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  1. I have 1GB of RAM, frame rate is ok, not super smooth, but decent enough. It just doesn't seem the weapons are all that powerful. I'm sure the MR-C is great. Like you said, you wouldn't know it from playing GRAW. And spec-ops typically designate a marksman who carries a rifle with an ACOG. Even R6 Vegas has ACOG sights in there. The point of a reflex sight is to not have much zoom, to promote faster sighting in CQB situations. Most have SOPMOD kits to disperse throughout the squad, and will typically fit an AN/PEQ-2 and a CompM2 simulataneously. I'd rather have 1 FULLY customizable M4 to pick from than all the junk here. GRAW's got a great engine around it, it just looks like the devs did no research whatsoever on what any of this stuff is supposed to/does look like and how it performs. The lack of thremal vision (hence my post in the modding section) is strange. The night vision represented here has been around since the 70's. I find it funny that they throw smoke in front of a tank in the intro. Since you don't have thermals and the M1A1 certainly does, that would be an outstanding way to get everyone killed. And the satellite does not show you any enemies on the tac map until you spot them with your own two eyes. Unless you have a UAV of course.
  2. I can't win worth a crap! Mission 2, right after insertion (the demo mission). I can't even come close to beating it. AI gets slaughtered, and every rifle seems inaccurate as hell. And can someone please tell me why a 3-round burst from an MRC NEVER kills an enemy soldier wearing NO body armor? Why are futuristic commados not allowed ACOG sights, AN-PEQ2s or thermal sights AN/PAS-13? Reflex-type sights are the only ones. All the futurisitic weapons here and they all pretty much suck. Can't tell what's so special about an MR-C that the Army would consider it for Future Force Warrior program. Not how it's represented here, anyway. No advanced camera sights. Nothing really "Advanced Warfighter" about it. A satellite map, and you can use the camera in other guy's helmets. That's pretty much it. Am I missing something? All the rifles seem terribly innaccurate (with small bursts+sights up), and when I do connect it doesn't even kill the guy!! Am I playing wrong? Has it been patched and I missed it? What gives? I want to enjoy it, but am finding it difficult.
  3. I wanted to create a Thermal Scope attachment for GRAW. Is this even possible? I would like to simulate the AN/PAS-13 TWS giving the ghosts a huge advantage in spotting the enemy first. http://www.raytheon.com/products/tws/ This is unit that could be mounted on any rifle with rail technology, and has already seen extensive use mounted on the SCAR-L and M4A1. Which file should I be looking for?
  4. I'll try new drivers, but I got the latest update as of January, I don't think there's any new ones... On another note, I have a MicroATX PC, thinking of upgrading my mobo to one w/PCI-E slot. Will a 350-watt Power supply run my stock HP with a GeForce 7600GS? Power requirement for non-SLI is 300 Watts. Not sure what the 12V amperage is on the model I'm looking at, but it's microATX, so probably 12-15A EDIT: Did I mention that the x1300PRO I have is a PCI, not AGP? Not sure if that makes a difference. Maybe PCI doesn't have a fast enough data bus for GRAW?
  5. I read a stickied post here and it claimed a Radeon 1300X Pro 256mb should be sufficient to run this game, albeit with drastically reduced settings. I downloaded the demo to make sure it will start. I am allowed to progress all the way to a mission. When that mission is done loading, I am booted out. I have 1gig RAM plenty of disk space and a P4 3.0ghz I'm not quite sure what the problem is, but the more I read, the more I'm convinced the video card just won't launch it. This is strange, as it does support shader 3.0 Thoughts? Fixes?
  6. Thanks for the welcome! Currently upgrading my PC before I get GRAW for it.... What attachments are there? Is there a list somewhere?
  7. Hello all, I own GRAW for XBox360, and I wanted to get the PC version as well. Just curious...does it have the camera attachment for the MR-C like the 360 version? That thing was freakin awesome!!
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