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  1. When I first got GRAW I bought it in the box and I didnt know what the hell a cumulative patch was. So I d/l'd all the patches and installed them one after another and my game worked fine in single player mode, just a little rifle sway as I needed to upgrade my memory. So I'm gonna do the same thing as it's probably that the 1.35 patch isnt as cumulative as they say it is. or should I not have the [GR] wepons mod installed when playing in single player mode.. hmmmmmmmmmmmm!
  2. It happens right as I'm running up to join my first teammate after the initial plane jump/land/system/wepons check. Three times now its happened and theres never a multiplayer problem just the above crash whenever I'm about to make contact with the closest ghost squad member in the alleyway as he sits on his ass waiting for me.(or more like he's waiting for the game to crash and he knows it so he's being lazy)
  3. W `Crash in application version: grpcrc1.35 data\lib\units\extensions\xcom.dsf(-1): cant find member: _wd in type <void> SCRIPT STACK data\lib\units\extensions\xcom.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\xcom.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\hud.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\playercom.dsf(0) Anyone?
  4. GIVE IT UP..... WHAT IS THAT RETICULE STOCK?? YOU KEEP SHOOTING ME WITH IT, WHATS THE edited COLOR??? [3.8] Vulgarity Swearing is not permitted, it only degrades the forum and dilutes the debate. Posts of a sexual nature or of inappropriate images are included in this rule. [3.11] Cheating Discussion of online cheating is not permitted. It's bad.
  5. So your telling me theres a god_mode....? YeeHaww!!!! Most of the servers running their A/C on dont want everyone using sniper rifles with 10 shot clips (<- i think) and the MR-C68 that has a near perfect aim to hit and kil ratio. At least thats why I thought. But them ###### have a god_mode and nobody tells me huh? Seems like I'm always the last to give a ###### about cheats and cheaters.
  6. thank you so much! I really appreciate that answer
  7. we need a lot more info and precise system specs. here they are.... CPU : Emachines W4685 (ACPI Uniprocessor pc) Board : ??? GPU :Pentium IV MEMORY TYPE MAKE ETC : 2 x 512MB PC2700/333 Mhz SOUND CARD: Soundblaster audigy OP SYS : Windows XP VERSION: Home Edition BAND WIDTH: 1.5 megabits per second GAME VERSION: latest patch 1.35 ( believe)? MODS LOADED: None usually. the servers i frequent dont run any I know of. BDA room mostly. DIRECT X VERSION:9.o AV INSTALLED: AVG free edition SPY WARE INSTALLED: Adaware ETC.80 gig harddrive Need more to go on.
  8. I wanna know how come they always see me , but I never seem to see them.(as in multiplayer opponents). Some has to do with the 'I suck still' factor. But with all the settings on my ATI RADEON X1600PRO and my 1 gig (2 x 512mb) memory ram. I should be using something other than just 800x600x60 (SHOULDNT I?) Also my PC is a Emachines Pentium 4 and everything else about my pc is irrelivant. I followed the ATI tweek tutorial but that left more questions than answers. So!?? WHATS --> The Best Resolution for my system ?? 800x600x how about the refresh rate?
  9. 20 of you people read this post and not one who can help.// Typical!
  10. I'm not talking about getting (lets say the m4 sopmod) to work only for myself, but for whoever has the mod installed and wants to use whatever non-default guns and still prevent whatever cheaters can do to cheat in GR:AW. I'm pretty nieve when it comes to the in's and out's of GR:AW. Or would there be a way to run these weapons and the anti-cheat funtion on my own server because by me reading this here what I just typed and asked, it would seem wrong to go to anothers server with better guns than they have. Hence in my eyes...cheating. That would be the only form of cheating I've really thought of, or maybe if someone made a sensor mod for GR:AW that might have actually been a cool option if ubisoft had incorporated a 20m sensor to the small arsenal in GR:AW.
  11. Hwy I gotta context-editor.xml , but no shortcut to any executables in my GR:AW parent directory sept: GRAW.EXE , and GR:AW -standalone, and uninstall.exe So how I make a shortcut from my xml file?
  12. Dont get me wrong I love this mod and a few of the accessories that it adds to the M4 SOPMOD. But timte after time it will crash for the stupidest reasons. Like just now, it crashed during an [GR] game in which I was not the host to the server yet 3 other people were already in the room playing when I came in. We played 2 maps (MAYDAY MAYDAY, ECT). During which time 2 people had joined the game/room making it 6 altogether. The hosts server was set for 12 and in the middle of the damn map one more guy enters and BOOM! It boots me out. only me! and in a time when no action was taking place. It's just prone to this type of crash alot. DONT USE THE SILENCER FOR THE 45 INCLUDED IN THE MOD EITHER. Other than that and a few useless addons for the M4 (lowerrail) . It's an alright mod. It just needs someone like the creator to make a patch and fix these problems. \Thanks Lowjack
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