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  1. I've played and beat Ghost Recon, DS and IS on the pc. I purchased an xbox and xbox live so I'd love to get into the console Online gaming. My only problem is, I can never find any games. Optimatch can't find anything as can any other option. I believe it's a problem with the ISP that I'm with as my buddy has the same issue, but another friend with a different ISP can see all games. Only issue around this is to have friends online to invite you to games. So this is my plea for some friends. lol. My xbox live gamer tag is: Franjo I've done some reading and searches and am unabl
  2. BamBam, Thanks for that link. I'm pumped to go home and fire up GR on tactical gamer now Never used voice comms in GR before, this is going to raise the bar without a doubt.
  3. Hi guys, I've already beat Ghost Recon, DS and IS. All on elite. I recently had to reinstall my computer and forgot to bring over the saves I would like to have the levels for a quick firefight whenever I want, so If someone would be ever so kind to provide a link. It'd be appreciated.
  4. I'm 25 and from Vancouver, BC Canada. The style you mentioned JWAGS is the same way I play. I've gone through all the single player missions and have done team multi player. I've played co-op once before and it was intense. I'm in PST time zone as well. So any of you guys ever wanna play and hookup would be sweet. Email me at franjoballs@hotmail.com I'm itchin to get some co-op action in. I've got a cable connection as well.
  5. I've got the all seeing eye, i see quite the few ghost recon servers. If I register it, will I get even more server results?
  6. Franjo


    I don't have any other friends who play ghost recon online with the PC. But I'd be interested if 2 others are. Im on the westcoast, Vancouver BC. Cable connection. Would be up for a game anytime.
  7. I believe I read somewhere that there is a .pdf on the cd? Anyone else know for sure?
  8. That I knew, I got into Ghost Recon after the first patch was released. I heard some quirks from ghostrecon.com forums on the game, so I waited and was happy I did. Then 1.4 came out, right now this game is pretty polished.
  9. One thing I might try once I beat GR again is play the game through on elite again, with no TI and nothing else on screen. Multi-player is always intense, like the one individual said, try the tactical gamer group. If your too good for public servers, start going "pro", build on your already well skill set by escalating yourself to the next level. Modding would be pretty sweet too, it could be like a side project, make a map, add new weapons, etc. With everygame someone is going to get bored, it's a given. I haven't experienced it with GR yet, and probably wont for a long long tim
  10. First off, welcome. I'm a newb to the boards as well, just recently registered. My GhostRecon experience is PC first, then Xbox at my buddies place. I ran through the game on veteran, then picked up DS and then IT and finished those on elite....so I'm back to playing standard GR on elite. You've mentioned the difference's between the two, just last night I was at my bud's place on his xbox and we're playing co-op on the swamp level. So we start the level and he turns on his night vision and can see almost everything, I thought that was weak, it just took the challenge away from it
  11. LOL, that's the funniest thing i've read.
  12. ability to fire mortars...(not the grenade launcher), also another thing that bothered me with GR was when your the leader of a group of 3, you position yourself in a good position to put down some fire...you switch to the second man in your group to position him, but as soon as you do the first man leaves his position and comes to you. That I found annoying, I'd like all 3 ghosts to be laying down the fire.
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