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  1. I realize I am only one voice, but your involvement and participation is always welcome on this site Kimi... and any videos you can bring along certainly are welcomed too. It gives us a more in-depth feel for what the developers are thinking and dealing with.
  2. Now this is what I'm talking about! Can I lodge a complaint that this Devs vs Fans match was set up on a night that I couldn't make it? Anyone looking for a teammate who is into Teamwork and Tactical game play, send me a friend invite... GamerTag: Dr Death SS
  3. Oh sure... now that the DLC is out, you want to join in all the fun... where were you the past several month's... including this past Monday/Tuesday??? And you call yourself a diehard...
  4. Ya know... if a team of Ghosts were as inefficient in war as UBI is at handling this type of stuff... it would be a sad world indeed...
  5. It is 1:40 PM CST in America, just tried XBox Live and there is NO update available. ... ... ... ... ...
  6. Ummm... they'll be out on Tuesday? What week... what month... what year... nobody knows. But rest assured, they'll be out on Tuesday... This is beginning to sound like an episode of Popeye...
  7. Thank you all for the comments and suggestions. I posted this a couple of days ago, then as life is... got very busy. Nice to come back and see some in depth answers and helpful advice. The GR community is pretty special. I especially liked what Mark2000 says... and I will investigate this Sniper tournament. Once again, thank you all for the answers/help! Very much appreciated!
  8. First of all, I ask your forgiveness in asking, what will be to many of you, really stupid questions. But this is what forums are for, so I am simply taking advantage of the tools available. A brief history... it was my brother who turned me onto GR II a few years ago. We were playing on XBox. I heard, and read, stories about GR I and the people who played it... but all the great stories involved PC players. Fast forward a few years... it is now 2008 and I am sick to death of the majority of players on 360... sick to death of waiting for new map packs promised 3 month's ago... sick to death of reading about this mod or that mod that makes the original GR the most amazing game ever... all these years later, no less... Playing style... I believe in playing this game as tactfully as possible. I like to believe it should be played as if you were actually immersed in the missions or recon's... hence one of my complaints about playing with all the pre-teens on XBox live. I have been able to find some good people who share similar playing styles and we have had some great and really intense games over the years. The problem is that most of them are so tired of GR:AW that they have moved on to other games. Now, to my questions... if I were to get set up for GR on the computer... how far behind would I be? I have read about what seems like thousands of Mods made for the game... which ones would be essential? Is there one place to get them all? Is the community of GR players as good as I have heard/read? Do you guys really get into intense, tactical play? If someone were playing GR I and preferred being a sniper, would that person actually get to perform like a sniper w/out being vilified for camping? Finally... if one were so inclined to go through all the stuff necessary to play GR I... buying/downloading the game, downloading all the Mods... is the community still strong enough that it would be time well spent... or are there like only 100 folks who still play the game and actually connecting with them would be a major pain the ***? Lot of questions, I know. And I'm certain most of you can tell I have thousands of more questions, but for the time being I'll leave it at that. I have no idea what the forum is like here on GR I, I know the forum on the 360 side is pretty darn good. I understand the need on some forums for people to be comedians... but I would sincerely appreciate anyone who can offer some good, honest answers.
  9. Er... we do sincerely appreciate Kimi being here and trying to keep us somewhat updated... but let's not kid ourselves... what we want most is the new DLC. It was rumored/promised back in November... it is now mid-January. That's almost a 1/4 of a year... No offense Kimi... we love your presence here... just wish the DLC was released.
