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  1. You don't need a PC to install Ubuntu, just a partition is enough (10-20 GB), heck you don't even need an hard disk as you can run it directly from CD-Rom
  2. Absolutely not. Ubuntu gives me everything I need and more free of charge.
  3. They are not good.... they are better!!!!
  4. I can't believe!!! Soon we can play this gem!
  5. In the past I tried to contact him extensively as he had a Mogadishu map in preparation and that he never completed, but got no reply. I'm confident to say that we can add him to the list of "desapparecidios"
  6. It's a problem of the specific map and not of Heroes Unleashed. That map is very buggy and honestly I was surprised when it was included. I recommend to remove it from the final release.
  7. Different opinion here: literally enthusiast of The Incredible Hulk
  8. Blakarion for his great mods and the wonderful free vehicles packs. BTW where are you mate?
  9. And anyway remember that this is still a beta and the author of the mods looks very responsive to fix the problems you (we) eventually find. Merry Christmas to everybody
  10. Ingeloop, with him I didn't miss Bajabravo!
  11. Migryder for some of best mission scripting ever
  12. Right-Hand, the pioneer of mission scripting
  13. Give me a new expansion pack, a patch 1.5 and I don't need anything else.
  14. Is it playable in SP mode? in other words can you make plans on the command map?
  15. file cn_unlocked_hero.xml is not needed as automatically created by GR engine.
  16. Try to copy it into equip folder rather than kit folder.
  17. Sorry guys for absence, got some RL issue to sort out. Let's if Ingeloop and I are able to give you a Christmas present.
  18. To keep you updated ingeloop is working hard on all the assets of this typical equipment mod while I'm concentrating on the mission scripting. The campaign should include 5 or 6 missions, we prefer to keep a low number of missions to avoid the temptation to loose the control of the mod and to provide every mission without cinematics that are usually very much time consuming.
  19. Congratulations!!! I certainly will download it when I will have a faster connection although I have nobody to play co-op with. However it's always a pleasure to check the creation and trying to understand the scripts of one of the best modder around. Thanks again!
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