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  1. Pave's got there first, with some good advice. Data files are (almost always) no different on 32 bit and 64 bit system so copying over save files , mods, settings configs etc. is fine. But win7, and especially Win7 64 bit treat programs locations quite different, user folders, AppData folders and so on. Partly from its revised security model. Check out WoW64 on Wikipedia for a start. So I would fully agree with Pave, install afresh, start the game and create a profile, see where that has stored the profile files and try swapping over your saved files from there.
  2. Maybe I was foolish to assume Ubisoft would finally trash the GR line in these times of console wars, tight budgets, etc. Didn't realise that RSE were involved again, and seem to be taking their task very seriously. Please excuse my ignorance but the game clips shown in the video, is that early shots of GR:FS or showing RSEs previous involvment with GR 1/2 (sorry only have the GR:AW games)?
  3. Hi Kyle, as you know gone through a budget build myself recently and went with Win7 64bit OEM, just as Roco recommends. Being 64 bit and not having the virtual XP, hasn't been any real problem. My only though is do you have much 'educational' software you want to use on this pc, given your job? They tend to have a slower development cycle than general public software (browsers, media players, graphics packages). At home or work you may even have discs lying around that were designed for Windows 98 . May have some compatibility issues with these, but going to Ultimate and Retail does add many $ for items that you have a good chance will not need for a home pc. Sorry that didn't help at all did it? Your last link on the 'professional upgrade' was down so can't comment on that. But in general, are you able to access some 'home computing scheme' for students and educational professionals? don't know much, just a thought, worth asking at work maybe? I was able to get Office for the price of just P&P through the health service here in Britain, but nothing on the OS...
  4. Hi Alex, added dual boot of Win 7 64 Bit with Ubuntu through WUBI. Windows because it is a gaming and family pc, would not be popular if couldn't run whatever the family wanted to without effort or repeatedly saying 'try this instead'. The wife even insists on using iTunes . Should probably be glad she isn't pushing to go the whole hog and get an Apple! Pretty impressive OS win7. Not sure what I would say to change, as most use (and hence issues) is with the layers above the OS. Suppose obvious one is price and the fact that MS uses versions to charge even more for features to make up the complete OS. Oddly for gaming it is the newest game that I'm having problems with moving from XP to Win7. The game is DIRT 2. Internet is full of stories of how this game has so many issues. Ubuntu on this PC is not used on this PC that much, to be honest. I do have Ubuntu as sole OS on one of the kids PCs (mainly to keep cost down) and it does work very well in that role, most of the time. The only thing I couldn't do was get the TV tuner working and using an ATI X1950 (Windows was not effortless earlier, needing earlier drivers). the dual boot on the main pc is really for testing before altering the Ubuntu only pc. Perhaps others could explain why they bother using linux on a pc that has license for windows.
  5. Looking good there. Pretty similar to my own new game & family pc I've just built, which I'm happy with. Although I had to go with a much cheaper Athlon X3, you'll have plenty of power with your choice. I also had a new 870 motherboard with IGP (Alex, you be pleased to hear it is Gigabyte though). The IGP is pretty useless, you'll know you will not Crossfire X it with the 6850. Presumably it is the same as when I was shopping around, the non-IGP equivalents are just as dear. It does mean you have an emergency video source if you are having problems with your graphics card. Glad to see you've got a good case. Will give you the ability to do some over-clocking if you want some extra juice I got the standard Sapphire 6850, which doesn't have any fancy vapo-chambers etc. but a game case with variable fans lets me pull the temp back down when in moderate OC. I would recommend MSI Afterburner if you do want to give it a go, very easy to use, has graphs, own bench-mark, On Screen Displays and works fine with the 6850 (and yes it doesn't matter that it is not MSI, works well with all manufacturers, and free how nice of them ).
