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  1. also, if you join a foreign military, you will lose your citizenship as an american. Just wanted to throw that in. It means more to some then others.
  2. I was within 400 posts of ghost 1st class. after that whole mess with Vanholt, he dropped off the face of the planet. Never on msn
  3. hey guys, I have a whole bunch of weapons and skins that I did a while back but never released. If you guys are interested let me know. Like ruin could contact me on msn or something and i can give you a full list
  4. Nope. Only CE and maybe some in EE. Where do you go? I go to UMD. I major in Aerospace Engineering at Cal Poly-san luis obispo. You can check out where my major is ranked in the country here: US. News: College of Engineering-Aerospace Engineering My major used to have actual comp science support courses we had to take because later in design we have to write our own programs to simulate different effects on an aircraft or spacecraft, but they recently dropped them from the catalog when they realized how pointless they were and started teaching us aerospace computer programming in our major courses.
  5. im working on it buddy. Expect me to contact you by middle of next week.
  6. Studying Aerospace Engineering. Looking for parttime job to pay school bills. Plans for Naval OCS then flight school. Depending on how the service goes I will decide what I want to do, whether it be career military, civil flight, or an engineering job. I'll assume that SB's Mechanical Engineering is similar to my Aerospace where some programming is involved. With that in mind I cant echo the above statement more. I hate my comp science classes. They were incrediably boring and rediculous. Not to mention, comp science majors are some of the wierdest, uneventful, lack of personality people I have ever met. Good luck
  7. Well considering I just mod the game and never play it anymore, i guess its kind of like i already abandoned it. Seriously though, if I do leave GR, it wont be because of other games, I havnt even played the Raven demo yet. It will be because im just tired of it.
  8. I have an idea. How about we keep post counts, but it doesnt affect the ranking at all. I mean we all know why people spam is to get a higher rank. Instead, how about the only way you move up in rank is by being promoted by staff. You know each month they can have a vote in their private forums on like 5 or 10 guys they think should be promoted to the next rank. Since people seem to like the rank structure so much it may be an incintive for people to stop spamming and be on good behavior on a more regular basis
  9. Hey all. I know this has been done before in the old forum, and the platoon just did this and their results were overwelming, but I thought it would be cool if everyone post a pic or two of themselves so we can put a face to a name. Lets make this the real deal, though. No bogus photos, or Rocky said he would delete them, and we really dont want to give Rocky anymore work then necessary, right? I'll go first: Here is me in an F/A-18 Hornet (hopefully my future desk) And here will be my company car and last but not least here is an old prom pic of my and my better half next?
  10. obviously dont post one unless its lame and corny, though
  11. since your not using it anymore, i think your old squirrel avatar should become an emoticon
  12. its my understanding, and im not positive on this, but the Marines are gonna start using that boot for all operations. I know sounds rediculous. I thought the same thing.
  13. Yeah they advertise backyard wrestling on tv here all the time. The funny thing is that its a christmas time comercial and they play it year round. Back where my parents live some kids aired their own backyard wrestling on the local tv channel. THey had dirty mattresses with rope around it for the ring, and they even had road work cones and music so the wrestlers could have a flashy enterence to the ring. I dont know, I find it hilarious watching people make the biggest asses of themselves.
  14. wow thats a really lame pickup line Dude i was joking with her. It was a friend of mine. You should see the other things i say when im in a ###### off mood
  15. i think this one should go to Noraf. Remember the whole sheep thing with him. I seem to remember something with day too
  16. well on the uniforms they have always had the globe and anchor on the left pocket, but they also have it printed in the camo really small all over the place
  17. well HotPants came from my high school days. I had a lot of friends on my icq list and i was flirting with one of my girlfriends on there really bluntly. I told her I had a fire in my pants and it was burning for her. So she started calling me Hotpants, and it just kind of stuck online. I started using it so I didnt have to explain to people who i was. It turned out though that I had to explain more to people what my name meant. So let me just clear it up... ahem No im not gay I dont like to wear hotpants Untill recently I didnt even know what Hotpants were. so there. Im gradually shifting my name over to the blakeness (those with me on their MSN list know this) so that people would stop mistaking me for a gay guy who is stuck in the '80s Miami vice scene BTW...love your Sig, Joe
  18. you guys are so much farther then me I just completed the steal the cargo with the boat for Diaz mission. I dont play it that much though, I have Hitman 2 also
  19. i have Vice City. Havnt gotten far enough along to have a garage though..that or i cant find them. A little new to the GTA world, only played GTA3 once before i got Vice City. Anyway I have heard about your problem before. there is a bug with one of the garages. I read about it on the net..try doing a search for known bugs in Vice City
  20. cant you hear velcro though? wouldnt want anything to give them away while in the bush
  21. Sorry i have AWOL for so long guy! School has been busy for me lately, so the only time im on that often is to get the mod done. Anyway I went ahead and voted for the reinstatement. I think there are very few people that actually posted here just to raise their posts..most people had some fairly legitimate things to say. This forum has been around for a while now and it really built up into a pretty cool system. It sucks for it all to have to start over again. Posts arent the biggest deal too me, you will notice that I have made very few posts since the forum came back, but I remember when I was the first to make ghost, that I got a lot of High fives for it....and it felt pretty cool.
  22. Man I think those patterns really suck!! So i didnt vote. I personally think that if the Army really feels a need to go with a new pattern then they should go with the one that is the most affective in the field
  23. you remember in that movie Little Nicky how everyday in Hell Hitler had to get a giant pineapple shoved up his ###### while wearing a ballerina suit? something along those lines...
  24. well I come back from break and there is all this fiasco with the site and now a snazzy new board!! HEHE..lost my ghost status too. anyway im glad that everything is back and running... imo hackers deserve about the same amount of respect as that crusty white stuff that forms around the corners of your mouth when your really thirsty. ohh BTW...where i live it was 80 degrees and sunny...in the winter time
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