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  1. Hey gents, No news for you on the coop front (at the moment, there are only bots that one can manually spawn that stand there and take shots in the head for target practice). But, I have begun hosting an AA server for the GRNET/TE players. Check out the thread over at Tactical Elite: http://www.tactical-elite.net/forums/index...t=0entry11570 for more info. Hope to see more of us online. El
  2. "That's right, UBI says "All your bases are belong to us!!" Want to make sumthing of it?!?!"
  3. Indeed, it's really not like ZA at all to use so many exclamation points at the end of one sentence!!!!!!!! Next he'll be dotting his I's and exclamation points with hearts. On the other hand, if ZA is excited about GR2 then it can mean nothing but good things for the rest of us die hard GR fans. QUESTION FOR ZA: have any changes been made to the use of sniper weapons ala AA or JO to make it more challenging and realistic? (e.g., use of bi-pods, need to zero in scope, weapon ret movement due to breathing) El
  4. OMG! Clearly I've been playing this game too much. Owned it for a few weeks now. Finally completed 100% over the weekend. Now I'm off to try the multiplayer mod which, so far, is great fun though may get boring quickly due to lack of different game types. Anyhoo, the reason I say I've been playing too much is that the game seems to be affecting my thought process and reflexes. Now I see what all those angy mothers and Senators have been whining about (besides the fringe benefits of owning the Pole Position ). Why? I was driving down the street today and saw a gorgeous 1973 BMW 2002 Tii in pristine condition driving the opposite direction. The aforementioned set of wheels is one of my favorite cars of all time and it's only a matter of time before I own one legitimately. I swear though that my very first reaction after seeing the car driving past me was to pull a u-turn into its path to block its progress so I could jack it! Fortunately, my brain eventuallly kicked in and I managed to avoid being arrested for wreckless driving, assualt and battery, grand theft auto, etc... The other subtle change I've noticed is that I tend to categorize cars I see on the road. Occasionally I find myself thinking: "hmm PCJ600, nice. Washington, crap. Landstalker, too unstable. Banshee, weak. Where's a Comet when you need one." Finally, I've noticed that real life has also affected the way I play the game. When I get cut off in real life by some clown who isn't paying attenion and failed to use a turn signal, I usually try to grit my teach and gain a firmer grip on the steering wheel rather than take action. In game, the dumbass who cuts me off usually finds himself quickly run off the road and then the victim of a merciless driveby. Rockstar is definitely corrupting America's youth! Dang, when is San Andreas coming out again? El BTW : If you're interested in a little online GTAVC action, PM me, I'd love to meet a few of my fellow GR/GRNET mates in Vice City. Also, if you have not yet completed 100%, check out the 100% FAQ by MacDonald I have linked in my other post. I followed it pretty closely and it got me the gold!
  5. Thank you both for the helpful info. I managed to get Apache installed and up and running. It was easy once I figured out what "binary" meant. There are two versions of Apache for Win32 systems. As far as I can tell, one is "unassembled" and needs to be compiled with a C complier which needs to be downloaded separately. That's how I started before I figured out that the "binary" version is a standard application that can be downloaded and installed in the normal manner on a windows machine. My first message above was posted when I was still trying to figure out how to get the uncompiled version to run. I am still trying to test Apache on my home machine before building a separate box using Liunx, etc. I'm having problems with port fowarding on my router though. If one of you gents gets the time and would be willing to hop on TS, I could sure use some assistance. El
  6. Hey ladies and gents, Does anyone have any experience setting up webservers and hosting websites? I designed and maintain a number of websites for local non-profit orgs that are currently co-hosted on a unix server by a local internet service provider. For one of the organizations I would like to be able to host about 4 gigs of mp3s (recorded files from last national conference) which can streamed by members. The cost of having the files hosted by the current provider is prohibitively expensive so I'm thinking about setting up my own webserver on a spare computer. Does anyone have any advice they can offer or know of any good resources (e.g., books, websites, etc) to instruct this newbie on how to make this happen on the cheap? My plan at the moment is to rebuild spare computer and install Linux OS then Apache. Is there anything else I need to act as a web host? Thanks el
