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  1. There are a number of small utilities that will decrrpyt and expand a .pbo file for you. I recently used one to rescue my own mp mission after I accidentally deleted the .sqm mission file. Here's a link to the most popular: http://www.ofpec.com/includes/download2.php?id=269 It's called pbo_decryptor1.5. All you do is browse to the .pbo file you wish to expand and hit the button. It' extracts all of the files used to create the mission and places it in a new folder. El
  2. Hey, finally received a response from the official BIS forums that might solve the problem. The infamous AVON Lady herself posted a reply stating that we should no longer use directplay and should use sockets instead. Unfortunately, she did not explain why but given her rep in the OPF community I'm happy to take her word for it. If you haven't seen her very informative website yet, check it out here: http://www.theavonlady.org/theofpfaq/ Let's try sockets next time no? EDIT: I did some searching of the official forums, apparently the consensus is that the sockets platform is more stable and more developed overall for MP use. El
  3. I still haven't figured out what my problem is joining T's server. I still suspect it may have to do with latency. What do you think about hosting the game via the gamespy broswer or else via ASE next time? I haven't had any difficulties seeing or joining games via those two browsers. El
  4. OK, so here's a link to the updated mission compatible with single and multiplayer sans the baddies: http://www.tactical-elite.net/squadfiles/u...lu.CATIntro.pbo And here's a link to the updated .sqm file: http://www.tactical-elite.net/squadfiles/u...ino/mission.sqm I think if you install the full USMC/UTMC pack referred to in the above post, hopefully you'll be able to use the file without problems. El
  5. Strange....Well, the missing taleb files are from the few baddies I placed in the NE from the Afghan pack. Those can easily be removed. There are some landing markers at the base. I assumed that they came from the default objects. I'll see if I can zip a package of files together for eveyone to use and remove the baddies then post another link to an updated mission file. Does everyone have Earls' USMC Marine Assault Pack? I have it installed and believe that the Baraken file and the landing markers may be from it. I downloaded and installed the full MCTO server addon pack which includes the USMC assualt soldiers/weaons + a number of objects that the Digital Grenade server uses. The objects may have come from that pack. If you haven't downloaded it already, the USMC/MCTO pack is available here:http://www.mtco.com/games/downloads/addons...OServerPack.exe El
  6. Do we want to make any additions or changes to it first? God knows, exporting the base would be a hell of a lot easier than placing all those fence sections again. That part alone took me an hour. I was thinking about adding a few more objects around such as maps, binos, a few liquor bottles (yes, there really are brand name liquor bottles available. If you look on the radio desk in the main HQ of the map, you'll find a bottle of JD next to the telephone), and maybe a few soccer ball or two. Also, perhaps we could add a few of the BAS weapons to the crates so that regardless of what soldier type we picked, we could have access to a number of different weapons. I still haven't worked on scripts for the static tower and road guards to make sure they stand and guard but could do that. Anyone around today for a few games? El
  7. Yeah, it is strange that I was able to join the past two nights but not tonight. Even stranger that I was able to join last night without configuring/turning anything off at all and not today with everything turned off. I posted a couple of messages at the official forum to see if anyone has any bright ideas. No responses yet. Isn't 128kps upload good? I was actually thinking that the ping might in fact be the problem. When I joined yesterday, I found your server right away. I was thinking perhaps the problem today was that we were trying to play at peak hours and so maybe OPF timed out before I was able to connect. I've been searching for posts on the topic but haven't found anything yet. I was hoping that there was maybe a config file or something I could edit to make it look for a directplay server longer. Maybe next time we can see if I can host and you folks are able to join me. In any case, glad to hear you all had a good time even if it was without my assistance on overwatch. Thanks again for waiting around while I tried to sort out the prob. Hope to see y'all again soon. El
  8. So you guys ever get my mission to work? I can remove the baddies in the NE if necessary. I used objects from all of the folders. Not sure which ones are default. They came from the "objects," "mapfacts," and "support" folders as I recall. The Afghans worked fine for me as long as I didn't try to use a LAW unit. I guess I have the same problem with the RPG thing. Did anyone ever manage to find a download for the file? El
  9. "El, your mission won't run because apparently I'm missing some addons which look llike they're from the Afghan pack, which I have installed." This sucks. Could you possibly send me a copy of what is missing. The only addons used were BAS Rangers, BAS BH and Littlebirds, the HUMMVV mod, the Afghan pack mod, and the radio tower I mentioned. There's a slight chance that there are some objects from Earl's USMC pack, otherwise everything is from the above-listed mods.
