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    video games, gurls, and bmx

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    postcards from peru- jack 57
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  1. welp, its been 12 years, but here i am again

  2. dude!! thats ###### awesome!!!
  3. hey thx.. (it is my 16th) WOOOOOOT
  4. its kewl but if i might so ask could we take out the tank and mebbe put in a olympic precision rifle or a feinwerkbau precision air rifle? of and corporal ranks from jrotc would be kewl too. and send me a pm i dont check this place often
  5. yeah, microsoft actually sent me a letter since ive had my x box since 01'
  6. do not currently have gr 2 but my live name is ArcaneVampire if i dont respond it is because my live is being a whore
  7. yeah ... any one know why my x box recieves the signal its good and all but cant connect to live? says live doesent respond
  8. well even if the ai sux ive had human players do it online and boy... does it suck a**
  9. hmmm how about the entire halo series and black hawk down.......
  10. WOW LOoks like y xbox cabinet
  11. hey marauder officers arent all that bad until they start accusing you of things youve never done in your life
  12. those weapon models looked awesome,,, too bad my ghost recon stopped working or id be usin that aussie version.... i like the scope
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