  7. Wow! I finally gave in and purchased this game. I'd tried GTAIII when it came out and was impressed but feared that VC was going to be just more of the same so I held off buying until the prices came down. Dang this game is fun and a welcome breack from GR. I started out doing the story missions without paying much attention to other things like hidden packages and the like. After checking out a few websites, I decided to start over and go for 100%. For those of you who haven't completed the game yet, I highly recommend two resources, with these you should be able to complete 100% without a problem: 1. GRAND THEFT AUTO: VICE CITY: 100% COMPLETION FAQ by Scott MacDowall. Mr. MacDowall has put together step-by-step instructions for how to complete 100% of the game. The nice thing about is that it explains enough for you to find stuff and complete the missions but without spoiling the plot. Here's a link to the richtext file: http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/gr...ce_city_100.txt 2. Hidden Packages map by Dark52. This map has little symbols on it showing the general location of the packages. The map does not give any description of the location so you still have to go look for them but the MacDowall's 100% FAQ refers to the map and gives instruction. I usually just use the map without instructions and try to find the packages by myself by calling up the large map and zooming in. I've found that Dark52's map is fairly accurate so using the roads as reference points I can usually find the packages. However, I must admit, there were quite a few I would not have found were it not for Mr. MacDowall's instructions. I just collected my 100th package last night and now have access to the Hunter! Here's a link to the map: http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/gr...ty_packages.gif Has any tried the multiplayer mod yet? Seems like it would really add value to this game. El
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    A Boring, Oregon too.
  9. Here's what I've found so far: FIRST: Here's a link to the page at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...=books&n=507846 SECOND: Editorial Reviews About the Author Robert Adleman, a longtime journalist and editor, flew thirty-seven missions over Europe in World War II as a pilot in the Army Air Corps. George Walton, a lawyer and retired colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, served with the Devil’s Brigade in Italy. Book Description The first special service forces of World War II were known as the Devil's Brigade. Ferocious and stealthy combatants, they garnered their moniker from the captured diary of a German officer who wrote, "The black devils are all around us every time we come into line and we never hear them." Handpicked U.S. and Canadian soldiers trained in mountaineering, airborne, and close-combat skills, they numbered more than 2,300 and saw action in the Aleutians, Italy, and the south of France. Co-written by a brigade member and a World War II combat pilot, the book explores the unit's unique characteristics, including the men's exemplary toughness and their ability to fight in any terrain against murderous opposition. It also profiles some of the unforgettable characters that comprised the near-mythical force. Conceived in Great Britain, the brigade was formed to sabotage the German submarine pens and oil storage areas along Norway's coast, but when the campaign was cancelled, the men moved on to many other missions. This World War II tale of adventure, first published in hardcover in 1966 and made into a movie not long after, is now available in paperback for the first time. 25 photographs. 10 line drawings. Paperback. 6 x 9 inches. Link: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...=glance&s=books THIRD: (No cover picture) The Supercommandos: First Special Service Force, 1942-1944 An Illustrated History by Robert Todd Ross: Editorial Reviews Book Description "Vigorous training, hazardous duty." These were the words that lured prospective volunteers to the First Special Service Force, and that promised, for those who measured up, the chance of getting into the war quickly. Unique during World War II, the First Special Service Force evolved as the amalgam of two Armies, Canadian and American, and the men who filled its ranks were among the hand-picked best from throughout North America. Their diverse and intensive training took them from the dust-covered prairies of Montana, to the bitterly-cold peaks of the Great Divide, to the waters of Chesapeake Bay. Their skillfulness, their remarkable esprit de corps, and their legendary endurance saw them through tough combat missions in both the Asiatic-Pacific and the European Theaters of operation. The