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  1. Interesting topic..I cant believe i missed this. anyway, i just wanted to add that the more dynamic a map is, the more immersive it is. At least in my opinion. I remember when frostbite came out and being most amazed at the little things in the maps that really made it seem more "real" (anyone remember the rotating sat dish??) I wanted that same kind of immersion for the YOTM maps. LOL..I pushed sleeper so hard for some of the littlest details in those maps that I think if he was in the same room as me...he would have killed me! The point im trying to get at is that anyone can make a wavy terrain, throw down some viney trees, and call it a jungle map. But its the fine details in the maps that made them seem real that I think that helped make mods like Frostbite and YOTM so popular. BTW..I dont think the moving prison map moving spotlights was figured out, was it??
  2. Agreed. I can personally verify that the only way you are getting official Marpats is if you have a military id, are the immediate family member of someone with a military id, or you have a buddy hooking you up. The Marines have a patent on the Marpat design so knowone else is aloud to duplicate it perfectly. We had some Candidates at OCS try and bring extra gear that were bought at surplus stores and whatnot to compliment the gear we were issued. The problem is that the knockoffs fade quickly and differently than the official cammies so they were pretty easy to point out.
  3. Hey all, Just thought I would chime in and let you all know that I just returned from undergoing the first half of my training at the Marine's Officer Candidates School in Quantico, VA. Im in what is known as the Platoon Leader's Course (PLC) which is a program that allows college students to split their training up into two 6-week summer sessions while they are in school. I was selected last April as an Air contract which essentially guarantees me flight school provided I graduate College and OCS. So far it has been the toughest, yet most motivating experience of my life and I highly recommend it too any of you interested college students! Edit: In my haste I spelled Marine Corps wrong in the title. Doesnt appear that I can edit the thread title so I just wanted to note. Fixed
  4. looks pretty hot to me. Question...Is the entire game going to take place in an urban environment?
  5. my best guess is it has something to do with a glitch between the boats and the save feature. I havnt been able to find it on other maps
  6. What you speak of is a small unexplainable phenomenon. The team knows about it, but cant figure out what causes it. In my tests, I only seemed to get the "geyser" on saved missions. Is this the same case for you?
  7. Sixpence, the maps from yotm is kind of a touchy subject. Since so much blood, sweat and tears went into making them, and I didnt personally build them myself, I dont really feel comfortable giving the go ahead on them without the rest of the team's blessing. So until I can get a word from the rest of the team on how they feel about that, Im gonna unfortunately tell you no. I hope you understand that its really just not my call.
  8. thats what i did. I believe the extract point is on the dock.
  9. face and forearm textures??? thats really wierd. unlike IT, the face and forarm textures for the yotm characters are not linked..i f you could send me a pic, i would really appreciate it. osburt@hotmail.com
  10. I personally go straight up the rice paddys towards the chopper, mostly so the demo objective will already be done when i have the POWs. I cant explain the CTD when using quick save, but i have to admit that this wasnt a feature that i personally tested on the missions. I know for a fact that saving the long way does work because i regularly had to use that. As for losing men....I found that on that mission I kind of liked to have a smaller team just so it was less bodies to worry about. I know that there were times i got sniped just while trying to get the brieing from the SGT.
  11. ok..where to start. The heli missing the drop point in mission 1 is a rare issue that seems to be happening on a few rigs. We so havnt been able to troubleshoot it or even get the problem to happen to us. For mission 5 (the sampan stealing one), am I correct in assuming that you were not spotted by any enemys? Because I think if you were spotted, you have to kill them all..and I think you also have to have all of your troops at the boat. I'll have to go back and review that mission more. Also, the reason why you dont see any troops in the boat during the exit cinema is because GR has this issue where it will load up all troops even if they have been killed. Dead troops in the boat look really funny so a fix for the issue was to just an empty boat leaving. Bottom line...use your imagination and pretend they are hiding behind the crates.
  12. It goes where its deserved. For those of you who didnt know, Jay was an early member of the team and perhaps the only person who could rival me in Vietnam era SEAL trivia. Many of the mods neat little features are a direct result of him
  13. Yeh when I saw then tending their fields, and I know it's just a small thing, but it lent so much to the whole ambience of the level, I thought it was awesome. ← Believe me, if we had our way we would have had even more of this kind of detail, but unfortunately building this mod was a real lesson in figuring out just how much the engine really could take before it crapped out.
  14. we are currently in the process of working on a mac version. we had hoped to release it the same time as the pc version but ran into a few snags.
  15. I apologize for the troubles some of you have been having with the DL. The mod is unfortunately quite large and I guess I never really expected it to take off as fast as it did. We literally haver thousands of downloads already. Thanks for the support though, guys
  16. I failed miserably due to my graphics card...Cool idea though!
  17. yes..as you will find, many things have been removed to make it a little more realistic, such as the night vision as you already pointed out.
  18. Update, The mod is complete. Now all that stands in the way is a last minute release test, and a server arrangement for release. I'll keep you all updated! ~Blake
  19. Thats my fault, and I completely apologize. Im sure I meant to message you and just plum forgot..At the very least I would have to congratulate you on a such a good mission, because that I do remember. I admit that with as busy as I am these days, i get pretty forgetful when it comes to the forums.
  20. hey guys, i was just emailed this thread so I thought I would chime in and let you know whats going on with the mod. The mod is literally in the pressing room. The only thing I have left was to finish rewriting some of the briefings for the missions and package and release it. I chose to rewrite some because with three modders scripting missions it gets hard to make it seamless. Now for the nitty gritty... Its been at this stage for a few weeks now. the reason? My fault. The last few weeks I had been EXTREMELY ill which only left me this week to cram for a checkride I have on Sunday for a new type of pilot rating i had been working on. With as much material that is involved with it, It hasnt left me any time this week to do ANYTHING fun...well except fly I suppose After Sunday my time will be much more free and I can finish it up in one night. The rest of the team has done their part and has done a great job! This last little tid bit is up to me and unfortunately real life has weaseled its ugly head in. @Giwex, I did play your mission and thought it was really good actually. The decision we made wasnt anything personal towards you or any other scriptor who sent us missions in the past. We, as a team, chose that because of problems we have had with outside scriptors in the past, to keep it in the family. X69RZX was originally hired to make some MP bothunt missions Because the team was really impressed with how they worked. Because of his work ethics, he was asked if he would like to help with an SP mission. So Im not sure what modders you heard we hired almost all of them have been with me for a while. So like I said...the mod is practically finished. I have just been too damn busy to deliver. I can tell you this much...if you dont see this mod within a week (so by my clock, next wednesday) then I will even supply the pitch forks for the lynch mob.
  21. Of course! Its really awesome to hear from you again. Why dont you give me a shout so I can get you beta testing
  22. unless something big comes up during playtest...thats an affirmative.
  23. yeah...this was all planned...we got our thread on the top page again...anyway...on a lighter note Im awaiting a fix on one mission from one of the scriptors and then I will begin beta test distribution.
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