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  1. BUMP! Sorry for the double post, but before dual booting, i figure i'd update everything sound card, direct x, and my video card. here's what i get in return... http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g113/Mic...14-20-06-59.jpg http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g113/Mic...14-22-50-76.jpg http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g113/Mic...14-19-53-19.jpg reinstall? IIRC, this is the same thing that happened to me when i had my 5900 fx or something. an reccomendations? Oh yeah, i'm running on medium with trillinear optimization (or soemthing like that) with no AA at 1024x768 [Oversize images changed to URL's - Please see forum rule 3.14- Large Images]
  2. Huh? they mean they'll email you sarting from the 25th, some might get it today, some tomorrow , some even later.
  3. Ok, we'll all have faces planted in out inbox for "the next few days"
  4. So what, did you guys get the keys? My inbox is still empty at 6:07 hawaii time
  5. Niether have i... =( Not really dissapointed, if you expect the worst you're never dissapointed.
  6. I see, thanks and there's no way of telling whether i even made the first 500 until the 26th and i don't have the key, right?
  7. I just applied, but how do i get the key for it? Does it get emailed, mailed, what?
  8. Yeah, well my other computer broke and is in the trash somewhere now, i was looking for anothr computer with XP but none were very good =\
  9. Darn it, is there a way i can dual boot without an XP cd? I never installed XP, i only got it with the computer. Or is there a way i can get a CD without buying the OS again?
  10. Ok, so i recently upgraded to Vista Home Premium 32 bit and upgraded from 1gb of RAM to 2gb so vista won't eat up everything. Everything's been running fine, BF2, COD, etc. But when i popped in GRAW it started lagging like hell, on an unpopulated local server. GRAW 's been running flawlessly on the XP, even with less RAM i could run everything maxed out. What? Every spec is the same aside from the OS and more RAM than before. Intel Centrino duo core 1.66 GHz (same with the XP) Nvidia Geforce GO 7600 W/ 256 mb video RAM (same as XP, but with most recent Vista drivers) more than enough hard drve space (73 gb more to be exact) 2 gb RAM (1 gb more than with XP) Any idea on what i can do? I estimate i'm getting roughly 4-7 fps
  11. I sure hope there is a 551, that gun is sick.
  12. Ah, thanks for the reply, downloading
  13. Would this work in conjunction with snowfella's M4?
  14. Oh man, i think we should delete this before the government comes and shuts the forum down for releasing uncensored top secret footage.
  15. Heya Is there a way i could use, say, and AIMPOINT and the ironsights on a scar at the same time? Because i see a lot of pics of people using both. Or how about snowfella's PEQ box and the foregrip? Possible in any way? I tried searching, but didn' turn up any good results.
  16. Ok, think this can run it? Nvidia Geforce GO 7600 1.87 ghz, intel centrino duo core, clocked at 3 something by "can i run it" website 1 gb RAM lotsa hard drive space I'm currently running GRAW with no lag, dunno what fps
  17. Ok, i got the animations working, but it's far too low. Any idea what animation to get it working? I'll try get a screenie up if that helps
  18. Sorry to post in an old topic, but oh well I'm using pistolpete's method to get the aimpoint onto my MR-C I get it in the selection screen, spawn with it, but can't use it. Help? Sorry, i'm a total n00b at GRAW modding, most i've done so far is let it increase my texture/graphics settings
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