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  1. (I tried to post this in General Discussion, but couldnt for some reason). After playing through the ArmA demo it really reminds me of the original GR. I like ArmA a lot and I feel that GR2 for the PC should have been more like ArmA. I like the releasim factor in ArmA as compared to BF2 or even GRAW. It is really hard to just run around and shoot (run and gun) in ArmA without being taken out pretty quickly. I like the aspect of having to clear an area and make sure it is cleared before advancing. Also, using cover to your advantage, one shot one kills, and using real world tactics.
  2. I just installed Patch 1.10 and now when I click on the GRAW icon short cut the game does not start up. I tried going directly to the GRAW exe and starting it there ... still no joy. Is anyone else having this problem?
  3. How many missions are in the campaign? So far I have completed: 1. Contact 2. Coup De Taut 3. "Embassy" ? 4. "Bunkers" ? I cant remember the name. 5. May Day! May Day!
  4. I think it is for the Xbox because when I clicked on the Official Game Guides link it gives you a choice for XBox hard copy or the download. http://www.primagames.com/strategy/all/7355/ Then when you click on the download link it puts you back to the actual link that says for the PC in the little box.
  5. Is this the Prima stategy guide for the PC version of GRAW? or is it the Eguide version for the Xbox? (I know it says PC in the little box, but I want to make sure it is for PC-GRAW and not Xbox-GRAW.) Has anyone ordered this? http://www.primagames.com/strategy/game/6308/
  6. THE SOLUTION! Download the NO DVD crack, back up the original exec, and then replace the original EXE with the no dvd exe. Problem solved. It's only for the DVD though... dont know if it will work for the CD verison.... Thank you for everyones help in this matter. I spent many hours of frustration trying to trouble shoot this problem. I didnt supply a link because I don't know if that is against forum rules or not, but just google "graw no dvd crack" - you shouldnt have any problems finding your way.
  7. I disabled my Audigy 2 card and enabled the onboard sound to see if that solved the problem. The problem still persists even with onboard sound with audio settings on low and no EAX.
  8. I downloaded those and I am still having the sound issues. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Sitll no joy.
  9. Well, I have found this link: Audigy 2 Driver Patch I will download this driver patch to see if this doesn't help.
  10. I am having problems with the sound (SB Audigy 2 Value). When the game loads and I get the UBI intro and the initial GRAW Title the sound is just fine, but when I get to the main screen the music cuts out for 1 or 2 seconds and then comes back for 3-4 seconds continuously. In game the music does the same thing, also initially I cannot hear my weapon fire and I cannot hear explosions from my frags at all during game. The various sounds cut in and out and the voice of the "intel guy" that pops up in upper right hand corner of the screen only works periodically. I have tried the following options - still no joy: 1. Updated the drivers. 2. Calibrated my headphones and selected "Headphones" in the Creative Speaker Settings. As suggested by the FAQ that is stickied at the top of this page. 3. Turned off EAX. 4. Lowered GRAW sound settings to LOW. 5. Lowered sound accelleration in DxDiag by 1. Also, last night on TeamSpeak with the game running TS would cut out for a period of 1-2 seconds continually. Thanks for any help. I had no problems with any of these issues with the demo.
  11. Posted Sat February 11 2006 09:52 [RS], The Rogue Saints, are recruiting mature, team minded, dedicated individuals for our Ghost Recon: AW Team. [RS] is an established clan. We have been around since May of 2002, starting out with the [Ghost Recon] PC game and eventually growing from there. We are also currently playing Battlefield 2, Raven Shield, and the [Ghost Recon]. The Rogue Saints also hope to progress to R6: Lockdown in the near future. We are well known within the gaming communities we play. We take pride in the fact that we are a mature and close-knit group of dedicated team and tactical minded gamers. Our principles (Honor, Teamwork, and Dedication) have been successful in creating a fun, and effective, gaming environment. We have been successful in Ghost Recon, Battlefield 2, and Raven Shield, by getting top results in the ladders and tournaments we play in. We now have over 70 members and are continually growing with quality people. Our teams consist of ages ranging from 22 to 63 (most people are probably in their 30’s). We have people with military backgrounds, as well as folks without military backgrounds. Our Ghost Recon team started with the original release and we are progressing to GR: AW. We are recruiting players who want to help this new team become a top tier team within the GR: AW community. We are looking for players who like playing any kit or class. We are also looking for some people that can help within game leadership (as fire team leader or squad leader), as well as out of game leadership (helping clan leadership with organization work, or helping us build better strategies and tactics). Most importantly, we want people that are looking for an opportunity to help us to continue to build and shape a great team within [RS], and in the spirit of our track record in other games, one which will set the example of how teamwork and tactics can be used to become one of the top teams in the GR: AW community. We belong to the TWL ladders and TCZ ladders. [RS] has regular practice schedules and matching schedules for all our teams (averaging 2 - 3 matches a week). We will have a server up and running that will be totally dedicated to GR: AW at the time of release of the game. We have excellent leadership and organization. All our game servers run excellent, have very low ping, are not laggy, and are places where people play with a very team minded and organized approach. We also have a Teamspeak server which we use for general communication, practices, and matches. Requirements: - You must be 20 years or older to join RS - You must be able to use in game voice communications - You must be willing to ‘keep it clean’ and act in a mature fashion, and believe in treating others with respect - You must believe in teamwork, and tactics, and you need to be able to work within an in game command structure (ie – follow orders when orders are given). - You must be dedicated and competitive. You should be able to commit to being active, and playing often. If this is the type of gaming ‘family’ you would like to belong to, and you meet the requirements listed above, please go to our website; www.rogue-saints.com , and fill out an application and/or post in our forums. Regards, [RS]Wedge Recruiting Officer
  12. Come check us out www.rogue-saints.com Also check out this post Recruiting Thread]http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=26113. Please drop by
  13. Follow the link below for a short video to meet the [RS] Ghost Recon Team: Our team has been playing Ghost Recon together since May of 2002. We are a team of about 20 members which value Honor, Teamwork, and Dedication. Our 'mission statement' (listed on our website) says it all: The Rogue Saints are built on the principles of teamwork, tactics, and dedication. Our team works together and plays with a high sense of honor, integrity, and maturity. We are dedicated to practicing and utilizing team tactics to excel in the field of battle, leveraging those skills in friendly competition against other clans and in simulated missions. We never lose sight of our main goal; to have good clean fun while playing as a team with close friends. We currently are active in Ghost Recon, and are heavily involved in Raven Shield. On GR, we are involved on the Combat Zone gaming ladder and are currently playing in the Canadian Airborne Ladder. We have also been very competitive in various co-op tournaments. To join our team you must be at least 20 years old. If you are interested, please answer the questions listed under 'Application' on our website; www.rogue-saints.com Thank you and hope to see you apply. [RS]Wedge
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