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  1. And what about teammates, who do you generally select to come along with you? What guns and mods do you give your AI teammates?
  2. Well, I've been mostly playing GRAW 2 SP after I got my copy, and I must say, both the enemy and Ghost AI in game is a lot better than GRAW 1. These are the only complaints I have: 1) Enemy AI seems oblivious to what's happening to their teammates. 2) Mule AI is unresponsive at times. Like in the mission "Joining Forces", after I destroyed the tank, and tried to get the mule to move, it just wouldn't do it. I used the tac-map to carefully find a spot where the mule could move, clicked on that point (and saw the blue circle that confirms by order), and clicked execute. But nothing happ
  3. But why do you guys choose these guns? The impact? The accuracy? What? And what about the guns with stats that are exactly the same? Are they just the same thing with different models, or do they have totally different characteristics? Also, why do you use the silencer Wolfsong?
  4. Okay, so in GRAW 2, we have a whole bunch of different guns, like the M416 or RX4, and each one of them have certain values underneath the different stats like impact, stability, length, etc. Now, my question is this: many of the guns have EXACTLY the same stats in every category. Like the M416 and RX4. So is there a difference between the abilities of these guns, or are they just different models for basically the same thing? What implications do length of the gun and the velocity (and caliber) of the bullets have in the game (not in real life, in the game)? Are these values included j
  5. You know what game mode I want to see? "Hold the Fortress" Here's how the map might look: A prominent building in the center of the map, surrounded by other buildings (which are a lot smaller), cars, crates, etc. etc. There might be 2 main entrances to the building, and a couple of minor entrances (like a sewer that opens into the courtyard, or a partly hidden doorway in the "backyard". There would be around 8 guys tasked to hold the building. While there are around 20 guys tasked to take the building (or eliminate all 8). No respawns allowed for either side. Both teams will
  6. Alright, I was on the second mission, Recon in Force, and I had my mule dropped for me. I decided to go ahead and attack the Guard position that was 90 m away, and wanted to bring along the mule with me. It got stuck on the road. I tried and tried, everything I could think of to get it moving, but it just wouldn't budge. It was just stuck at an angle to the hill on the side of the road to the nearest camp. Also, I found out I couldn't place the mule's move order directly on the road.... How am I supposed to use it? I thought it was meant to provide cover and supplies, but if the damn
  8. What about the enemy AI? Apparently, they never seem to be able to spot you on any difficulty in some situations. Also, recon mode is like an invisibility cloak for you and soldiers according to one guy on the forums.
  9. If you've been to the official GRAW PC forums, you can see the number of complaints people have there against the enemy AI being oblivious, and the Ghost AI still being non-responsive, etc. etc. etc. What do you guys think about these complaints? If these problems do exist, will they be easy to fix for Grin? Perhaps by the next patch? I really liked GRAW, but there was one thing that eventually spoiled the SP for me and that was my Ghost's AI. I'd really like to buy GRAW 2, but I don't want to be frustrated and disappointed by the AI again.
  10. So, how's this modification coming along? Any progress?
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