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  1. I tried it but couldn't get it to load form. Keeps giving me error stating that I'm missing the following addons: suchrifle, c8x_usmcbox, and c8x_russbox. I have the earl/suchey USMC pack installed correctly and have used them successfully for a couple of years. I looked at your mission.sqm file and noticed that most of the USMC addons were not declared in the addons section. I manually added all of missing items (as suggested by the forum over at digital grenade) but still no joy. 2nd ranger, did you manage to get it twork?
  2. Has anyone checked out GT Legends yet? Here's a decent review: http://www.simhq.com/_motorsports2/motorsports_064a.html. I missed this game until seeing this post today. I plan now to check this thing out. I'm still in love with Formula 1 Challenge 99-02 with all of its beatiful mods. El
  3. These updated (but still beta) littlebirds include a number of new features including improved skins, a hand-thrown strobe for nighttime pickups, an MH-6 that carries two KLR motorbikes, improved fastroping, and a camo netting feature that lets you cover them up with cammo while they're on ground. According to TJ, these are the last BAS mods we'll ever see for OPF. Go get them here: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikon...=4;t=49250;st=0 EL
  4. That would be Title 32 of the Code of Federal Regulation ("C.F.R.") Section 501.4: [Code of Federal Regulations] [Title 32, Volume 3, Parts 400 to 629] [Revised as of July 1, 2000] From the U.S. Government Printing Office via GPO Access [CITE: 32CFR501.4] [Page 8-9] TITLE 32--NATIONAL DEFENSE CHAPTER V--DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY PART 501--EMPLOYMENT OF TROOPS IN AID OF CIVIL AUTHORITIES--Table of Contents Sec. 501.4 Martial law. It is unlikely that situations requiring the commitment of Federal Armed Forces will necessitate the declaration of martial law. When Federal Armed Forces are committed in the event of civil disturbances, their proper role is to support, not supplant, civil authority. Martial law depends for its justification upon public necessity. Necessity gives rise to its creation; necessity justifies its exercise; and necessity limits its duration. The extent of the military force used and the actual measures taken, consequently, will depend upon the actual threat to order and public safety which exists at the time. In most instances the decision to impose martial law is made by the President, who normally announces his decision by a proclamation, which usually contains his instructions concerning its exercise and any limitations thereon. However, the decision to impose martial law may be made by the local commander on the spot, if the circumstances demand immediate action, and time and available communications facilities do not permit obtaining prior approval from higher authority (Sec. 501.2). Whether or not a proclamation exists, it is incumbent upon commanders concerned to weigh every proposed action against the threat to public order and safety it is designed to meet, in order that the necessity therefor may be ascertained. When Federal Armed Forces have been committed in an objective area in a martial law situation, the population of the affected area will be informed of the rules of conduct and other restrictive measures the military is authorized to enforce. These will normally be announced by proclamation or order and will be given the widest possible publicity by all available media. Federal Armed Forces ordinarily will exercise police powers previously inoperative in the affected area, restore and maintain order, insure the essential mechanics of distribution, transportation, and communication, and initiate necessary relief measures.
  5. That is one game I will not be buying. It is infected with Starforce. ← Starforce? I agree with Jack, we are very much in need of a new and thorough mil flight sim. I for one miss the Jane's series. Off topic here but has anyone tried the latest incarnation of Falcon 4.0? I was a bit put off by Graphsim's involvement after their debauchery with F-18 repackaged in Iraq. El
  6. The folks at OPF Nam have put together a neat little program that serves as reference library for all of OPF's scripting functions. The program also has a database for all of the default BIS weapon names. Here are a list of the program's functions: A simple, easy to use executable Command Reference updated to version 1.91. Version 1.8 includes: -list of Commands to 1.91 -Weapons and Ammo list -Animation list including all resistance animations -Briefing Wizard -Overview Wizard -Desciption Wizard -Function Library (internet required) -Auto-Update Please consult with the readme (included in zip) if you experience any problems installing. Check it out here: http://www.ofpnam.com/download.php?view.35 EL
  7. Thanks for the advice gents. It's a pity about OPFEC. Hope they recover soon. I also discovered the setunit function. It works on the non-player character which then starts in the prone position, but does not work for the player controlled character. I still start standing up. Oh well. As for making the unit use binos, I used: unitname select weapon "Binocular" function which makes the guy whip out the binos for about 20 secs. Again, doesn't seem to work on the player controlled character. Thanks again. Nice to hear from you gents. Hope life is treating you well. EL
  8. Hey gents, I'm working on a new mission using the latest version of the CAT Afghanistan map and the new International Black Ops units. Anyone know if there's a way to force a unit (the single player character and squad) to start out in the prone position with binos out?