  10. Hey mates, Here's a link to my mission for the Afghan Map: http://www.tactical-elite.net/squadfiles/u...lu.catintro.pbo. Just put a copy of the file in your single player mission folder and one in the mp mission folder. The mission works for both single and multiplayer. However, the briefing currently only works in single player so if you want to see my notes, you'll have to check them out in single player. There's a chance that the mission name will appear as "briefing" rather than as "camp zulu" as intended. Here too is a link to the .sqm file that you can use to create your own missions based upon it: http://www.tactical-elite.net/squadfiles/u...ino/mission.sqm. Just add the file in a folder in your user folder. You could also just dePBO the above mission file. The mission is not so much a mission as it is a starting place. I spent a great deal of time putting together a home base for us to operate from (aka "Camp Zulu"). There are a number of nice interactive features such as the operating gates and the helo repair stations that have landing markers you can turn off and on. You may have to download this one file to get the map to work, it adds a radio attena that is also used in a number of other maps: ftp://www.gamezone.cz:8021/ofpd/unofaddons2/RadioTower.rar Check it out and let me know what you think. Not many baddies on it yet. My thought was to design a bunch of missions with the home camp as a starting place. It may not look like much but its home: I'd love to hear any feedback. One question: Does anyone know how to fix it so that the objects I have placed do not appear on the map? (EDIT: Hmm, looks as though they appear when the difficulty level is set to Cadet instead of Veteran). Also, does anyone know if the gps device that appears when you call up the map is an option? I've noticed that it appears with some missions but not others. How to I get it to appear? I've tried the line "showgps true" in the initialization field for the default singler player but no joy. Thoughts? Cheers, El
  11. @2R, I checked my folder, I believe the special ops motorcycles came with the BAS Delta pack. Here's a corrected link to the Afghan units pack: http://xferoc1.fileplanet.com/^1499771577/.../afghanpack.zip I'm running 1.85 Littlebirds as well so should be good to go. I'll post the sqm and mission files for my Bluefor home base later. It's still a work in progress but at least it gives us a great place to start from. El
  12. CRAP!! Can't believe my own stupidity. Actually, it's just my noobiness. So I spent hours tonight working on a custom homebase on the Afghanistan map. It's a small, improved base from which to start missions on the map. The base is located in the middle of a valley at the end of a road located at coordinates EJ51. There's nothing there now but if you're interested, I can send you the file to use a base camp for your missions. Anyhoo, after completing the base, I went to try the map out on multiplayer. It worked beautifully. Genius here didn't like the fact that my multiplayer name was my default system name so I stupidly deleted the user and created a new user account named El Nino. Then I went back to the mission editor to continue working on the mission. To my surprise, the mission was no where to be found. Apparently, the mission sqm file was deleted along with my user account?! Apparently, when you save a "user mission" in the editor, it saves the misson as a sqm file in your user folder. To play the mission in either single or multiplayer, you have to "export" the sqm file which creates a .pbo mission file. Thank God I exported the mission to multiplayer before deleting my user account. I was able to download a small utility which extracted the sqm file from the pbo file so that I can continue editing it. Otherwise, I would have been stuck with a beautiful base with nothing to do with it. Word to the wise: create backups of those sqm files for missions that you care about! El
  13. I am! Though I think I prefer Remo's "Afghan Pack" over the "Islamic Resitance" one. The Afghan pack has more and better quality models/textures and includes a number of map objects for use on the Afghan map. The Afghan pack includes Taliban fighters (including a model of Ossama), Northern Alliance fighters, and Afghan civilians. Please note, the Taliban Fighters are classed as "Resistance" fighters so you'll have to manually set Resistance fighters in the editor to be unaligned or else aligned with East to get them to fight against you. You can get the Afghan pack here (Fixed link): http://xferoc1.fileplanet.com/^1499771577/.../afghanpack.zip There's also a good one of African soldiers (Bluefor) and resistance fighters (opfor) that you can pick up here: http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/planetr...can_militia.zip Finally, I think we should all use the ERC HUMMVV pack that 2nd Ranger referred us to. The vehicles are beautiful and the add-on weapons are quite useful. Here is the link to the file: http://www.clan-erc.com/ofp/addons/FK_HMMWV.pbo Let's get to work and make this happen. Anyone successfully hosted a MP game yet (of any kind)? I still have to figure out port forwarding and configure my router. El P.S. If you need some help figuring out how to set up a mission, check out the countless tutorials available over at the Operation Flashpoint Editing Center. Just click on the "Editor's Depot" link.
