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  1. yeah we have done it two or three times. Both of us in the zone. who knows, gunna try some other stuff i think...not sure what though! thanks for the suggestions and once we get teh achievements done we will try that set up...sounds awesome!
  2. So me and a buddy of mine are stuck in a small town on a clinical rotation and we both brought our 360s and our GRAW2 and were planning on knocking out some of the co-op stuff to kill the time. (true coop with using system link, not split screen) Well, we got the first mission (Station) done no problem. But now we are running into a problem on the second mission...The Cut. We clear the two launcher sites, we clear the small boat dock area, and we mark the "dirty fertilizer" silos in the Northern facility. Well we get the message that the chemicals have been marked and ordinance is on the way. So we move to the extraction point and that is when we run into a problem. Our Blackhawk will not pick us up. We stand in the smoked zone and the heli will just hover above us.....time ticks down....and then the cruise missle comes in and we get a mission failed screen. Is there something we are missing? Will a couple missed AI NPCs cause them not to pick us up? Is this a problem with anyone else? Any help is appreciated...just trying to knock out the perfect achievement. Thanks
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