  10. This is a two part post, first in response to BS PALADIN, whose views I respect, and secondly to Kimi. Okay... I echo a lot of what Paladin said in his post, though I have to admit, I enjoyed the "story line" in GR II. The mini interviews with the characters... especially Alicia Diaz... "I took him down!" "Nailed his ass!" I confess... I have a secret crush on Ms. Diaz ... hmmm.... okay, back on topic... the way the story line was done in that game was, I thought, cool. You got the info you needed prior to going in... the interviews, but you also got a little personal history with each of the different Ghosts. Personally, I liked that. I didn't care for the "Story Line" in GRAW. I am seriously disappointed to learn that GRAW III, if the rumours are true, will again be set in Mexico. One of the beautiful things about GR II and Summit Strike were the various terrains... cool winter maps, sweet summer maps... on and on... GRAW is so narrowed down... and to think we are going to have a third version of that. Now for Kimi... if you've read this much then you know how I feel about the series and the direction I would like to see it go. I understand you and your co-workers/creators/developers all have jobs to do and if your games don't sell, you will be out of work. I get that. And I do sympathize with your situation. I'm sure there are many things you guys, and girls, would love to include but due to circumstances beyond your control, aren't allowed to do. My hope is that you and everyone at Red Storm read this board and really listen to what people say, and want, in the next game. Are these the 13 year old gamers who will have their parents buy the game so they can play it for two weeks until another hot game is released? Or are the majority of the folks here the ones who have been with the franchise since its inception and have a passionate connection with it? If Red Storm were to make a game that the serious Ghost Reconers want, I'm sure you'd see a drop in sales in the initial stages. Once the kiddies learn it's about being tactical and using strategy and they play it and see it's not some idiotic run & gun fest, they'll drop the game in a heartbeat. However... once word gets out about how Ghost Recon is back and is back with a force, the game will sell steadily over time. Personally, I would always prefer a steady seller as opposed to one that sets a record its first week then falls off the charts. So... welcome to GRNet Kimi, please visit often and please ask for feedback. The GR community is represented well here and people still have faith, and HOPE, that GR returns to what made GR famous in the first place. I know this... your presence here is very much appreciated and very welcome!
  11. While I like a lot of your ideas, I wanted to comment on this one. Maps, to me, are a tricky thing. Too few maps leave all players complaining and growing quickly bored upon release. Too many maps... isn't that an oxymoron? I don't know that they could release a game with too many maps... but I get your point about maps being acquired as the player improves. Here's the problem with that though... say they release GRAW III, as an example... and it releases with 8 maps but there are an additional 20 maps available as you improve and win certain tasks, etc... Now, I'm sure there are many gamers like me who play with a select group of players that they enjoy playing with and all like playing the same way, be it tactical, fast-paced, whatever... Will all those players still be able to play together? Maybe... but maybe not. In my group of players we have two guys who are ######' awesome at the game, but only have set amounts of time to play right now. We have to maximize our time together on-line. I would hate to see them left behind and locked out of our games, not because they aren't good enough, but because their time is limited. That scenario would upset all within our group. Personally, I hope there isn't a GRAW III... I would like to see a return to classic GR or even [GR] meets GR II. But I would hope that they don't limit the maps. GR II had a plethora of maps. In on-line play the majority of gamers favoured a few maps... like the Quarry... but all those maps were available to those of us who preferred more. The down loadable content only added to that. One final thing... I agree with you 100 % about how the game has changed and not especially for the better. That said, my group have found ways to play this game... ie; tactical, and we are looking very forward to the new down load content. But, as GRAW and GRAW II were made more for the casual gamer, and by all reports the game has sold well, thus making UBI lots of $$$, why not make a GR game for the hard core gamers. Those who don't care for the over the shoulder, fast-paced, shoot-em-up style so many younger gamers love. Give us a return to a classic era and spare no cost. It may not sell as well, but then again... once word gets out about it, it may out sell both GRAW's together. More questions to ponder...
  12. I played the demo as a Sniper and had some one shot kills... but who needs some lady telling where the enemy is? {{{A sniper in the tower has spotted you}}} Then you zoom in on the tower and he's looking the other way... I prefer a game with none of this modern technology... my friends and I were about to stop playing GR:AW II until we decided to never use drones again. Now it's fun and adds some suspense. Guess I'll wait for the new maps for GR:AW... AA won't be getting my $$$...
