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  1. Anyone have maps that can be imported in to ATC? Just for that tactical advance? Or help me find something?
  2. Yes! For those of us who uses GRAW for our tactical missions, full camo and outfit options would be great since individual team members have different play style. Therefor more camo options would make the team harder to spot.
  3. Hey! First of all I want to say that who ever makes those maps for us is doing an awsome job!! Is there any maps for the new throwback-pack.. GT: SnuG 27
  4. Whats the mission called in the Quick mission menu.. Can't remember where Ft. Worth is?
  5. In bounty hunter you get more points for killing the guy with the bountymark. And in some gamemodes you only get point for killing this person end zero point for killing any others. try normal solo elimination, one kill, one point.
  6. Hey! After seeing Shooter the other day I wanted to simulate the 1 mile "head-shot". Anybody knows how to measure up 1 mile in any map on graw or graw2? And after figuring out Graw is not as realistic as I wanted it to be, the 4 sec flight-path of the bullet is probably not going to happend. In the old days I played Joint operations. That is the most realistic game I have ever played!? There the 4 sec bulletflight was a reality. Hopefully a game like that would show up on 360 in the future..
  7. Thanx for all replies! I found out what the problem was.. Eliminate all rebels on map before 2-minute time runs out.. No problem when all rebels are killed. SnuG 27 BTP - Nordic Assassins
  8. I've done all that and standing in the zone! Chopper does some fly-by's, but do not land! And of course we don't get picked up.. Missile comes in and boooom Mission:Failure!
  9. Nobody done this mission? Pliz help?
  10. Hey! I've got the same problem.. Anybody know what to do after mian objective is complete and there is 2 mins until missilestrike.. I noticed an objective occurred when running down to chopper.. Am I supposed to blow more stuff up?? Gamertag: SnuG 27
  11. does anyone know where the fleeing vehicle is on level who the hell are these guys The fleeing vehicles are secondary objectives! The easy way to get them is quick missin on low risk. Then you can concentrate on all vehicles! Basically destroy every vehicle you see including helicopters! Not enough to kill driver, destroy the vehicle!!
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