  9. Bambi has released his International Blackops, on the BIS Forums. You can find a demo mission, as well as more information at the BIS Forums. Screenshot Here's a link to the latest full version (including patch): http://files.filefront.com/BMI_Black_Ops_V...;/fileinfo.html For some bizzare reason, Bambi chose to configure these guys as Resistance side (which means they will not not fight against most of the middle east fighters). Here's a link to an alternative config file that changes the blackops soliders to West and gives them the new SJB weapons instead: http://rapidshare.de/files/4295294/config.cpp.html. NOTE: you'll have to un-pbo the blackops.pbo file, replace the config file with this one, re-pbo it and put it in your add-ons folder. These guys + SBJ's new weapons rock. For more on the SBJ weapons pack: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...=0entry296550 El
  10. Jackal326 released 2 weeks ago his huge SJB Weapons Pack including around 200 weapons on the BIS Forums. Well, after over 18 months of development, the SJB Weapons Pack is finally ready for a full public release. The pack contains almost 200 weapons ranging from handguns (Colt 1911, SIG SAUER P228 etc.) to sub-machineguns (MP5s etc.) and assault-rifles (M16A4s, AK47s, M4A1s, LR300s etc.). Also included are a range of sniper-rifles (M24s, M21s, M82A1s, PSG1s etc.). Although not perfect, this mod is amazing. 200 high quality weapons including many never seen before. Most will be familiar to GR and R6 fans. It's been a while since I was able to fire an H&K UMP45! DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - SJB Weapons Pack [47 MB]
  11. The The JAM3 team has released their Joint Ammo and Magazines V.3. You can download alternate sound packs in this thread:http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikon...=ST;f=4;t=48065 Fully compatible with ECP, EECP, FFXUR, INQ-Mod, Y2K3, etc. New AT rounds, compatible with CAVS project Improved recoils for all rifles, pistols and shotgun Tweaked accuracy for all sniper rifles SD magazines tweaked to simulate realistic supersonic ammo where appropriate Subsonic "SUB" mags preserve JAM2 SD values New sounds for 99% of magazines and weapons- big thanks to the OFP community Most magazines have separate fire sounds. Now you can tell who's shooting! Different fly and hit sounds for different bullet types Bullet hit and fly sounds also externalized to JAM_Sounds.pbo THREE alternative versions of the JAM_Sounds.pbo available. Community Pack, Rainbow Pack, Cinemania Pack New Mounted Machinegun magazines, with HD versions. Ready to be used on vehicles New realistic-size mags for M60, M240, RPD, PKM. Max loadout of 500rds per unit New 12rd Belts for grenade launchers, like GL Vest but only taking 3 spaces Primary and pistol-slot options for most SMG/PDW mags. Unsuppressed, suppressed and silenced (subsonic) MP5 and Uzi mags New magazines for Remington SPC 6.8mm and Grendel 6.5mm rounds New sniper mags: L96A1-type rifles and SVU tactical rifle New Editor groups New units for all sides: Spotter, Grenadier (Belt), Machinegunner (500 rounds), AT Units (CAVS compatible) All BIS vehicles available with JAM crew Editor mission allows players to quickly preview many of the sounds More effective smoke grenades. A few config fixes DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - JAM3 [13,55 MB] You just install the new .pbo over the old jam pbo. Replaces weapons, sounds, and characteristics.
  12. Curious. I was expecting a sub sim or something of the sort. Instead we have HL2 underwater?
  13. The BAS MH47E Chinook (Cargo) can store vehicles inside or carry them underneath with a sling. For the latter, just hover over a vehicle and the command window will appear with a new option for attaching the vehicle by sling. Unfortunately, the script is set up by default to only work with the stock BIS HHMMVV, Jeep and 5T. I just figured out that you can customize the script to add the option of carrying any vehicle you want. To add your vehicle to the script just do the following: 1. Un-pbo the BAS_Cargo.PBO file. I use PBox.exe. 2. Open the "helocargo.sqs" file in wordpad. 3. You need to make two changes to the helocargo file for every vehicle you wish to add. Towards the top you will see this: #check1 ? !isEngineOn _heavylift : exit _warned = 0 _action = 0 _heavycargo1= nearestObject [_heavylift, "hmmwv"] ? (getpos driver _heavylift select 2) < 20 && (getpos driver _heavylift select 2)>7 && speed _heavylift < 10 && _heavycargo1 distance _heavylift < 15 : goto "liftoption" _heavycargo1= nearestObject [_heavylift, "Jeep"] ? (getpos driver _heavylift select 2) < 20 && (getpos driver _heavylift select 2)>7 && speed _heavylift < 10 && _heavycargo1 distance _heavylift < 15 : goto "liftoption" _heavycargo1= nearestObject [_heavylift, "Truck5t"] ? (getpos driver _heavylift select 2) < 20 && (getpos driver _heavylift select 2)>7 && speed _heavylift < 10 && _heavycargo1 distance _heavylift < 15 : goto "liftoption" _heavycargo1= nearestObject [_heavylift, "Truck5tOpen"] ? (getpos driver _heavylift select 2) < 20 && (getpos driver _heavylift select 2)>7 && speed _heavylift < 10 && _heavycargo1 distance _heavylift < 15 : goto "liftoption" _heavycargo1= nearestObject [_heavylift, "Truck5tReammo"] ? (getpos driver _heavylift select 