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  1. First you define the insertions areas fore each team:

    First go to the multiplayer layer and rightclick the map and make a box where you want the US to spawn. the "BASE" value needs to be "1" =US. Make another zone fore the mex=BASE "2"

    Now you define the exact spawnpoints:

    Now go to the Prop layer and find "spawn_dummies" since there can be up to 32 players on the map you will need at least 16 dummies (id recommend 20) in both the US and MEX zone.

    I could be wrong about this since i havent made a deathmatch map, im only doing coop.

  2. Hi

    1) You can use any text editor you may find (notepad included) But text editors like Ultra Edit gives you many advantages when you edit the text.


    You have Line Nr at the side making you able to quickly find the line that has an error.

    Color-codes : There are different colors fore different commands. (example lines that arent read are light green <!-- your text here -->

    also makes it easier to spot missing " or = or <>

    2) sry im still new to the sound editing. dont know the answer.

  3. I belive i found the file to edit in my installation Ghost Recon Advanced warfighter/data/sound/settings.xml

    I added the 2 CODE lines in the appropiate places, and i added a sound in the editor and gave it the right cue but when i launch the map i hear no sound???

    Do i need to trigger the sound or what am i forgetting?

  4. 7. Ok, we're almost there but not quite yet: As we are adding a new soundbank and wavebank as opposed to just modding existing ones, we need to let the game know what we have added. This is done in the sound_settings.xml file in the data/sound/ folder. In the "wavebanks" tag, duplicate any element and edit it to match the custom *_wave.xml file you want to add, and do the same for your *_sound.xml in the "soundbanks" tag. For me, I would have to add this line of code in the "wavebanks" tag:

    CODE<wavebank path="data\sound\music\custom_music01\custom_music01_wave.xml"/>

    ...as well as add this line of code in the "soundbanks" tag:

    CODE<soundbank path="data\sound\music\custom_music01\custom_music01_sound.xml"/>

    Its wierd i dont know where to add this last 2 lines of code in my new sountrack fore my [GR] coop map. Anyone who could give me a hand here?


  5. The patch bundle is supreme,meaning that the game reads the patch.bundle first then the original quick.bundle so if you wana change something you need to search in the patch bundle first or it aint gonna read your changes.

    Not everything is patched ofcourse so if its not in the patch you find it in the quick.bundle

    if you create a folder called C:\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\local\english\ (+ sound\music if you wanna change the music ect) you could put an edited file into the folder and it will be the "supreme" file overriding the patch and quick bundle

    So you dont need to edit the bundle itself you just addon.

    I hope someone can correct me if im wrong :)

  6. I came of with a solution (there might be others)

    In the composition layer i found "f15_passover"

    i placed it on the bombing target and added this in the mission xml

    <element type="Composition" id="f15_panhard" start_time="1.2"/>

    id is the name i gave the "composition" in the editor ofcourse

  7. Hi again

    The map im working on is objective based and a little story driven.

    In my attempt to put life into the map i wanna make the players belive that they are getting support from the air. In an [GR] coop i guess its impossible to add the ability to 1 player to call in airsupport? so instead i wanna script an event.

    Before the enemy panhard reaches its destination ive set it to explode, and then id like to add a f15 passover in the sky (with jet sound and all ofcourse) to make the player belive it was that jet who bombed the car.

    In the props layer i notice there are the chopper passovers but no "passover" fore the f15. one prop is called f15 though but i havent tested it.

    Any idea how to script this event?

    if someone know how to make this im sure its wolfsong :) your the man :thumbsup:

  8. I dont know what you mean by overriding the mission script? but nevermind im testing my map without light rendered. The map looks wierd (almost all black) but its ok when im just testing to see if it runs. when im done ill do the rendering.

    Thanks fore your fast reply

  9. Im still a rookie with scripting and making map layouts so im often making a mistake that shows up when i try to launch the map within the game.

    Is it nessasary to correct the file and then "export" the map with the editor and wait another 2 hours fore the lightmapping to finish?

    Is there a quicker way to change values in the bundlefile or is it possible to somehow only "export" the file you changed with the editor. If the bundle extractor had a save function it would be easy i guess?

    If you change the layout of the map itself i guess you DO need to redo the lightmapping process or the item will be invisible?

    right now i just need to correct the mission xml file because i forgot some quotes :x:

    Can i manually use the bundle creator the editor uses? then i could put the corrected file into the bundle with the existing lightmapping.

