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  1. Why not? Let me see if my little skills can resurface...
  2. Life is already difficult, why bother to make it even more difficult?
  3. I reasonably feel GR engine (that is older than 10 years) doesn't consider at all the weapon.
  4. I'm the scripter of G01 - Sound of Silence so it's quite easy for me to explain. Everything is done through a couple of line of script as below Essentially every second I changed the fog intensity and spotting distance. After a certain time fog is steady.
  5. Really a great retexturing with a completely new feeling
  6. Have you tried to use Soundhound to identify it?
  7. The Pond is only by Cobaka, I made only the missions for it (both in The Pond mod and Armenia SCARed mod) Outpost permit is already granted by co-author H-Hour (see post http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=59567&st=30#entry596912)
  8. To avoid the bad effect of actors teleported out from the vehicle (rather than dismounting) fade out before to execute the plan "exiit vehicle". Some timing is necessary to achieve the best result
  9. My IGOR skills are very rusty but I worked a lot in mission 2 of Armenia Mod to insert the player platoon in 2 different places. Script has been very complex but I could not do it properly for the cinematic. Therefore I cheated: 1) actual insertion is working perfectly 2) insertion teams for cinematic are instead virtual ghosts (actors that I placed out of the map and then teleported and loaded into the vehicle). At the end the result was very good but it's very credible because the map is set in night environment and I avoided close cameras to avoid to spot the difference between the actua
  10. I agree witn Teppe (my 2 cents), both in Moscow and Vilnius.
  11. War of Infamy Afrika Korps (or something similar) has some desert maps that can be used but I'm not sure about permission.
  12. All missions I created can be utilized, modified, rescripted in your mods providing you mention my name somewhere. I can't give permit to use all other items in the mod I contributed (or managed) since not made by me but others. Sorry
  13. Sorry this old man interfere with the thread but what about Cobaka's Afghanistan maps? If you're interested I have also some drafted missions http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=1231
  14. It's time I face the truth: I no longer have interest for GR and modding. In these past few years I tried desperately to come back to GR world, mainly to finish the mods I was up to but I could not find the energy to do it. I realized I was already finding excuses, plus or minus justified, real life, other temporary interests, the fact that GR didn't run (properly) on Linux systems. Fact is that I really can't go back to the past, for me GR is past, it's history, a sweet passion I had and loved, a period that will always stays in my memories, a great period of my life. I herewith publicly a
  15. Noted what Tinker says. However here we are speaking that the wav files used weight 815MB!!! It is my opinion that you should try to reduce those files reducing, for example, the audio resolution. An open source program like Audacity might definitely help you.
  16. What rileyfletcher_01 is stating is of course correct. My suggestion would be as well to use some new weapons made available by other modders in the past. Instead of the very good Vympel mod I wanna suggest some alternatives. In this section you can find what you need without the little complication to request any permit http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=category&id=43 For example, in EDF mod we are using this http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=444 Alternatively we might ask Thales100 to use some of the weapons he modded http://www.ghostrecon.ne
  17. Well, probably I didn't disappeared completely like Jack57. He is fine although, we are still in touch. Great scripter, great man!
  18. Ditto. That's why I wanna release this mod. I feel really guilty to keep hostage some of his best creations ever. Yeah, me too! Writing you soon mate. Let me finish a stuff I'm up to in the next 2 weeks and then I start again scripting.
  19. Ingeloop is my favourite skinner and the reason I wanna release this mod is that I'm keeping hostage some of his best creations.
  20. It was simply a problem of video acceleration. I feel stupid or, better, old However now it seems that the mouse pointed inside GR windows doesn't behave properly, it jumps for one side to the other making the functionality impossible. Any hint? In the meanwhile it appears that latest wine version (1.3.36) runs GR and Igor flawless although I'm experiencing sound issues (not needed for scripting anyway)
  21. I gave up trying to use GR on a dedicated (old) laptop as in the end I never switch it on (booting XP instead of my trusty Ubuntu is honestly a torture that is beyond my capabilities of old man). Now however it doesn't seem I can run GR on a virtual system as GR always CTD although I use the procedure described by Tinker above. I tend to believe I dedicated few resources at my virtual machine but can't find any valid solution or compromise. Can anybody help me please? Thanks
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