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  1. After seeing this promo I'm definitely out. Don't like were this GR is going. I was hoping for a new GR in the lines of the old GR1. GRAW 1 and 2 weren't bad, but I like the more open landscapes of GR1. But what is this gear in GRFS all about? "This is how the soldier possibly looks in the future", yeah, the FAR future! I don't want to play with 2100 "may be" gear. Shoulder mounted guided tankbusting mini-missiles? Cloaking? The drones are sure to come in the near future, but why do the Ghosts need them? Just put an army of drones out there and let the Ghosts stay home with their gamepads, controlling those robots on the battlefield. No casualties... Will the next promo feature laserguns and lightsabres and is the name of the future Ghosts revealed: The Jedi Predators? Why can't we just get a squadbased, realistic Ghost Recon once again? Without the sci-fi crap and robot-sidekicks.
  2. Dutch preorder (www.dynabyte.nl) changed to June release-date as well (14-06-2007)...
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