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  1. You're right. I use widescreen without problems (only I guess FOV is reduced) and it did not occur to me that you adjusted it to fit with the default 4:3 aspect ratio.
  2. Great mod. Love it how technology progresses and we get more efficient stuff. I only wonder, should the outer circles not be complete in view and not cut off? I did not see Zero Dark, I guess you made it as it was in the film? In films scope views often tend to be cut (in the top and bottom for instance), so it is not always an accurate representation. Since the NV view in real life can't exceed the human's natural field of view you'd likely see three complete, but overlapping circles, like in the picture: But I'm just guessing there.
  3. Nice to have a permanent co-op server with the mod again. Thanks for this.
  4. Merging John's helpless attempt to reach the community his game is directed at with an existing thread that gets largerly ignored doesn't exactly help the cause.
  5. Hey RileyFletcher_01, I saw you in GR co-op the other day. @Oelmuvun: It is complicated I guess. One thing I appreciate about the BFS guys, they are honest to the bone. They say 425k for the game, 700k for co-op (reason, that fancy super good and expensive AI software used in the latest Medal Of Honor game, to give YOU the best co-op experience). Yes, the numbers above suck, but these are facts. If they can reach 700k, they DIE to get co-op in. However, and that might be important to know [though only my more or less realistic assumption], you never really know, even if they won't reach 700k, maybe they may still decide to make co-op, but with less fancy AI. As said, just a theory that could happen eventually. Only if they won't reach the current KS goal of 425k, it's all over and all that could have been will probably never be.
  6. You make a point, I see that, and you probably point out a general problem with this community, namely that it is devided into tvt and (the majority) co-op players. I am 100% co-op player myself, I even go so far as to say I absolutely hate any player vs. player (only franchise I love pvp/tvt is Aliens Versus Predator), BUUUUT one of the reasons (a big one) why I do hate pvp is because these are usually very poorly done (yes, I am looking at Ghost Recon), over(un)balanced and botched with horrid game design. Ground Branch is probably the single game you will know in a while that will do this better and right, in a way you haven't seen before. You really have to see the big picture. If you support GB now, you lay the seed, the foundation for future co-op that exceeds anything co-op you knew in OGR. If you (all of you) don't support it, and it fails, the entire game dies and you will never know how co-op would have been and you will never know how "proper" tactically-realistic pvp could have been. If you really have no cash, throw in a couple of pennies and tell your buddies. There is nothing more you can do really.
  7. This community is so huge and active (see active members for today below), there must be more backers than the few three hundred we have now. Guys it's up to you if you want to see the spiritual successor to Ghost Recon.
  8. Thanks, the new version works. They are indeed testing a map or something like this. Shame there are no mission servers that you can just join and play anymore. Some guy is hosting one now and then and I had some great games there a couple of nights lately.
  9. The Borg Hive is up and seems not password protected. I have the 9MS12 mod installed, yet I cannot join, because I am told I do not have the 9MS mod installed. I think I downloaded and installed 9MS mod in 2011, but I'm not sure if it is the up to date version (I guess not). The download link on GR.net is down. Where can I find the correct 9MS mod version? Edit: I checked and it says I have version "1.2.d", so I guess it is the most recent (780MB). Does the server run an older version perhaps?
  10. Why does Ground Branch not have an own section in the "First-Person Tactical games" yet? Edit: Ok I see, the "First-Person Tactical games" section is pretty much a Ground Branch section.
  11. Didn't work this time? I hope you will host next weekend again.
  12. Militaryphotos.net was so kind. 1) Diamondback Tactical plate carrier 2) Eagle Industries plate carrier
  13. No problem, I upped it to my imgeshack account for all cases.
  14. Hello, can you please identify this vest worn by the special force operator? And the one top in the picture? I looks somewhat similar, but seems not to be the same. I know the other one wears the CIRAS.
  15. I wait till the era of bad game design comes to an end.
  16. Probably not the right thread to say, but personally I define myself as an "Excentric Gamer". What that means? It means I am selfish, ignorant and stubborn. I only care about what I want and I want my game to be the way I want it. I am extremely nitpicky, while at the same time I show extreme awe and respect toward "nice" game features even if the game is actually very flawed for the most part (f.e. Project IGI, INFiltration). "Realism" is my dogma, nothing below, Im a fanatic, an extremist. I suffer as gamer because most games suck, by my ignorant definition. Reason for all this? Not principe, not morality, I'm a b#tch selling myself to the "best" developer. I know no loyalty, only supperiority, but I tend to be loyal to those who did something "right" at least once (like the dev's from Project IGI and INFiltration). Reason is: I had the blastes blast experiencing games that did it "right", even if we are speaking abour little details. Immersion. Immersion is what gave me the best gaming experiences I ever had, realism creates the most immersion. Remove that aspect from a game and I quit gaming (which I actually did). Blackfoot will awake me again.
  17. I saw a video the other day and can't find the band, because I forgot the correct band name. It was something like "Johanson" or similar, it did sound like britrock, but maybe can be some scandinavian rock band or maybe US, my guess is British though. The video was black and white and some blonde, middle long haired singer smashed some guitars, the sound was rough and rebellious (hence my guess british rock, I like britrock). It makes me mad that nothing on the net comes even close to a result.
  18. It is not "their" business model, it is "the" business model. That is how games are made nowadays and the casual gamers (which are by far the most) support all this, because all they want is to play games, no matter if they are bad or good, they just want to play games and they do. If most gamers would be nitpicky hardcore gamers, some of the big companies would have been ruined pretty fast.
  19. Not sure if the NATO had the authority to separate Kosovo from Serbia, but it was done against Russias protest, I guess this is the payback.
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