  6. Quite simply gorgeous, the programme that is, not Lauren Thanks Rocky, that programme quietly slipped by us when it was on tv (channel 4 I'm thinking), really missed a treat so well done for bringing it to our attention. Actually had us gufawing aloud at its comic riches. Perhaps a bit more puzzling than funny for our friends outside the UK who don't know the people involved, Keith, Terry, Frank, er.. Lauren. Wasn't Keith Alan fantastic! The way he played the whole thing dead-pan (what acting) when you would just want to howl with laughter or scream and shout at this mad family. Until the end of-couse when he really lets go . The only thing missing that would have made this pure gold, is if during that final meal, Keith had brought along Frank Skinner for a re-union
  7. As I said in my last post, my first in a long time, my return to GR:AW2 was due to new hardware. This includes an AMD 6850. The series has a filter called Morphological anti-aliasing. You can check out the detail here at AMD if you've not come across it already. It is a post-process filter meaning it doesn't need any application support, it just does a sweep over the rendered image. So after nvidia gets AA (by force) we have AA for AMD with a simple check in Catalyst. Does it work? Yes it most certainly does. It has had mixed reports, sometimes criticised for being too smudgy, but with GR:AW2 on high res it definately looks a better visual. Can't give pics though as 3D screen grabs (such as FRAPS) are done before the post-process filter! The performance hit is not noticable, mainly because the 6850 eats up GR:AW2's DX9 rendering, it is great to finally be able to turn everything up to max and still have effortless 50+ FPS The only issue is text as it gets smoothed as it works on the complete render, which really means blurred. Fortunately GR:AW2 is not really text crucial anyway. When you are on high res like 1080p the HUD elements are that small you just have to know by position rather than reading. As an aside, is there anyway to increase the size? Settings lines for changing colour but not size. So mission briefs mean squinting up close, but small price to pay. While on AMD vs. nvidia, tried forcing physx using my new Athlon X3 cpu. While bullet impacts didn't lower FPS too much, blowing up the tanks in training ground came via a 10 FPS slide-show Turned it off as the bullet impacts were pretty poor too, odd coloured blobs spewing out to evapourate. Presume the GPU powered extreme looks better but as that is not an option, I'll stick to the under-stated but realistic dust plumes/ sparks/ blood splatters.
  8. Thanks Rocky, glad you are still here making everyone feel welcome Should get a bit busier for a while as Future Soldier comes on board. Possibly not all fittting the usual gr.net profile, but I'm sure everyone will be as helpful as ever... Thanks also Buehgler, I will no doubt give it a go at some point. The joint pack, (combined ops is it?) is regularly on deals now, both download and disc so it will be worth the gamble. Was really impressed by the modding community! Would have thought the demo was a bit behind the patched full, but it was the number of forum posts on the issue that made us think again. Serious ARMA players have/had much of the game on a massive RAM drive... Serious stuff Did try ReadyBoost as I'm on Win7 but don't know if that made any diference...
  9. Hello everyone, I'm back playing GR:AW2 and so dropped in to see what was happening on gr.net, delighted to see some activity still on GR:AW2 especially on the modding side, well done everyone! Reason I returned to GR:AW2? Finally got a new PC and want to see how GR:AW2 ran on the new kit. It is still a budget rig but the difference is amazing. I have an Athlon X3 with a modest overclock to 3.6 Ghz and an AMD 9850, again with a moderate bump up using MSI Afterburner. Also now have a choice to play on my 27' Dell at 1920x1200 or a 42' LED tv at 1080p (quickly becoming my fave). Everything to the max looking great. I was going to try out ARMAII but from the demo I found out about the texture/LOD popping that google search revealed as a major issue. It just ruined the experiance, I can take small jaggies and poor detail on textures and still feel some realism, but having the scene going into spasms infront of me is just nonsense. So I got my GR:AW2 disc out and away we go. So I'm going to go through the stock campaign first then start trying out all these mods! Thanks in adavance, the really sound amazing with lot of work. lots now have 'lone-wolf' versions that should make them enjoyable single-player. Like new member Jaime79 asked last week, is there any general mods worth adding that will enhance the campaign experiance? Wepon's Master or GR:AW2 Extended (what does this do anyway)? Are they stable enough just to add and play? I have already done the intro fix, easy, and will drop in the save games for when I get bored at one of the many bits i got stuck at first time round. Speak soon...
