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  1. Hi all,

    Legion of Terror clan has back with a new dedi server ( We are playing every night and server is online 24/7. Has original mods installed only for the moment. Soon we'll install the new ACP 2.0 (Anticheat Program) developed by our clan and will be mandatory for play in our server. Hope tha you all can join us in the field. Since server is up, we play between 10 to 20 players at 22 hrs (-3GTM).




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  2. Wow, finally there's a Ghost Recon league again! :<img src=:'>

    Congrats! And the new website looks great!

    PM sent, etreX

    What???? We have a league operating in Chile for some time, players from Chile, Argentina, Venezuela and Mexico compete in this league. Global competition aim to do this with the support of Ubisoft to South America this year.


  3. Hi all,

    I invite you to visit the website of the World
    Domination League to see the development of this tournament. See
    interactive map that shows how different teams are trying to conquer
    territory. Also look at the lottery, skill and ranking of players and

    Expect to enroll for the next league should start in about 2 months.


    cya :boxing:

    PD: Next upgrade of the web will include English version

  4. well he changed map after I told him not to...so I went back in and changed to the original map....he immediately went back in and changed it back to the map he wanted to play. I think he knew what he was doing. :D You can explain to him, that we like to play all maps....not just personal favourites.

    OK ;)

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