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  1. I realize I am only one voice, but your involvement and participation is always welcome on this site Kimi... and any videos you can bring along certainly are welcomed too. It gives us a more in-depth feel for what the developers are thinking and dealing with.
  2. Now this is what I'm talking about! Can I lodge a complaint that this Devs vs Fans match was set up on a night that I couldn't make it? Anyone looking for a teammate who is into Teamwork and Tactical game play, send me a friend invite... GamerTag: Dr Death SS
  3. Oh sure... now that the DLC is out, you want to join in all the fun... where were you the past several month's... including this past Monday/Tuesday??? And you call yourself a diehard...
  4. Ya know... if a team of Ghosts were as inefficient in war as UBI is at handling this type of stuff... it would be a sad world indeed...
  5. It is 1:40 PM CST in America, just tried XBox Live and there is NO update available. ... ... ... ... ...
  6. Ummm... they'll be out on Tuesday? What week... what month... what year... nobody knows. But rest assured, they'll be out on Tuesday... This is beginning to sound like an episode of Popeye...
  7. Thank you all for the comments and suggestions. I posted this a couple of days ago, then as life is... got very busy. Nice to come back and see some in depth answers and helpful advice. The GR community is pretty special. I especially liked what Mark2000 says... and I will investigate this Sniper tournament. Once again, thank you all for the answers/help! Very much appreciated!
  8. First of all, I ask your forgiveness in asking, what will be to many of you, really stupid questions. But this is what forums are for, so I am simply taking advantage of the tools available. A brief history... it was my brother who turned me onto GR II a few years ago. We were playing on XBox. I heard, and read, stories about GR I and the people who played it... but all the great stories involved PC players. Fast forward a few years... it is now 2008 and I am sick to death of the majority of players on 360... sick to death of waiting for new map packs promised 3 month's ago... sick to death
  9. Er... we do sincerely appreciate Kimi being here and trying to keep us somewhat updated... but let's not kid ourselves... what we want most is the new DLC. It was rumored/promised back in November... it is now mid-January. That's almost a 1/4 of a year... No offense Kimi... we love your presence here... just wish the DLC was released.
  10. This is a two part post, first in response to BS PALADIN, whose views I respect, and secondly to Kimi. Okay... I echo a lot of what Paladin said in his post, though I have to admit, I enjoyed the "story line" in GR II. The mini interviews with the characters... especially Alicia Diaz... "I took him down!" "Nailed his ass!" I confess... I have a secret crush on Ms. Diaz ... hmmm.... okay, back on topic... the way the story line was done in that game was, I thought, cool. You got the info you needed prior to going in... the interviews, but you also got a little personal history with each of
  11. While I like a lot of your ideas, I wanted to comment on this one. Maps, to me, are a tricky thing. Too few maps leave all players complaining and growing quickly bored upon release. Too many maps... isn't that an oxymoron? I don't know that they could release a game with too many maps... but I get your point about maps being acquired as the player improves. Here's the problem with that though... say they release GRAW III, as an example... and it releases with 8 maps but there are an additional 20 maps available as you improve and win certain tasks, etc... Now, I'm sure there are many gamer
  12. I played the demo as a Sniper and had some one shot kills... but who needs some lady telling where the enemy is? {{{A sniper in the tower has spotted you}}} Then you zoom in on the tower and he's looking the other way... I prefer a game with none of this modern technology... my friends and I were about to stop playing GR:AW II until we decided to never use drones again. Now it's fun and adds some suspense. Guess I'll wait for the new maps for GR:AW... AA won't be getting my $$$...
  13. A nice big THANK YOU to everyone posting, sharing and providing the new videos. Very much appreciated!
  14. Can anyone provide any help with the new America's Army: True Soldiers game, due to release on 25 September for XBox 360? I have searched the web and find only reports/screens posted back in June, and when going to the site for America's Army, and trying to link to the new True Soldiers site, you are still directed to Ubisoft.com... For a game coming out... allegedly coming out... in six weeks... there is very little info... My apologies if this has been asked prior...
  15. Anybody who is into playing the game from a tactical approach and looking for a serious gaming experience, add me. GT is: Dr Death SS... I love the game and am into all co-op missions etc, and would love to find some people to play LMS/SS but from a tactical standpoint... not all the running and gunning that is so prominent on 360 Live... Since SS has unlimited lives I guess LMS would be preferred, but if memory serves you can set up SS for X amount of respawns... just looking for some hard-core, serious gamers.
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