  14. LOL, I haven't played it since I completed the demo level. Took me a day or two s to get the environmental sounds and effects out of my head. I only played it once in a dark room at night. Even though I was replaying the same level I'd already played, it still sent shivers down my spine...especially those two zombies in that one room who come out of total darkness at you. I've heard about Silent Hill, never played it though. The latest version seems to be getting some good press.
  15. Here's a link to another BAS mission, perhaps it's the same one you already tried: http://www.ofpec.com/missions/linkstats2.php?ID=972. The mission in game is called "BAS Bait & Switch." The mission comes with a small intro movie that shows some action and introduces you to the new special forces characters. Nicely done. The mission itself is quite tough. I've tried it a number of times and still haven't completed it. You insert as a Delta Sniper along with a spotter. Have to take out a couple of baddies, then support Delta and Ranger teams as they attempt to demo AAA. Lots of baddies all around, watch yourself out there. Since I am new to OPF, I don't have the hang of scripting yet. I can put a SP FF together but haven't figured out more complex scripting or what's necessary for a MP mission but I am hoping to put a few things together for us to try out. Cheers! El
  16. Here's a link to the BAS Blackhawks over at operationflashpoint.org: http://www.opflashpoint.org/downloads/addo...0Blackhawks.zip Here are the BAS Littlebirds: http://www.opflashpoint.org/downloads/addo...irds%201.85.zip Here are the BAS Pavehawks: http://www.opflashpoint.org/downloads/addo...20Pavehawks.zip And here is the latest version of Hawk's C130: ftp://www.gamezone.cz:8021/ofpd/unofaddon...k_C130_v1_3.zip EL
  17. Since Para does not offer his own OFP addons for download any more, is there anyone out there who downloaded them and is willing and able to make them available? El
  18. Wow, Thanks for the tip 2r, the BAS Ranger/Delta guys (and their weapons) are beautiful. I looked at the BAS DR Bait and Switch single player mission last night and the models are absolutely gorgeous. I also found the "Delta Extraction" mission which is scripted to use the mod. I'll keep looking around for more from these guys. Do you happen to know off hand of any single player or multiplayer/coop missions that use the BAS mod, the Afghanistan map mod, or Earl's USMC mod? Also, any multiplayer servers out there you can recommend? I'm not quite ready for multiplayer yet but will be soon. Can't believe I didn't buy this game when it came out. There's so much content and so much right about it. I guess I was just too busy with GR at the time but for the $7.99 I paid for the GOTY edition, you just can't go wrong. I'd love to hear from anyone interested in multiplayer. Send me a PM. El
  19. Thanks mates. I've downloaded the delta mod. Now I have to find a tutorial instructing me on how to use it. As I understand it, addons such as these can only be used with missions scripted to use them (can't use addon weps for existing missions or campaigns?).
