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  1. As far as I know Russia has no interest in Georgia as such, it is about the South Ossetian and Abkhasian regions. Russia accepted the South Ossetian and Abkhasian call for independancy, doesn't look like oldschool soviet Russia wants to occupy and assimilate Georgia.
  2. The Ubi soft game service is useless, are there more populated servers around (IP only) where you can expect to have good and realistic cooperative games (nothing to strict, just no arcade)?
  3. I wonder why a game like this has no general realism mod (or it does)? Realism features I am looking for are: - Machine guns beeing more accurate, having faster aim and a slower reload. - Shotguns having tighter groupings and more range. - Pistols having faster draw. - A grenadier carrying up to 15 40mm grenades. - Sidegun and fragmentation grenades beeing carried aside the standart GR kit (with appropriate button options). - Realistic AI tweak; reactions and accuracy the Veteran style, but aggression and "intelligence" the Elite style. - etc. We have mods with dozent of useless weapons, but what really matters never received an improvement. We have mods with realism features here and there, but nothing that combines all worth having realism features into one mod which does not necesserely adds more content (quality over quantity).
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