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  1. Tried it all. Does not help at all. Unfortunately games runs pretty much the same. This is the only game I have ever experienced this.
  2. They can delay the game as much as they want as long as they do not release it like the first one. I hope they fixed the performance problems and make the game playable on common systems. GRAW 1 is the hardest game to run on my system period. Why could not they just use the same engine as R6Vegas or Splinter Cell. They work just fine. Anyway. Looking forward to it. I hope we can have 3rd person cam like xbox. That is one cool feature to have.
  3. My system: Athlon Xp 3200 2 GB DDR 333 RAM 7800GS AGP GRAW is probably the most painful gaming experience I have been through with this system. I have read the tweak guide. Played with settings both through game menus and xml files. No use. I always get the same results with the game. When I let the game setup my video settings, it sets up everything medium/high. My average FPS around 25-30 when walking around. Firefights it goes down to 20-25. Explosions down to 15-20. When there is an explosion and a firefight - frame skips - mouse lag and fps around 10. Playable (w/ some slowdowns) but compared to all the other games I played without any problems on high detail at 1280x720, it is not good enough. Here is the interesting part. I thought "I want better FPS so let me tone down settings." I set the video settings to low (fancy stuff like dynamic lights ) and remaining to medium. Guess what? I still get the same exact FPS - no difference whatsoever. Then I set all to low and decrease res. to 800x600. Again I pretty much get the same FPS. Not much different. Pretty much same FPS levels as the original settings done by the game. Got the 93.71 drivers and system runs every other major game I have flawlessly. I tried "texture managed backdrop = false" hack as well. It did not have any effect. The same FPS levels. I am in the verge of getting an Xbox 360 so I can play this game flawlessly. Anyone have any other ideas for me? Thanks Anyone with a similar system? What are your FPS levels like.
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