  20. Hey 2nd Ranger, thanks for the tips. You know, I went looking for both of the mods you reccomended (Ranger + Afghanistan map) at the link provided and I wasn't able to find them. Am I missing something? Would you be willing to provide links to the exact pages for this noob? I recently purchased all 3 games and am getting into OPF (since I refuse to spend the money VBS1 requires). Any other GRNET fans out there interested in some coop? EL
  21. Just finished the demo. Awesome. Love the guys who come at you in pitch dark. All you can see is their eyes and then the blood streaming over your face after their swing at you connects. Also love being able to hear the baddies before you see them, adds to the suspense. Couple more screenies: Cleaning house with Security Bot: How about a kiss?:
  22. OMG. Almost done with the demo level and my heart is still pounding. Haven't played Doom since it first came out in the early '90s. It was fun then. Even more fun now! In the same way it has gotten harder for filmakers to produce films with great and convincing special effects due to the fact that the bar keeps raising and audiences keep demanding more, I think game makers have a real challenge trying to produce a game like this that is something more than just a one-dimensional point and shoot. The folks at ID have outdone themselves IMHO and I consider myself fairly demanding and somewhat jaded. After reading the reviews after the retail version came out, I was dead set against buying the game. The demo may have just changed my mind. Yes, the game is quite linear and I can't imagine that there's much replay value. However, it's worth it just to experience the levels at least once. The graphics are fantastic but, it's more than just that. I am finding Doom3 compelling not because the surface skins are hi-res and pretty, but because an entire environment has been created that is convincing, atmospheric and immersive due to the effective use of cut scenes, interesting interaction with NPCs and objects such as computer screens and doors, amazing and ever-present sound effects, and challenging AI... in addition to the great graphics. Taken as a whole, I think the game has great entertainment value. After playing GR for so long, encountering a sniper on hill or hearing bullets whiz past my head no longer affect me but dang, the demo scared the bejezuz out of me a couple of times. One of my favorite moments was when faced with a baddy close up and in the dark. Couldn't quite see him in the dark and through the steam coming from a broken pipe along with the smoke from my weapon. In such circumstances you just kind of have to fire blind and pray to God you get them before they get you! Fun stuff. Also loved the zombie guy hanging from the ceiling begging for help. Here's one baddy who caught me a little off guard. Had to come back and take the screeny after he killed me the first time: (The SS is not the best as I had to photoshop it for size but the graphics in game, even at my 800x600 are amazing). Haven't finished the demo level yet but I am already looking for good deals on used copies of the retail game. Happy huntin watch your back! El
  23. I wasn't able to find one. I tried unsuccessfully to find a forum or at least a Readme in English to try and fix my graphics problem (there is a wide horizontal band that appears across my screen that partially obscures it regardless of graphics resolution or detail setting). If you haven't noticed already, there are a number of posts from people who have already played the demo in the FSW poll thread immediately below this one. El
  24. Hmm, interesting so far. Anyone else getting a horizontal band with smoke in it across the width of their screen though? AI seems to be not the brightest and don't seem to shoot very well. Even after they've spotted tangoes and are well within range, they sometimes just stand their without engaging. When they do engage, they don't seem to shoot very well. They unload clip after clip without taking out a guy standing there with no cover. At first I thought it was a bug in the demo. After spending more time with the game, I now suspect that it's just a fact of FSW life. From what I've seen so far, the AI can't take out a tango who is partially protected by objects such as cars, trash bins and the like. The game forces you to use tactics by drawing fire from a single tango with one team while the other team flanks or gets completely behind the tango. Only when the second team has a completely clear shot will they actually be able to take the guy out. I appreciate the fact that the game rewards you for using sound tactics, but it seems kind of stupid that the first team can't take out a single guy whose entire upper torso is exposed. Also, when the second team actually does flank or six the tango, you have to make sure that you position them right to get them to engage otherwise, they'll just stand there looking stupid while he takes them all out.
  25. Anyone actually played the PC demo yet? Only 45 mins to go for me. Woohoo!
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