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  1. welp, its been 12 years, but here i am again

  2. dude!! thats ###### awesome!!!
  3. hey thx.. (it is my 16th) WOOOOOOT
  4. its kewl but if i might so ask could we take out the tank and mebbe put in a olympic precision rifle or a feinwerkbau precision air rifle? of and corporal ranks from jrotc would be kewl too. and send me a pm i dont check this place often
  5. yeah, microsoft actually sent me a letter since ive had my x box since 01'
  6. do not currently have gr 2 but my live name is ArcaneVampire if i dont respond it is because my live is being a whore
  7. yeah ... any one know why my x box recieves the signal its good and all but cant connect to live? says live doesent respond
  8. well even if the ai sux ive had human players do it online and boy... does it suck a**
  9. hmmm how about the entire halo series and black hawk down.......
  10. WOW LOoks like y xbox cabinet
  11. hey marauder officers arent all that bad until they start accusing you of things youve never done in your life
  12. those weapon models looked awesome,,, too bad my ghost recon stopped working or id be usin that aussie version.... i like the scope
  13. my most embarassing death was with a self modded m 16( never mess with the accuracy of the weapons unless you know what to mess with) and i fired a round and it says i shot a team mate so i turn around and look at him hes right behind me next thing i do is turn around and fire a grenade at a couple of enemies coming down a hill and ended up wiping out and entire assault team.
  14. in a game at my freinds house(LAN) i shot him with a modified m24( all i did was increase zoom and give it a 10 round clip) i hit him in the face from 400m and again from the same spot From 20m..... he tried to sneak up to no avail
  15. and now AMERIKA by Rammstien "CocaCola wonderbra"
  16. first it was perfect drug by nine inch nails but now it is are yo gonna be my girl by jet also i am listening to this at school in my BCIS class "
  17. yeah and they were fine it just wont play gr it brings up the splash screen and then stops
  18. OK, now gost recon wont work after installing the Baja Bravo sabre teams mod anyone know why?
  19. ok ill try it but how you open the ports?? i have mcafee
  20. dang, my JROTC instructors where infantry (your nothing without the CIB) and yo dude what cadet rank are you im a c/cpl but with the range hack on i got a kill that i could actually see from 500m i took a screen of the shot but my comp crashed a week after, ill see if i can get another
  21. any thing i should worry about if i went into the editor and "fixed" those n my favor?, ive done it before but i cant remember if any thing went wrong other thatn the shooting the other way
  22. no not around corners it kinda made it shoot his teammates(I WAS ONE OF THEM)
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