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  1. I don't know about all that... Never played unreal tournament but if you wanted a realistic game why play one with "UNREAL" in the title? Just kidding Just kidding. On a serious note... I have played every installment of Ghost Recon. Each on Xbox based platforms. The Original and 360. I also played the first on PC. Hated it cause i hate mouse controled games. So i decided to stick with the console games. Now I own a mac and PC gaming isn't really an option. Anyhow, I don't know I mean to each their own as you said but I have been a GHOST fan for a long time if the name of the game was GHOST and solely GHOST then we would all have Gillie suits, long ranged silienced weapons. We also wouldn't have armored support. But this doesn't matter. Truth is I think I am going to love this game. GRAW 1 was fantastic. I guess speed could be a problem but I just don't think it bothers me quite as much I mean when I am shooting at someone or they are shooting at me they better expect me to haul butt and I expect them to move move move. Yes you are right the " I am this fast in real life" is a stupid argument. But lets just all agree to believe that since this is a good old American Elite force that they all have the speed of Olympic Sprinters, and the endurance of marathon runners. One more thing back to my original post.... What weapons are you guys using personally I love the Rx4 storm... any input on that... I have heard the MK14 is great is it suppressed?
  2. No what i am saying is yes when I am sitting on my couch at home I believe "hey that guy is flying I wish he would slow down so I could pop his head" That feeling gets your finger itching and makes you want to pull the trigger. An inexperienced player may pull too soon and miss or to late and miss. Like anything it is timing. What I am refering to is the developers attempt to give you that stressed feeling of breathe focus calm down and squeeze don't pull that soldiers feel to those of us that are sitting on our couch. This is just my reasoning as to why the developers may keep the speed of the game where it is. Like anything else we all just learn to adapt to it and get used to it.
  3. I will say this about the speed. I agree that it seems to be fast while playing. However if anybody has ever played paintball (or been to war) i can't speak on war cause I have never been..... but paint ball wise it seems that your enemy gets from point A to point B quickly and the developers are simply trying to capture this sense of battle. Just a thought.... I have loved the game. In GRAW 1 I loved the M468 SD but I have to say in the MP demo for GRAW 2 I love the Rx4 Storm SD. More Zoom, seems to have better accuracy and a tighter shot group. Any input or opinion on the reason for the speed and or weapon preferances would also be great.
  4. I was wondering if the rumors about weather/ climate controls will be included in online play. If so what types of weather will be supported? If not a snow level would be great! I think that would be a blast in multiplayer. If my memory serves me right Summit Strike had some in this environment and they were a blast to play! Any insight would be great!
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