Supercommandos chronicles the organization, training, and combat operations of the First Special Service Force during its brief but exhilarating history. Accompanying the broad text are nearly 400 black and white images, most unpublished, including a photo-essay by renowned combat photographer, Robert Capa. As well, there are more than forty extraordinary full-color wartime images of the Force both in training and in the combat zone. Beautifully rendered full-color maps, highly detailed Order of Battle graphics, charts, and numerous facsimiles of noteworthy original Force documents are also included. Completing this volume are over eighty full-color images of exceptionally rare, authentic First Special Service Force uniforms, insignia, weapons and equipment. The Supercommandos offers an unparalleled view of one of the world's all-time military elites, and will prove to be an invaluable resource for any collector, reenactor, veteran, or historian., over 400 and b/w photographs, over eighty color photographs, maps, documents, 8 1/2" x 11" Link: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...=glance&s=books FOURTH: With The Black Devils A Soldiers World War II Account with the First Special Service Force and the 82nd Airborne Mark J. Nelson ISBN: 0764320548 Size: 6" x 9" Illustrations: 30 b/w photographs Pages: 176 pages With The Black Devils offers readers a rare first-hand account of life with an elite group of American and Canadian World War II soldiers known as the First Special Service Force or Black Devils. Based on the letters and diary entries of Sam Byrne, who served with the Force from the early days in Montana through the units inactivation in France, the book shares the thoughts and emotions of a front line soldier chronicling his activities as they take place. The book follows Sams experiences after the Forces breakup, as he served in both the 504th and 507th Parachute Infantry Regiments. The author surrounds Sams letters and diary entries with background information thereby placing Sams words into a meaningful context for the reader. This book will appeal to anyone with an interest in World War II in general or the First Special Service Force specifically. Link: http://www.schifferbooks.com/military/grou...0764320548.html MORE INFO: Devil's Brigade Properly designated as the 1st Special Service Force, the Devil's Brigade was a joint World War II American-Canadian commando unit trained at Fort Harrison near Helena, Montana in the United States. The volunteers for the 1600 man force consisted primarily of enlisted men recruited by advertising at Army posts, stating that preference was to be given to men previously employed as lumberjacks, forest rangers, hunters, game wardens, and the like. The 1st Special Service Force was officially activated on July 20 1942 under the command of Lt. Colonel Robert T. Frederick. Force members received rigorous and intensive training in stealth tactics, hand-to-hand combat, the use of explosives for demolition, amphibious warfare, rock climbing and mountain fighting, and as ski troops. Their formation patch was a red arrowhead with the words CANADA and USA. They even had a specially designed fighting knife made for them called the V-42. Their first scheduled operation was code named "Project Plough," a mission to parachute into German-held Norway to knock out strategic targets such as hydroelectric power plants. This operation had to be abandoned but in October of 1943 the commander of the U.S. Fifth Army, Lt. Gen. Mark W. Clark, brought the 1st Special Service Force to Italy where its members demonstrated the value of their unique skills and training. At Monte la Difensa they immediately earned a reputation for being able to take impenetrable objectives when no one else could. Here, in the dead of winter, the Special Force wiped out a strategic enemy defensive position sitting high atop a mountain surrounded by steep cliffs. Previously, American forces had suffered many casualties in futile attempts to take the important target. This incident was the basis for the 1968 motion picture titled "The Devil's Brigade." During Operation Shingle at Anzio, Italy, 1944, the Special Force were brought ashore on February 1st, after the decimation of the U.S. Rangers, to hold and raid from the right-hand flank of the beachhead marked by the Mussolini Canal/Pontine Marshes, which they did quite effectively. It was at Anzio that the enemy dubbed the 1st Special Service Force as the "Devil's Brigade." The diary of a dead German soldier contained a passage that said, "The black devils (Die schwarze Teufeln) are all around us every time we come into the line." The soldier was referring to them as "black" because the brigade's members smeared their faces with black boot polish for their covert operations in the dark of the night. Canadian and American members of the