  13. A nice big THANK YOU to everyone posting, sharing and providing the new videos. Very much appreciated!
  14. Can anyone provide any help with the new America's Army: True Soldiers game, due to release on 25 September for XBox 360? I have searched the web and find only reports/screens posted back in June, and when going to the site for America's Army, and trying to link to the new True Soldiers site, you are still directed to Ubisoft.com... For a game coming out... allegedly coming out... in six weeks... there is very little info... My apologies if this has been asked prior...
  15. Anybody who is into playing the game from a tactical approach and looking for a serious gaming experience, add me. GT is: Dr Death SS... I love the game and am into all co-op missions etc, and would love to find some people to play LMS/SS but from a tactical standpoint... not all the running and gunning that is so prominent on 360 Live... Since SS has unlimited lives I guess LMS would be preferred, but if memory serves you can set up SS for X amount of respawns... just looking for some hard-core, serious gamers.
  16. With the release of GR:AW II coming just under a year from the release of GR:AW, and with so many people clamoring for new territory, (ie: Getting the hell out of Mexico!), are there any ideas as to when a GR:AW III may come out? Has anyone heard anything? In all honesty, GR:AW II is the game they wanted to release last year, but couldn't due to unknown entities about the capability of the 360. They now have a good grasp of what the 360 can do... so... anyone hear anything?
  17. When I first heard about Clan support in the new game I was excited, yet reserved in that excitement. I figured with it being something brand new... to GR anyway, it would be flawed. My belief is that certain things can, and will, be patched with a DLC, so we'll just have to wait for that.
  18. Good idea... how about we get the heck out of Mexico??? My girlfriend...(Mexican) is wondering what her country ever did to pi$$ of Ubisoft so bad? Now...after leaving Mexico, can we please get to some good places with variable weather? Like Russia? Ghost Recon II - Summit Strike had some awesome maps that would rock in the 360 world.
  19. No, you aren't the only one. I got the same thing, so instead of linking my XBox Live account to Ubi via the 360, I did it on-line, and after a five minute span, everything is working great and I have the map too. Now...as far as not being able to play with friends who don't have the map, even if we're not playing that map, I can still play with my friends, in this case, my freaking CLAN...I just can't host. If they host I can join. I am already on my Clan members to link their damn accounts up. Yes, it sucks, but hopefully, for all the trouble it's worth in the beginning, there will be more down-loadable stuff in the future to make the linking of really worth the time.
  20. Like you, I used to play exclusively in 1st person, but when playing on-line, I was at such a disadvantage that it wasn't even close to being fair. I was the ONLY ONE playing in 1st person. When I would open rooms and set the controls to force everyone to play in 1st person, they would ######, moan, complain and then leave. As much as I hate it...I now play in 3rd and am on a level playing field. Until, that is, I can find 15 other guys/girls who enjoy 1st person too.
  21. Just from the little bit I have heard about GRAW: II, it certainly sounds like it will be a bit more tactical and more team-oriented, which is a major step in the right direction as far as I'm concerned. Now as far as wounding a guy and killing all his teammates as they come to the rescue, I don't believe that's how it will play out. A good, smart team will already have prepared for this. The fun thing will be actually going through these types of situations and figuring out what works best. It could very well be that there is a 'Every man for himself' type of attitude, if in fact people are dying while trying to rescue a wounded teammate. The game that has a higher premium on one team member's head will be very exciting, because you won't be allowed to just let that guy die. You will have to save him. And that is where the co-ordination and teamwork will be a lot of fun.
  22. This statement is definitely true. In fact, sort of getting prepared for the new GR:AW II, the other night I played Ghost Recon II and Summit Strike. Now GR II has some awesome maps that would be tremendously appreciated if brought out for 360. Take the Fuel Depot, Train Yard, Dam and Railway, or at least three of those maps, and you would see a lot of happy Ghosts on-line. I guess a dream I have is for a future DLC to be nothing but Classic Maps, with their respective missions, brought to life for the Next-Gen. It would be old, yet new, and I think it would really be well received.
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