  10. Do0m0: OK now I understand a bit better, Bulldog is short and really isn't that difficult, is it? Got through (after the usual couple of dumb mistakes) and now on Fierce Resistance (yeh, guess Bulldog is sort of a breather between Guardrail and the insane Fierce Resistance ). Pondlife: How are you doing? You were sounding a bit lost there. You should not be near the abandoned warehouse (and tank) before you've blown the tower. After you do, as suggested by others in this thread, you should be able to carefully sneak round to extraction without taking a hit from the tank. Also best not go into the warehouse but rather go as far right as you can and sneak into the extraction area.
  11. Do0m0: At 12:20 this morning you were stuck in Guardrail, by 03:07 you were on Fierce Resistance, what happened to Bulldog? Did you tank right through it? (not literally ofcourse, ain't no tank driving in this game ) Pondlife: As you refer to the tank, suggests you've managed to blow the tower, definately the hardest part. Best idea seems to be as soon as you start get down stairs and go staight across the tracks (moving between rail trucks) to the wall. From there you can stay hidden from the tank and its machine gunner. Move towards the tank until you come to an opening on the right, this well let you circle round the tank out of sight. Go right along the road a bit but be ready to find some good cover as the tank will move along that road shortly. Once past, you basically follow its path to take you to the extraction area. Of course I've missed out all the foot soldiers in your way, but use your UAV to highlight their locations and pick them off as you go. Good luck, nearly there >>>>> Sorry Krise, didn't mean to repeat you, posted at the same time. Just shows it is the best way to complete the mission S. >>>>> I did it on Normal level and I don't think there is any real difference. Any higher though and probably those sand bags would house yet another machine gun, which would be real nasty.
  12. Finished at last, bring on bulldog Thanks for the tip Krise, I thought the game was forcing you through the wrecked factory hall, but no you can squeeze down the right hand edge missing out most threats (including that nasty tank), just don't forget the final sniper Do0m0: yes the communications building is one of the few you can enter and need to to find the stairs up (a quick shot of night vision might help find them in the gloom). The building has a front and rear entrance. Most people suggest using the rear by going right after the helo dusts off. I went through the front, just to be stubborn. You can move clockwise round the outside of the waste ground, to the edge of the long wall. From here you can, if your shot is good, take out the ground level machine gun, move up a bit and take out the roof gunner by shooting his legs before he spots you (THE super tricky bit) then use the long wall as cover while you move up to the building taking out soldiers milling about.
  13. Well welcome Do0m0 , glad to see there is still some new SP gamers, same as myself, giving GRAW a go and joining in with ghostrecon.net So exactly where are you having your problem? The objective is straight forward: go into the building below the tower, go up the stairs until you reach the roof and base of the tower, the glowing C4 charge is visible even from the doorway, go up to it, hit your activate button then run before the C4 blows taking down the tower. The execution is a different matter, with the high level of protection. Slow and precise is what much of this game is all about.
  14. In the end I got out my mission-modding tools and brought the jammer's effective distance down to something like 2m. Never made sense when you could get a crystal clear relay of the drone and satellite images but can't look straight infront of you Not the best bit of GRAW gameplay.
  15. Got there yet pondlife? Stuck here for ages also, but resisted the temptation to lower level to easy (may not make much difference anyway). Finally succeeded in bringing down the tower at 1a.m. last night. Tried one go at finishing by reaching the extraction point. Managed to evade the tank, didn't bother loading myself with a Zeus, instead, as another poster put it, did a bit of the old "run Forest run...", only to be taken out as usual by some very alert guard around a corner. I checked the mission file to see if I could add in save points between resupply from the helo and destroying the tower, but there is no event to tap into, it is all contained within one area and there is no enemy 'waves' just those already on patrol. What I did do though was take off that stupid scramble effect. If I'm going to do some precision sniping, last thing I'm going to do is perform the task through a pair of fuzzy goggles Let us know how you are doing, we'll both get this mission done yet.
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