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  1. The rifles are all silenced/surpressed maybe he was eating his Rice Krispies at the time. I read this review in PC gamer over here in the UK last week and as soon as I came to what you mentioned above I lost a lot of faith in the persons review. No snap, crackle, and pop in gunfights? Well take the suppressors off or change your breakfast cereal.
  2. "GhostRecon.net Thanks for your support" That is what is says at the end of the video SO IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :
  3. A question to those of you who have played the demo. Can you tell me apart from the MK 48 are there anymore versions of this machine gun in the demo? If so, what versions? Cheers!
  4. To anyone who maybe concerned about the use of the Scar sound for the HK G36 in the demo video well it is not used in the gametrailer's videos they are using HK G 36 sound. Also they are using the Scar sound for the suppressed HK M416 which in no doubt will be as it should in readiness for the final and official release
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aswg8jYRMVE The above link has 2 videos of Graw 2 in action there is also a multiplayer video Hope the link works if not just go to youtube and type in Graw 2 pc. Cheers, and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Well done Wolfsong!!!!!!!!! The demo comes out when just jokes or is it
  7. I just checked the site and it now says JUNE 7TH FOR DEMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Does any body know if there will be an unsuppressed mp5 available in Graw 2? I know there was a suppressed mp5 in Graw 1 but what I didn't understand was why there wasn't an unsuppressed version especially when you could have unsuppressed versions of other guns.
  10. Grin, i have a question about the trailer and it is about the scene where Brown opens up with his LMG(in first person view and u then see Brown in third person view) and fires at the enemy across the other side of the bridge. Well, the sound coming from the gun, is it in game or just being used for the trailer? I hope it is in game! Cheers,
  11. Check out the scene on the bridge when the Ghost machine gunner opens up... the sound is different or where getting a new LMG. The MK 48 from Graw 1 did not sound like that. . VERY INTERESTING INDEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we have some more vid's please?
  12. Sorry I meant legaly, say with Ubi's and Grin's permision. You know, you still have Graw1 on the hard drive and when you load up Graw 2 it gives you the opion of implmenting the new guns into Graw 1's weapons load out screen for you to use in Graw1. I would love to use HK M416 in Graw1 and the g36 and so on. So, once againg sorry for not making myself clear first time around.
  13. What are the chances of being able to use the new guns from Graw2 in Graw1?
  14. Funny you should mention about creating an english folder because i do remeber there not being one (weird). Anyway, i shall give what you said a try and see how i get on (OH, I WANT THAT M4). Thank you very much for the advise! Cheers, Scar.
  15. If anyone can help I would be most grateful!!! As part of the installation process you have to make sure that the "user folders" is on. So, could some one please tell me how I know if it is on or not? Sorry if this question comes across as knobish but the last time I used a mod was for the [Ghost Recon] and all I had to do was extract to certain folder and that was it. Oh, no ill will towards you Brettzies it's just my Ignorance showing through. Cheers, Scar.
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