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  1. It's 7:24pm Pacific time and I'm on the dedi and TS. Come join me. El
  2. The HK is a beautiful model of a G36C, a compact variant of the G36. For more information check out one of my favorite websites ever (next to GRNET of course): http://www.hkpro.com/g36c.htm el
  3. Pave, Sad to hear that your PS blew out on ya. Particularly bad timing. We managed to take out the sniper, airborne sf and get out of Dodge but couldn't extract without you so I took us all out (along with the humv and extract boat) with largish satchel charge. Glad to see that you're back. I lost a PS myself a while back and ended up replacing it with a nice 500w high end/dual fan ball-bearing unit. I swear that the extra juice makes the unit run better.
  4. Hey, In case you haven't seen the news, Bohemia Interactive Studio recently announced the 10 finalists in its mission scription contest. Most of the missions are designed for single player but there are a couple MP missions available. Here's a link to the news page and list of download locations for the missions: http://www.bistudio.com/me_comp/mec_2004.html There are two types of files available for download. The first weighs in at 19mb and includes just the mission files + a readme (which lists each of the mission files and the addons necessary to play them each). The second is more like 90mb and includes all of the addons available. From what I've read on the BIS forums, it sounds as though we're better off downloading the addons individually depending upon which of the missions we want to play rather than downloading them all at the same time since most of them are obsolete. El
  5. Found what I think may have been an Easter egg yesterday (Dec. 26th). While playing through one of the final missions on the Red Hammer Campaign I noticed that fully-decorated Christmas trees decorated much of the country side. Fun!
  6. Anyone out there play later in the evening US West Coast time? I haven't been able to make to any of the games for quite some time due to RL constraints but am usually on at night my time. If anyone is interested in playing after 7:00pm pacific time let me know. El
  7. Dang, I may have to quit my job. I am seriously missing playing with you guys. el
  8. Gold Edition = Original campaign + Red Hammer Campaign, 2 CDs, older edition GOTY = Original campaign + Red Hammer + Resistance, 3 CDs, it's the newest of the three. In addition to BIS' website, there is plenty of good information available over at the Avon Lady's OPF FAQ site here: http://www.theavonlady.org/theofpfaq/ El
  9. I might be up for this campaign idea if I can manage the time (weekends only ). At NC, www.gogamer.com has had it in stock for 19.99 new. If you can't find it, I could check my local Electronics Boutique where picked up mine used to see if there's an extra used copy floating around. el
  10. Hey lads, no time no see. I may have some time this weekend to join you but I'm not sure which mods you're running these days. I haven't downloaded the LSR special forces yet or the new infantry units but will do so. Are the LSR guys really that good? Any other mods I need to join you? EL
  11. One of the best resources of missions and scripting info for Operation Flashpoint is the Operation Flashpoint Editing Center. Their website is here:www.ofpec.com OPFEC just re-opened it's addons page with 26 pages of downloads. One of the nice things about their addons section is that the individual files are often linked from the pages for the custom missions that require them. The OFPEC's addon's page can be found here: http://www.ofpec.com/addons/index.php EL
  12. I just checked www.gogamer.com's website. They have it in stock again for 19.99. You can't beat that for new.
  13. I looked for it at the local targe as well after finding it on their online site. I wasn't able to find a single store in town that actually had it on their shelf. Fortunately I manged to finally find a used copy of the GOTY at the local Electronics Boutique. Let me know if you can't find it, I may be able to pick another used copy for you if interested. I paid 9.99 for GOTY. el
  14. Thank God someone finally posted something. I've been jonesin wonderin where all you blokes were. I started a new job last week that is keeping me fairly busy. It's nine pm and I just finished a 13 hour day. Not the last this week I'm afraid. Although I haven't had time to make it for online play, I relish being able to come home at night and view the lovely screenies posted by y'all. Please keep them coming. El