Special Force who lost their lives are buried near the beach in the Commonwealth Anzio War Cemetery and the American Cemetery in Nettuno, just east of Anzio. The first unit sent into Rome, the Devil's Brigade were given the assignment of capturing seven essential bridges in the city to prevent the Germans from blowing them up. During the night of June 4th, members of the Devil’s Brigade entered Rome. After they secured the bridges, they quickly moved north in pursuit of the retreating Germans. The following morning, throngs of grateful Romans lined the streets to give the long columns of American soldiers passing through the city a tumultuous reception. War photographers captured the scenes of joy on film to be seen back home, but the soldiers who actually liberated the city had passed through Rome during the early morning hours in darkness and near silence and were again in fierce combat with the Germans along a twenty-mile front on the Tiber River. Following the taking of Italy, on August 14, 1944 the Brigade was shipped to Iles d'Hyères in the Mediterranean Sea just off the coast of Southern France. As part of the U.S. 7th Army, they fought again with distinction in numerous battles. On September 7th, they moved to the Franco-Italian border in what is called the "Rhineland Campaign." Members of the Brigade, usually traveling by foot at night, made their way behind enemy lines to provide intelligence on German positions. This operation not only contributed to the liberation of Europe, but the information Brigade members were able to pass back to headquarters saved many Allied soldier's lives. The Devil's Brigade, a one-of-a-kind military unit that never failed to achieve its objective, was disbanded by the end of the War. However, in 1952 Col. Aaron Bank would create another elite unit using the training, the strategies, and the lessons learned from the Devil's Brigade's missions. This force would evolve into specialized forces such as the Green Berets, Delta Force, and the Navy SEAL. In Canada, today's elite and highly secretive JTF2 military unit is also modeled on the Devil's Brigade. Like World War II, Canadian JTF2 members and American Deta Force members were united again into a special assignment force for the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan. In September of 1999, the main highway between the city of Lethbridge, Alberta Canada and Helena, Montana in the United States was renamed the "First Special Service Force Memorial Highway." This highway was chosen because it was the route taken in 1942 by the Canadian volunteers to join their American counterparts for training at Fort Harrison. A large number of the Devil's Brigade members were honored for their acts of valor, including Tommy Prince, Canada's most decorated aboriginal soldier of WW II. Battles of the First Special Service Force : Aleutians Campaign, 1943 : Kiska & Little Kiska - August 15-August 19, 1943 Segula Island - August 17, 1943 Italian (Naples-Foggia-Rome) Campaign 1943-1944 : Monte la Difensa - December 3-December 6, 1943 Monte la Remetanea - December 6-December 9, 1943 Monte Sammucro - December 25 (Christmas Day), 1943 Radicosa - January 4, 1944 Monte Majo - January 6, 1944 Monte Vischiataro - January 8, 1944 Anzio - February 2-May 10, 1944 Monte Arrestino - May 25, 1944 Rocca Massima - May 27, 1944 Colle Ferro - June 2, 1944 Rome - June 4, 1944 Southern France, (Alpes-Maritimes) Campaign, 1944 : Iles d'Hyères - August 14-August 17, 1944 Grasse - August 27, 1944 Villeneuve-Loubet - August 30, 1944 Vence - September 1, 1944 Drap - September 3, 1944 L'Escarène - September 5, 1944 La Turbie - September 6, 1944 Menton - September 7, 1944 Rhineland Campaign, 1944 : Franco-Italian border - September 7 - November 30, 1944 Motion Picture : The Devil's Brigade (1968) - starring William Holden, Cliff Robertson, Vince Edwards Books : Joseph Springer, The Black Devil Brigade: The True Story of the First Special Service Force , (Pacifica Military History, 2001). Robert Todd Ross, THE SUPERCOMMANDOS First Special Service Force, 1942-1942, An Illustrated History (Atglen, PA Schiffer Publishing Ltd. 2000). Robert H. Adleman, and Colonel George Walton, The Devil's Brigade (Philadelphia., PA: Chilton Books, 1966). Robert D., Burhans, "The First Special Service Force: A Canadian/American Wartime Alliance: The Devil's Brigade" (Washington: Infantry Journal Press Inc. 1947) This article is from Wikipedia. All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.
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    Silly, we were on a mission from God of course. I was dressed up as Jon Belushi. I don't know what look Havok was shooting for. I think he was still operating off of last week's memo (Rocky Horror Picture Show). El
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    Blue on friendlies, red otherwise.
