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  1. I still play it for sure, i breezed through graw 2 until i got to the final mission
  2. there is a multitude of things hacking away at pc gaming but I wont carry on about it. Yeah this happened when the ps2 came out, however back then i didnt see shops clearing the pc section out of their store in favor of console games as is the case today. I actually have to look to find certain games to buy( looking online and going store to store). Back in the ps2 era there were loads of pc games everywhere so they were very easy to find. It boils down to this> Pc's will exist without gaming.....gaming will exist without being on the pc such as mac does...I dont want to see it come to this and I dont want to see my choice of games narrow down to an occasional FPS or rts game. I like all genres of games and the console just doesnt fullfill my gaming needs.
  3. IN my area we had a little store called babbages, of course gamestop bought them out.....They use to have a hardcore amount of pc game space on their shelves and had many hard to find games also. Not anymore since gamestop took over, I have more pc games on my shelf than they do.....
  4. WAITING TO LEAVE WORK TO GET MINE.......man it's gonna be hard to get up in the morning though lol
  5. hopefully there is a way to mod the game to lower how frequent your teamates compliment you, also would be nice to add a hotkey to tell teamates to ###### when they keep saying "talk to me captian" every 20 seconds.
  6. played it-like it- bring it on preorder months ago
  7. downloaded the demo last night but cant play till I get off of work been waiting for this demo for a long time cant wait
  8. I would take that post with a grain of salt, everytime I read on the ubi forums it's nothing but a bash fest. Honestly I dont understand why certain people hate a particular game or company so much that they continually post against said game or company. I want to see the game with my own eyes first......
  9. the screenshots look though like the graphics have been tweaked some but who knows till I see it in game . Offtopic I just dont understand why people who dont like graw come into the forums to bash the game/grin/ubi constantly. I'm not the forum police and you have a right to your opinion but if I dont like a game, I DONT PLAY IT AND MOVE ON......Heck I was a big fan of DOOM but was totally let down by 3, never did I go into the forums there and say SCREW ID yadayadayada............I happen to like graw ALOT and that is my opinion.
  10. physics would be the last thing I would buy, get the most gpu that you can afford with lots of ram also if you dont have a conroe you may want to get that as the 8800gtx needs alot of cpu
  11. man I hate suspense, just give us the low down. This is one of my top 5 game purchases this year........
  12. lol, I was really looking forward to this thing being released this month. june seems like a long delay to me but maybe grin wants to be extra careful with this release cause ubi may have warned them from all the b*tching about graw 1.
  13. This game cant hit the stores fast enough for me, I am just glad the pc is getting a new version. I kinda wondered if the pc was going to get kicked to the curb due to all the b*tching about graw 1. I really like graw and continue to play it.
  14. No question the pc version here. I do find the 360 version fun and I like the graphics but like others have said-it feels like just another FPS and no tactics. I guess that is why I feel I could buy both versions and not get too bored with them cause they are different.
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