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  1. I'd really like to see this mod released soon. It's basically as done as it's going to get. I don't think it will ever be completely finished though so maybe we can put some pressure on the boss to release it as is. The beta version I have is months old and I haven't seen the progress that's been made since around April. Other than maybe a mission or two not being finalized, the final map idea I scrapped and some detailing work to do, the mod should be good to go. Maybe some members of GR.net can hijack Blake's authority on the mod the way that The Platoon hijacked mine. That would get it released. ← Actually I make progress on the mod everyday. You have removed yourself from the team so I no longer see the point in keeping you updated. I have no idea what the platoon apparently did too you but I knew nothing of it. I have been building new splash screens for the mod because frankly the ones we had before sucked. The new ones are based off of max renders so they take a little bit longer to set up. X69RZX and myself have also been setting up cinematics for an intro movie for the mod. The missions are pretty much done and I plan on releasing the mod very shortly.
  2. Without going into details, it had to do with an issue with a certain well known faction of the Canadian Government. Out of respect, Thom removed the content on his website. He stays pretty active over at the platoon, but he is long retired from modding for gr1.
  3. correctamundo. The ChinaLake Grenade Launcher was an experimental design very briefly used by SEALs in Vietnam
  4. Very cool!! a Nuke power plant is something I always wanted to do if I ever got done with YOTM and still had energy to mod this engine. I really look forward to seeing your map.
  5. just a heads up, the first 2 of 12 specialists have been unveiled at the website. check them along with some ingame screenshots out at http://www.yearofthemonkey.org
  6. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone was good at relighting gr maps. The one I need done is the airbase map for day to be featured in yotm briefly. Now I know its been done before but I cant seem to find them for download due to fileplanet going down and I want it too be QUALITY. pm me if you think you can help...thanks!
  7. No. The camo on the boonie of the guy holding the shotty is known as leopard print and sometimes duckhunter. It was worn by Special Forces early in the Vietnam campaign. It also explains the style of the "safari" boonie he is wearing with half the brim folded up. They were also occasionally worn by SF then. EDIT: Although..on further inspection, it almost looks like he is wearing the patch on his sleeve that was worn by Aussie forces. HMM..
  8. take the trees that are in the example map provided with the IT cd. thats what most first timers do.
  9. thanks for the support guys. I want to give a quick shout out to everyone over at 3dretreat for the support with this site. Make sure you check back often because we plan on updating the site often with new screens. Please post if there are any others having trouble viewing the site.
  10. Hey guys, I just wanted to invite you all to Year of the Monkey's brand new website. There you will be able to read about the mod, check out screens which will be updated regularly and post feedback directly to the team in the forums. http://www.yearofthemonkey.org
  11. Actually, Edwards was designed to be a backup landing strip for the shuttle for when the Cape had bad weather. The Shuttle was then ferried back to Florida on the Rigged 747 that you talked about. the problem was that NASA used Edwards was more then they originally said they would.
  12. after looking at those pics of "Hoot", I have to say that Baja did a VERY good job with getting his Delta Operator in Sabreteams.
  13. NATOPS procedures for all Carrier born tactical fixed wing aircraft is: O2 mask on from launch to trap. The only aircraft to have a waiver for this are S-3 Vikings who do most of their flying at low altitudes. BTW Wightnight, The first Marines to select the V-22 Osprey out of flight school just did recently.
  14. yeah saw that awhile ago. You wouldnt believe how much those guys are breaking NATOPS procedures with flying with their O2 masks off. EDIT:Watching that video again, I noticed what appears to be a lot of footage from Vf-211 "The Fighting Checkmates". One of my good buddies is in that squadron. I'll have to ask him if he knows anything about this video.
  15. i agree. I would also change the stock on that 249
  16. I have somewhere in the 60's. Counting boxsets as one of course.
  17. hey cool, i didnt know people besides me still played falcon 4.0
  18. not if they are recruiting pics like those look like they are.
  19. Back in the day Schell was playing around with this intense shooting range map. Complete with accurate ranges and targets that fall. Way more in depth then I would have ever thought for one.
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