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    GGs mates. Thanks for hosting us Hav. Still can't believe you get 500k upload speeds out of that tin can and string set up of yours. Sorry you weren't able to join us sooner Private B. Here's an example of what you missed: You don't even want to know what Zantar was talking about! " El
  13. I completed the first single player mission last night. The map is beautiful. Looking forward to checking out the others. I was also quite impressed with the new actors. Top quality work. As good as anything I've seen out there. @TOF: nice job. Thanks for all the hard work. @lexsis, thanks for the post notifying us of the updated maps. I missed them the first time around and am happy to have found them. El
  14. Thanks for reccs. What I ended up doing was this: Place friendly #1 in the same room with the tangos who patrolled around. Turned hostage behavior on at start. Also at start, place friendly #2 outside of map in black area. Left hostage behavior and everything else off. When stealth objective was terminated because of too many dead members of OPFOR (which happened inevitably because you had to take out three OPFOR just to get to him), I started a random timer between 5 and 8 seconds. When timer expired I teleported friendly 1 to safe zone outside map and teleported friendly 2 into the place previously held by friendly 1. OPFOR guards immediately "saw" him and opened fire even with friendlies nearby that posed a greater threat. Players had to get into the room quick, take out any baddies, and rescue hostage quick before OPFOR took him out. I scripted it so that if Friendly 1 died before the switch (e.g. due to ff, friendly 2 did not transport). After the guard platoon is dead, friendly 2 switched to hostage behavior to allow escort. Perhaps not the most simple solution given the alternatives but it seemed to get the job done. El
  15. Thanks for the reply Chavez. The scenario must sound familiar eh? Just working on a practice mission. I noticed an earlier post by another bloke with the same question. I assume for the same reason. I didn't try your solution but will check it out. As I understand your reccomendation, rather than have tango in same room with hostage when hostage behavior is turned off, have tango start from outside the room, then run in in response to trigger. In the end, I scripted my way around what seems to be a glitch in the GR engine (OPFOR not recognizing threat from nearby friendly after hostage behavior turned off) which gets me the result I want. El
  16. I'm working on a mission that requires stealth. There is a friendly hostage that needs to be rescued. I want the hostage to be killed by his guards after too many opfor members have been killed and stealth requirement has been broken. I tried turning of the hostage behavior for the actor at that point but the guards still do not kill him. I tried turning off invisibility and invulnerability in addition (even though neither were turned on to begin with) but that didn't do any good. I know that I could simply kill the actor through the suicide command but would prefer (for realism's sake) to have the OPFOR guards do it. Any ideas? El
  17. Yes, if the Chicago Sun Times and Washington Post are to be believed. I couldn't find the original articles but here's a link to the Fox News story: http://www.fox23news.com/entertainment/sto...75-B7F5C4FB3DB8 Apparently she has also told reporters that although she loves a good appetizer, she stays clear of buffalo wings because she doesn't eat buffalo! Poor dear girl, I'm thinking she should get that brain implant next.
  18. Anyone else hear the story about "singer" Jessica Simpson's recent trip to the White House? Seriously, apparently she went to lobby for some issue she's interested in (not sure which issue, federal subsidies for hair coloring and manicures?) Anyhoo, after she visited the Oval Office she was introduced to White House representatives and cabinet members including Gale Norton, the U.S. Secretary of the Interior (head of the department responsible for national parks, federal lands etc). On meeting Ms. Norton, Jessica promptly said, "My you've done such a nice job decorating the White House!" Too damn funny. Had to share. El
  19. BMW?!?! I heard it was a damn Rolls.
  20. LOL! Careful there Sart, don't want Rocky becoming liable for breach of contract when he isn't able to produce the goods. Rocky doesn't trade in illicit arms do you Rocky?....Rocky?
  21. thats why i told him to leave, i didnt want this to turn into a political thing. "Didn't want this to turn into a political thing?!" Please. This thread began life as a "political thing" and IMHO should have been treated as such and locked down the minute you posted your vitriolic poll. El
  22. Curious...I'd never heard of this thing until this post. My quick google search indicates that's it's just a modified upper for your standard AR15 platform so you could just about use any AR model and make the appropriate changes to the .gun file (decrease accuracy and range, increase stopping power). Here's a link to one of the articles I ran across: http://www.gunblast.com/50Beowulf.htm. Here's another:http://www.webarms.com/Gun%20Suppliers/Ale...nder%20Arms.htm Here's a very funny post I found on a website forum discussing this bad boy. I found it too funny not to share: "Can you really convert your ar-15/M4 type carbine into a .50 cal with these kits. I saw some on gunbroker.com and was just curious. I'm just like a kid in a candy store. If you can convert it, I was wondering if they be powerful enough to take out Bigfoot. That right... I'm going huntin Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest. Now keep in mine Bigfoot is over 8 feet tall and weighs in at bout 1000lbs. He a big big boy. I'ma cap his hairy ass. Thanks much." El
  23. Good lord, that's a sentiment I'm sure all the lads and lasses already over there who have been away from home and separated from their loved ones for months on end will really appreciate. Indeed, it would be a shame if the war didn't last long enough for you to get your chance to play soldier. As a vet myself, I find the notion of wanting a conflict to last long enough to get a piece of the action a little misguided. I'd be curious to know if you still feel so gung ho after a few hours, let alone 12 months on the front line. el
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