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  1. Maybe I did't say it clearly, one more own thing not only to xb360, but also to GRAW1 I agree. I don't like TV game neither.
  2. Except the quick save, all the others already has been in GRAW1 3D tactical map is also has in xb360, the multiple insertions is really one more own thing, in single play mode.. how about anything in Multiplay?
  3. Well, I just don't want to see there r too many bugs still when the final game out.. and that's because only one map, same mode been tested before.. Btw, I don't like GRAW2 is not important while how many player could be happy is important only. I will not know whether I like GRAW2 or not until it out.
  4. Ubi and Grin all said before that the PC game of GRAW2 will have it own more thing, but we didn't see it, what's that? What we have seen is what the PC have is also had in xb360, inclue the ghost and assault order mode and other else..till now, and even less than xb360, like less weapon, less map, less in medic, less in character choose, less..... Pls, tell us, what't the own part at all? except what u always said tactic will in PC, but, the own parts must be some really things, aren't they?....
  5. It's a demo be happy with what you get for free. I'm not happy, cause if they still want attract the player to buy it, it was very far from it! I don't konw what's their thought, if they always test same one map only, can't find more bugs, and there will be too many bugs can't be found and be fixed yet! Bad idea....!
  6. It depend on the purpose of this Demo. If it is only to show the game and attract people to buy it, even June 20 is possible; But if also want to find more bugs, than let it out in May will be better
  7. Anyway, I feel that is a great thing , can play some 360 maps?
  8. Not really. The PC version uses an entirely different engine. I did thought so.. then, what does that saying in that Pic mean?.. Is that mean GRIN have taken and changed some 360 maps to make it that can be played in GRAW2 PC?
  9. Look this, notice that mp maps, if there r only 9 maps in PC, How can it happen with? accord this saying, there r 3 kind of mp maps in PC, [GR] PC, GRAW 360 and GRAW2 360.. en... how many will be in each kind?..... http://ghostrecon.uk.ubi.com/graw2/_img/graw2xbx_graw2pc.jpg [Edit: please don't post huge images directly as they stretch the forum, post as a URL instead]
  10. Near to Demo release day till now, didn't see any words to confirm this? As GR player, we really want to know, is it yes or no?
  11. The fixing is necessary, but dou you think there is enough time to do those adjustments according to what we really hope and want? even if they would took and would like to do....
  12. Well, if it's me, I would say like this: what they had put in to us pc players, what we will pay it back. Since they r so few caring and working in PC game, it will nver happen that we pay more for it. That's all. That's the end. Ya, games are not high price now, but why I must buy it? I will buy it only when I like it.
  13. LOL, I understand that. I had my own 70 kills 0 death rounds in blackhawk @ BF2 until patch 1.3 Although, I wouldn't mind to be a blackhawk gunner in GRAW for one mission. bf2?.... OMG, forgot it.. If there is gunner in bird, should we have something like Sting too?.. btw, that's another kind of games, the GRAW have not so big map
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