2) < 20 && (getpos driver _heavylift select 2)>7 && speed _heavylift < 10 && _heavycargo1 distance _heavylift < 15 : goto "liftoption" _heavycargo1= nearestObject [_heavylift, "JeepMG"] ? (getpos driver _heavylift select 2) < 20 && (getpos driver _heavylift select 2)>7 && speed _heavylift < 10 && _heavycargo1 distance _heavylift < 15 : goto "liftoption" _heavycargo1= nearestObject [_heavylift, "BAS_RSOV"] ? (getpos driver _heavylift select 2) < 20 && (getpos driver _heavylift select 2)>7 && speed _heavylift < 10 && _heavycargo1 distance _heavylift < 15 : goto "liftoption" _heavycargo1= nearestObject [_heavylift, "CBT_M1025_D_M240"] ? (getpos driver _heavylift select 2) < 20 && (getpos driver _heavylift select 2)>7 && speed _heavylift < 10 && _heavycargo1 distance _heavylift < 15 : goto "liftoption" This is the paragraph I added with my vehicle. ~10 goto "check1" Just copy and paste one of the paragraphs and change the name of the vehicle to the callsign of the vehicle you wish to add. Here, the last entry was my addition, the Desert HMMVV from CBT with the M240 attached. Next, below the section quoted above you'll find this section: #Grabing _carry = (getpos driver _heavylift select 2) -10 ? _carry <0:_carry = 0 _heavycargo1 setpos [(getpos _heavylift select 0), (getpos _heavylift select 1),_carry] _array1 = ["JeepMG","Jeep"] _array2 = ["BAS_RSOV","BAS_CRRC"] _array3 = ["Truck5t","Truck5tOpen","Truck5tReammo"] _array4 = ["HMMWV"] _array5 = ["Truck5tRepair","Truck5tRefuel"] _array6 = ["CBT_M1025_D_M240"]This is the line I added for my vehicle Just create a new array line with your vehicle(s) name inside the bracketed quotes. 4. Save the helocargo.sqs script. 5. Re-pbo the folder. 6. Cut and paste the modified bascargo.pbo file into your res/addons folder. (Note, you may want to save a copy of the original file before writing over it). So far I have onld added the one CBT HHMMVV. I plan to eventually add the rest and would be happy to share the final file if anyone is interested. Cheers, El
  14. Hmm, works perfectly well for me. I love what they've done with an already great map. Lots of new towns. Love the new home base in the SE (former Soviet airbase). If you haven't checked it out yet, you've got to check out the Dynamic Afghanistan mission for this version of the map:http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikon...ST;f=55;t=45538. It's essentially a campaign in a single mission. Some brilliant scripting. You start out at base with vehicles, an ammo dump, and a squad. Report to HQ to receive orders for mission which is generated randomly (random mission, random location). Lots of other amazing features. It's a great way to learn the map. Unfortunately, SP only. Check it out. EL
  15. I've been playing F4.0 since it first came out. Have enthusiastically followed all the fan-based addons (Superpaks 1-4, FF and BMS) and am excited that the best fighter sim of them all is about to have another incarnation. Am I the only one concerned that Graphsim has a hand in it though (given their shamless re-packaging of their F18 sim)?
  16. Oh hell no. It was a an April Fools Joke! . Dang, I thought it was strange that the file size was only 1.7 mb. God knows what's actually in that file. I'm scanning for viruses now and will then delete. Dang, sorry for the false alarm. El
  17. Ballistic Addon Studios have finally released their Seal Team 8. They are available for download at http://www.opflashpoint.org/
  18. Pave, Thanks so much for covering the costs and hosting the server for as long as you did. It was a good run. El
  19. Mission 8 is complete. Who should I email it to. Also, how are people's schedules looking for this weekend? el
  20. Yup, Just waiting on me to finish the bloody mission Sorry bout the wait guys and thanks for your patience. El
  21. Wait a minute, this is a forum for old time GRNET members and not just for old timers (like me)?! Dang, I was looking forward to hearing some tips on where to get the best deals on Geritol and Depends! Also friendly advice from fellow parents is always welcome. So instead we're here to chat about the good old pre-hack days? This place has gone through some amazing changes over the years. Quite a ride. El
  22. I did for the longest time. Tried to find others around here that might be interested but without success. I might be willing to dig out my flight controller if you're interested in a few barcaps.
  23. I can't make it Friday. I should be able to show up on the weekend though.
  24. Even with the lousy default graphics I found even the 1985 challenging and very entertaining. If the intro to the Resistance campaign is any indication of things to come, it should be quite good. Although the Red Hammer campaign had a few good missions, it simply didn't have the coherence as a campaign that the 1985 one did. As for the glitch in Resistance, anyone know which mission it is? Perhaps I could unpbo it, fix it, re-pbo it and start from the beginning. el
  25. Well. I finished both the 1985 and the Red Hammer campaigns a while back. Last night after no one accepted my invitation to join me on the server I started the Resistance Campaign. That first 40 minute cinematic introduction was beautiful and brilliant. Can't wait to complete this one.
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