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  1. Sorry. But airplanes aren't my thing. You have to drug me to get me on one, you'd sure as $%&T nevewr get me to jump! ! ← Nope the 173rd is now the southern european taskforce, they fell into the other airborne units around the world, like a rigger unit in Korea. Thanks anyway, and you know, once you have hit your 4th point of contact you will never go back to being a leg again.
  2. To be a firefighter in the army, i believe that is a reserve job only. It would be a good way to start to learn your trade, but remember, you are in the army first, a fire fighter later. When I was in, it was a that way. Splaster
  3. Okay the United States has the one airbone division and one air assult division. The airborne division is the 82nd The air assault division is the 101. Now there are other traditional airborne units (souther european task force comes to mind, or the 18th airborne corp) in the army and airborne qualified units (riggers in Korea, and other MI units that are airborne) in other parts of the army. The same goes for air assault elements. You can go to both schools in the army and never serve in one of the named units above. It is a fun thing to do, there is nothing more fun the go out of an a
  4. No just for the drugs, we go to germany for the beer. Splaster
  5. That shows you the difference between the two countries, but I also agree with you. I have purchased all of my firearms through dealers at sporting goods shops. I believe in supporting the local sportsman stores, but i have never been left alone with a pistol. Shoot if they could hold it and still sell it the would. Good luck and let us know when you start putting rounds down range. Splaster
  6. Good for you, that indoor range might also let you try before you buy so look into that. What ever the choice is you will have done enough homework to quote it forever. Good luck and let us know when you have hit the 10 ring with you new toy. Splaster
  7. It is true, I hate to support another web site on this great one, but for all you Korea vets, myself included, 1988-1989, The ribbons is for our service in that country. More information is located at www.military.com. This will gave the current information on the award. Also, if you did serve in Korea, check with VFW, you will also be counted there. Splaster
  8. Nice to see that the army comes through with the answer, I am so glad that I don't have to dig those fighting positions anymore. The ground at NTC, and a few other places sucks for that Splaster U.S. Army 1987-1995
  9. Just remember the basic principles of physics, A bullet (depending on the calibre, powder charge and type, and distance) can carry upto 3 tons of Kinetic energy that will strike an area the size of a pencil eraser. That energy is transfered to the metal cause the metal to break in a matter in a 1000th of a second. Metal to metal kills are a huge transfer of energy that kill the metal. Skin on the other hand in less dense and does not have the strength that metal does so it causes more damage. (a little of topic), so a sniper rifle or any .30 calibre rifle has the potiental to destroy the m
  10. I would think that he would be in england. The Swiss did not allow soldiers to run around in their country (neturality issues). It looks like a pre invasion picture because most germany cities were destoryed by bombing, also most armies once in the mainland stayed in the sectors, you would not find americans intermixed with the english all that ofter. Splaster
  11. I was just going to post something similar Tyovan4, Image, getting kicked off a flight for a training tool. Can you image if he had something intresting, well, i guess he either told the TSA that he had the training tool and then they notified the airlines, or the screening process works at airports. I think the soldier said something first because we know how good the screeners are. Ask anyone who has had to stand inline again after a security breech at any major airport. Splaster
  12. Well, it the units that i was in in the army, the young fool would not have gotten that. We as in the army frown on self inflected wounds,my boss would have but that young trooper in the stiockade. since i was driving for the porvost masrshal at the time, i think i would know, i know very very few that a US soldier might have shot them sleves since we(the United States) became an all volunteer army. I do not believe that happened, but you nerver will know. Splaster
  13. now I have to quailify that, do you mean awards, or bolo badges. I got a expert award for rifle, pistol and a few others, I got a ribbon or 2 for service overseas, but I only recieved the Arcom (Army Commindation Medal) for service when I got out. I also received 5 AAM (Army Achievement Medals) but they were for completion of a tour of service, and a few things that were above the call of duty when i was an MP. But I did not get any thing that was just handed to me for completing basic training or my advanced school (my wings to not fall into that catagory, and i will bust on any leg that s
  14. It is nice to see that there is still support for the military units overseas. It is a shame that would not be on the nightly news, just the deaths in Iraq. It is a shame, it took 4 years after the war in Germany and Japan to pacify those countries, and what is really bad, in Los Angeles last year we had 550 deaths, that is one of many US cities. That far worse than anything in Iraq or else where. Splaster
  15. That sounds about right dumping the items in the ocean. I also would like to say that even if the soldier get lucky, and the feds don't charge the soldier under title 18, the military still might under the UCMJ or the dreaded article 15, and since the cinc of the area put out the order on no war trophies, it is a gerneral article 15. For all that have surved in the army that is worse that death. I agree on the ability to take harmless trophies, but like everything in the past, a few destroy it for the many and all have to pay the mistake of the few. Splaster
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