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  1. woha, did not know that. shadow problems are the least of my concern, the entire game windows keeps flashing and vista displays that the nv driver has crashed, restarts the game, crashes,restarts,crashes,...
  2. umm this is more of a VISTA oriented issue, and i think the 94.xx drivers are XP based...
  3. well nvidia should be able to reproduce this problem easily, all they need is a 16x.xx driver and a 7-series card... so far only the 158.45's are working smoothly, sadly the 16x.xx makes my other games run smoother but prevents me from playing graw2...and thats something i cannot live with
  4. hmm i have an audigy2zs and with latest vista drivers, and the game won't even provide me a hardware option. im running it off on software w/eax and medium settings...
  5. i am not quite certain if this is a widespread issue, but any new whql driver issued by nvidia (162.22 currently) is incompatible with graw2. every other game seems to be functioning properly and offers smoother gameplay. this morning microsoft also issued the 162.22 as an official driver dwld, so could you kindly look into the matter and contact nvidia as to why the nv driver keeps crashing?
  6. hehe, another thing..since the vids were all ported from the x360 version, when you get evacuated from the church by the jeep, the video is of an american soldier but the driver is definitely mexican
  7. seriously, for me it was the scar l in graw1, and in graw2 it was the mr-c. now, i added brettzies mod, and i am only using mk12 and mk3..and its owning.!!!
  8. i think what it means is that an FPS boost was noticed when the value was set to 1 or 2, and the phys was set to true, rather than false...
  9. a better option would be to order friendly ghost ai to go prone on command
  10. they should take their sweet time, not spit out a sequel by next year, use a new game engine or heavily rework graw2 engine as well as alter the way the game is played.. but i still love graw2 lol..so i will be playing it till graw3 comes out
  11. ahah yea, well it doesnt occur when my entire team is with me, only during lonewolf missions. i guess i got hume watching my back from the heavens:P
  12. okay got a better video this time, and compressed it..should be up soon. k here it is, be afraid...be very afraid of the real 'ghosts' http://rapidshare.com/files/46006751/graw2...glitch.WMV.html
  13. alright, i have the videos the first clip is right after i load the game, and you notice all the diamonds popup towards the end, and then slowly fade out.. in the next clip, i run into only 1 guy left on the ladders who shoots at me, but when i zoom and check all the other locations, everyone is already dead lol. video is choppy because i was running it windowed in vista, but the bug occurs regardless of screen options. fraps wont let me take continuous videos but i tried to get it as close as i can. its not fake, its just a hilarious bug...imagine completing a level on hardcore without having to kill everyone lol PS: the avi files are 36/54 mb! anyone know how to reduce size or convert to wmv and make it smaller?
  14. SP ! and yea i will try and record it. what was even creepier was that after the mission, it showed all my ghosts were evacuated and none of them had any kills....
  15. i just noticed a very weird bug...i was playing recon in force on hardcore, with no teammates, and after i cleared the first check point near the crane (on the hill) i noticed that every other enemy was already killed, and all targets were tagged. its like some 'ghost' killed them before i did ::pun intended:: this has occurred twice already, but on different days so i do not know how to reproduce it. the first time, i was on the same map and i could hear silenced gunshots, only to find my enemies dropping to the ground
  16. nope, ageia island does not work. the physics works fine, but its really really taxing on my system. maybe someone with a 8800 and c2d will benefit
  17. oops, forgot to mention, this is for vista. the path location should be different in XP. its odd that the physics value = 0 is not showing up. it should be present in the settings.xml file...maybe someone with XP can verify? is the settings.xml file located in the user profiles or under the graw2 directory in general? as for ageia island, i will check and let you guys know...
  18. a user from another forums that i frequent, brought this interesting edit in graw2 that enables high end physics without the need of an ageia card, it works...and boy it looks nice ******** C:\Users\(name)\AppData\Local\GRAW2\settings\profiles\graw2_(name) (different in xp) called settings.xml that contains these settings (among others): <has_physx value="false" /> and <physics value="0" /> to enable the full detail of physics, without an Ageia Physx card: change the <physics value=> setting to "1" ("physx high") or "2" ("physx Extreme"), depending on your system, go to the graphics options while in-game and change any random setting (don't really have to change anything, just click something so you can click on "Apply"). Then click Apply and enjoy a visual feast of 3d pieces of dirt flying up when you shoot the ground, amazing explosions that are followed by a rain of soot, and wooden boards exploding into a rain of chips... make sure you go into the graphics menu AFTER loading the level or campaign because it ctd's if you do this from the main menu. interestingly, when i set the has_physx value to "true", i got an fps boost (made the 2 physics value actually a little more playable). ***** (thnks to isathar @ tru forums)
  19. try the newer 162.22, although i cant play graw2 with this driver - the driver keeps crashing n restarting, it might work out for you
  20. thats interesting, didnt know the distinction. but you guys made the mercs show up in the price of peace i assume. oh well, if it aint friendly..its dead to me
  21. i just lone-wolfed it , m99 sniper, zeus and m9 pistol. Cleared out everyone on hardcore until i had to defend the post. then switched the empty m99 with a scar L which apparently the rebels were using. it was easy though, and yeah it was crazy hard trying to play it with the entire team, they ended up dying on me
  22. just got the game! played the 1st level, loving it:) only 1 gripe, the scope on the rx4, i know it might be realistic...but what is up with the red triangular thing? arnt scopes more efficient using either crosshairs or circular dots?
  23. yay can't wait to play the entire sp mission
  24. audigy2zs here, and i only get a software option
  25. thats odd, using 158.45 and i have shadows ingame as well. i just encountered a weird bug which i wasnt able to reproduce, while heading towards one of the artillery tank locations, the game said im going out of the mission area....
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