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  1. Thanks for replyes guys. I am unstuck after 6 months )) ... why do they made this soooooo difficult. Would be one of the best FPS games ever having quicksave.
  2. Like vpatch 1.35 or any other GRAW patch you mean? So if I want to mod original version (without ANY patch) I may be able to edit XML without pathc.bundle exctraction? Another question: does XML compile into BIN itself starting the game or do I need to recompile manually? cheers, R.
  3. I am likely a dumb, but where do I find patch.bundle file (to make myself god for hard parts)? I have googled for a while but not sure I can get it from somewhere or do I compile it myself? This game is driving me crazy, I am stuck on the same place since August 2006 and tried several hunderds attempts and died ... thanx, R.
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