  15. Oh man, that just aint right. I may be a yank and a plebe but I love Branston Pickle! Do they have only one factory?
  16. El-Nino was never Staff here. ← Nope, just acted like it! @ph, you thinking of me or one of those El-Nino clan guys? @Sart, I love ya man but my heart belongs to Havok! Haven't been around much. New job and home life keeping me plenty busy these days. Good thing OPF ships with so much great solo content as I've had no time for online adventures. Sart and 2R, where's the rest of the OPF crew? You guys been meeting to play? Keep checking the board but it's been pretty quiet of late. el
  17. YES! That's about as cheap as it gets. GOTY comes with the original OPF + The Red Hammer addon + the Resistance addon. With GOTY there is nothing more you need other than to download a few patches and then grab all the free addon content that we're running. If it's only the Red Hammer edition but not the fully GOTY edition it's still a good deal and worth the investment. It just might be tough to find the final Resistance Pack which is needed to play with most folks. The equivalent in GR speak is GR + DS + IT. The Resistance pack adds a bunch of stuff that is necessary. Let us know when and if you buy so we can look for you online. El
  18. Apparently the folks at BAS still intend to lay low until the release of OPF2 but they now have a new temporary website up with links to all BAS files and missions with the exception of the Tonali map. http://tootallinc.atwar.net/bas/news.htm EL
  19. Memory Lane indeed. Oh man, it seems like forever ago but I still remember how awed I was by the Renegade Legion conversion. That was amazing work. That holographic map in the control room was pure genius. Congratulations on all your success Serellan. We're all anxiously looking forward to your next masterpiece! El
  20. Hey gents, I'm finally about done with the 1985 Campaign. Still can't get over all the content in this game. I'm almost done with the 1985 campaign and still have the Gold campaigns and Resistance to go! For those of you who haven't tried it yet, if you can manage to get past those first few dorky scripted missions there is some outstanding solo play and some really tough missions. Great fun when there's no one around on the dedi (all too often given my time zone). The Guardian Mission (#21) still stands out in my mind as one of the toughest but most fun. I just recently finished the mission in which you are stranded alone in the middle of Kolgujev in the middle of the night with no map, compass, gps or night vision and you have to navigate your way to friendly territory using the stars. The consellations in the night sky are accurately modeled and you have to figure out which way is south by finding the Big Dipper and the North Star. Too much! Hope to see you all around again soon. El
  21. @supa: yeah, that chain of command mod looks interesting. For those of you who haven't seen it, check it out here: http://www.website.thechainofcommand.net/ @2r: I don't think I've downloaded the tonali map yet but have been meaning to do so. I guess one of us could always figure out how to use Oxygen and edit the map into two separate maps. EL
  22. Thanks for the advice Rocky. I just downloaded and installed it. Amazingly and unfortunately, GIANT found a keylogging program that neither Spybot S&D or Norton AV found. Apparently it was installed with the IL2 Sturmovik demo I downloaded ages ago. I may have actually pay for this program rather than continuing to rely on freeware. El
  23. Ah crap, Just finished running the GIANT Anti-spyware program that Rocky recommended here: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=21876 And the thing found a keystroke logger that Norton AV and Spybot Search and Destroy did not. Apparently it was installed along with the IL Sturmovik Demo 2 I downloaded ages ago. I've got a few choice letters I'd like to type for the person responsible.
  24. Whew, Looks as though a minor crisis has been avoided. According to the folks at Microsoft, the DSO Exploit was fixed a long time ago (2002) with Service Pack 1. Apparently the latest version of Spybot (1.3) shows a false postive for the DSO exploit even if the computer never had it. I found the answer by searching the microsoft support site for "DSO exploit." Here's a link to the results of my search in case you can use it: http://communities2.microsoft.com/communit...t=&ptlist=&exp= According to the thread above, the folks who make Spybot have apparently said that they will fix the bug in the next release. There's also a rumor floating around that the Spybot folks intentionally put the bug in the software so that unauthorized ripoffs of their freeware would be exposed. El P.S. Just to be on the safe side, I just downloaded and am running the GIANT anti spy software that Rocky recommended in an earlier post.
  25. Hey ladies and gents, A couple of weeks agao I re-installed Spybot Search & Destroy again after I inadvertantly allowed a gator popup that installed god knows what on my comp. I am running Windows XP with all the patches, Zone Alarm, and am behind a router and yet Spybot found five DSO (data source objects) exploits that changed my registry. I immunized then and rescanned today and found what look like the same five DSO exploits. Sypot doesn't tell me much about what they are. Anyone have any idea? Also, since Spybot didn't seem to fix my registry, anyone know if there is a quick and easy way to do it? What am I exposing my self to here? Thanks for any advice you can offer. El
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