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  1. As soon as i get a hold of a good unwrapping program

    I know that it's really boring, frustrating, and... boring, but the best UVs come out after you make it by hand. Programs are good and all, but by an experienced hand is always much better.

    Try looking online for tutorials on unwrapping for whatever modeling program you use.

  2. I really love the 3rd person view, thanks!

    However I have a problem. Whenever I load a mission myself, Ramirez, and Hume have chrome faces... is this just me, or does this happen to others? (I don't think anyone else posted about this, though.)

    If it helps, I downloaded this on april 1

  3. I made some reskins of Brett's SOF dudes:




    should look like:



    If anyone's interested, I'll upload these (Though I still have some color correction to do.)

    (Brett, if you read this, then where are the files for the faces? I've been looking for them but can't find find them...)

    [Oversize images changed to URL's IAW Forum Rule 3.14]

    Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2

    Metal Gear Solid 4 Private Military Company (PMC) Skins

    10/22/2008 by DerRelient

    (Only for use in conjunction with Brettzie's Weapons Pack v1.4 or higher)


    Extract the "Textures" folder from the .rar into

    C:\Program Files\UBISOFT\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\Local\bp_weapons_pack_v1.4

    And overwrite files if necessary.


    By using these skins, you agree to not modify them in any way without first getting written permission from me first.

    These skins may be used and distributed in whole OR in part, as long as credit is given to me as the maker in either the readme or credits file. However, you must private message me on Ghostrecon.net beforehand.

    Download link: http://files.filefront.com/Ghost+Gear+Soli...;/fileinfo.html

  4. Retexture of Brett's new players (With many, many more to come)





    And I don't have any links to any skins yet, mainly because I'm never happy with any of them.

    [Edit IAW Forum Rule 3.14 - Please don't post oversize images direct]

  5. Yes and no. The problem with scopes on different weapons is that they are designed with three variables.

    1. the weapon set animation (how close they pull the weapon up)

    2. the actual zoom number, 25, 30, etc

    3. the location of the scope on the rifle

    I have one for M4 and M16, one for M468 and one for Rx4, ScarL/H, and M416. That's already 3 duplicates. I could add two more to seperate the Rx4 and M416 from the Scars...just adds more attachments and code. Take a look at them and see which one feels "right." I can maybe adjust the others to be similar. I think the Rx4 is the furthest away and the Scars are the closest.

    Ok, all I'd want to change is the zoom factor. Would you know what file to find this in? Sorry, i'm not good at modding GRAW 1/2

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