    I appreciate any help thanks.

  10. Dude you're telling me it's taken two months to get a custom mission done? I mean I understand you got real life stuff but seriously, it's taken this long?

    Depends on your skill ofcourse, but remember unlike teams like grin its only 1 man doing everything on the map and it takes time.

    The final game had like 15 maps? im sure there are more than 15 developers working on the maps and i belive it took more than a year but im just guessing. Much of the time is also used on planning the layout.

  11. hmm i figured out that there is something wrong in line 29 of my xml file

    29 <<user name="bent2" type="once">

    <trigger type="UnitInArea" area="house"/>

    <event name="hus_angreb"/>


    what does "user name" Refer too? is it the same as the EVENT name?

  12. hmm im trying to make a scripted [GR] coop but i keep gettin this error when i lauch the map.

    Crash in application version: grpcrc1.35

    data\levels\custom_levels\tiny\tiny.xml (29): Expected identifier



    any ideas what im doing wrong?

  13. hi

    I wonder if i could use more than 1 set at a time in a map? Id like to place the garage in a "city" set instead of only using the Historical set all the time?

    I guess it isnt possible ?


  14. I guess page up and down while having the road piece select does the trick? Just tested it and nothin happens. any idea what i do wrong? its a static piece ofcourse.

    My icq nr is 451-294-943 if someone could give a noob a push in the right direction :) im not a total noob though ive made maps fore other games like battlefield 2 and lotr the battle for middle earth 2

  15. Hi

    This is proberly a total noob question :blush: , but when i place a elevated (steep) road part and i then want to continue the road with an elevated flat roadpart then that part is gonna stick to ground zero :wall: . how do i raise this part? Page up and Page down dont seems to help like they do with objects!

    Also to make a rough dirt terrain do i need to make it in another program like 3ds max 7 and export it to the editor? or is there some way to make it like it is in Ready fore bear and stronghold beginning.

    Thx in advance

  16. Great map Tom. Its good to see costum maps that are well designed and not just a plain field with 2000+ scumbags. Well done.

    I got a little feedback.

    the RPG guys almost blow themselves up because of all the obsticals that are near the embassy so i suggest you place them on a roof or similar so they can fire over trucks and stuff. They do add some action though when they hit some destroyable objects :)

    I would place 1-3 enemys on the route to the embassy from the spawn so you need to watch your shoulder when you move there.

    Id give the map layout 9/10

    and the surprice aspect 5/10 ( i did get shot in the back a few times :)

    Keep up the good work

  17. I got a (proberly noob question) myself. I get this error when i get to the main menu after following the 12 step tutorial post #1

    Crash in application version: grpcrc1.35

    Streaming WAV file from bank radio_wave not found at path: data/sound/environment/radio\pearljam_once.wav

    I renamed my wave file to the same as desmond (even though it isnt perljam music. I copy/pasted the exact same sound and wave XML as in his post#1) the 11 wave files are in local\english\sound\environment\radio\pearljam_once.wav ( i wonder why the error is using a \ instead of / infront of perljam?)

    Ive always wondered when using windows xp if i have a wave file named "track1" does it just hide the .wav? and if i "force" name the wave file track1.wav would winxp then belive the file root name is track1.wav.wav or do i "override the last parameter when i add .wav in the name? i know im talkin nonsence but plz let me know if it makes sence :D

  18. Forgive me if I overlooked something, but if I made a custom map and wanted to customize the sounds heard, but also want those who download the map to also hear it, do they have to go through all the steps too?

    Personally if going through the steps is only for myself then I will not bother, but if I can make a custom map and have different tuned play in them, I will definitely be more interested. Please let me know.

    honestly im still a rookie at modding myself but id say all others need to "manualy" insert the wave files in the directory, but if you add a readme file and the wave in a zip.download it would be very simple fore everyone.

  19. Id call it a sequal from what ive heard in the interviews and the trailers (fore the console version though) Dynamic smoke, cover system, greatly improved AI and grafics, new gameplay modes like ghost vs grunts (similar to Splinter cell i guess) The hud is different the interaction with your teammates are different, you got new toys like the mule and a sniperrifle who can go through more than just 1 layer of car metal plates ( :wall: walls ect).

    In other words i cant wait fore GRAW 2 to be released :rocky:

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