for fullscreens wasn't to "tear it apart", but rather the opposite. I've seen some earlier screenshots Sleeper send me by PM and I'm just curious about the progress, from one mapper to another. It's a well-meant interest. I'm convinced YOTM will be a quality mod, no question about it. ← Actually quite the opposite. The term "you guys" was used in a general sense. If you followed this thread when it originally started back before this forum was redone for the 100th time, you would find that I used to post screens quite often...then I would spend the next week answering people's questions, responding to advice and NOT working on the mod. So we decided to change our approach and not spend so much time with the forums. We have specific plans for the PR department and you will see more as our deadline draws near..thats why I said "soon" in my post. @San, Mindaltering drugs are illegal for a reason. Just say "NO" my friend.
  10. Actually those aren't thumbnails per say, they are briefing shots. Those were taken for the mod. Sleeper just decided to throw them together as a jpeg to give a quick heads up that production is in fullswing. We havnt devoted any special time to pr lately for several reasons. The biggest is that we all have too much on our plate to eat still to sit down and snap a half dozen screens for you guys to tear apart. That being said, we have HUGE plans for pr, but right now there is still one map completely in production which I havnt even seen yet and the maps are still getting changes due to scripting. So just be patient, and trust the fact that Sleeper is a top notch mapper and the mod will deliver...
  11. @Snowpilot, I see you go to ERAU in FL. Thats way cool. I almost went there but couldnt really afford it. Im majoring in Aerospace Engineering at Cal Poly though. We also use Catia a bit.
  12. you know what you should add...that m249 you made with that awesome texture awhile back. I fell in love with that gun the minute I saw your screens of it.
  13. Has anybody else been able to achieve this?? No offense buddy, but my team has yet to been able to get this to work, and I dont know anyone else who has either. It would be beneficial if it really could.
  14. those ######ers over at militaryphotos.net are some of the rudest ###### i have ever come across. I cant believe how disrespectful some of them are in regards to your photos, argyl.
  15. Well first off, I would like to thank everyone who replied to show support. It means a lot to the team. I got some pms and I will be replying to all of them. For those of you that are interested and have a good mission that we can try out to see your talent, please email me a link to dl it and myself and the rest of the team will try it out. @San, Thanks for the offer, but we do have a written campaign that we want to try and stick with.
  16. Alright guys heres is the deal, The yotm team is in desperate need for some talented scriptors. We are on our last map, the campaign has been written and some of the missions have been done. We just need to complete them. If your interested in helping get this project completed, please drop me a PM or email me at osburt@hotmail.com. BTW, serious inquirys would have at least one mission under their belt that we could review. Thanks, ~Blake
  17. I remember DM sending me screens of the WOI characters "plasticized". Not GI JOE style, but the little green army men style. they were pretty cool.
  18. I'll warn you..some of the blueprints on Suurland are pretty shady. I have had a hard time lining things up with some of their blueprints in the past.
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