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  1. Firstly I don't want to be a dick. You as a developer have the right to make a game that you feel fits the criteria set out by the publishers. We as purchasers have no right to demand you and your team limit your creativity in the design of the game. We either spend money on the game or we dont. Just because we loved the original game that the franchise was built doesn't mean we can dictate what each new game in the franchise will be, especially when that new game follows a different financial model. Saying that, as a avid gamer of many different titles and genres I believe your statement seperating tactical and arcade like gaming is wrong. Plenty of games are very run and gun arcade orientated affairs. A perfect example is HALO. Masterfully tactical open game but very much in the hyper run and gun segment. You might say that I have read your post wrong and that you meant that you were referring primarily to linearity verus openiness and how they relate to gameplay. Even at that I feel ( rightly or wrongly ) that tactical, in the ghost recon sense, essentially relies on choice of movement. Movement of yourself and your team in a set space. The more space the more tactical. The problem alot of developers have had in recent years making Ghost Recon titles is that they have a different view on what tactical actually means. I had a long running discussion/argument with the Xbox 360 GRAW 1/2 developers on this issue, specifically with relation to the siege gametype. I argued that their approach of putting spawns/bases in easily defended corners of the maps made the game too predictable and repeatitive. I understood their point that their approach made playtesting easier, which they believed made the game better. I still believe that I was right and one of the developers ( semi ) agreed with me. Putting the ( defensive ) bases in the middle of the map and having random offensive spawns in the corners would have prolonged gameplay. Online gameplay is an interactive media. The more randominess in the gameplay, the more interesting and prolonged the experience will be for the user. Im not haing a go, just giving my opinion. I greatly respect your decision to listen to users and improve the game ( after all iteriation is the basis of all good software) but by using linear maps from the get go I believe you are removing a very important layer that would increase the playability ( and hence profitability ) of the game. A layer that other randomising mechanics might not be able compensate for. Anyway I appreciate you coming on here and I wish you good luck with the game.
  2. This was only on the Xbox version of Ghost Recon as far as I remember but the dossier was years ahead of its time. Basically you were given 50 objectives ( ie complete mission 4 on Elite with only a sniper ) which unlocked various things in the game. Brilliant addition that added at least 20 hours to the campaign.
  3. Modding in the traditional sense will not happen for GRO, it goes completely against the financial model. Gun customisation will almost certainty bein, at a price. I think people are expecting alot more from this game than it ever could be.
  4. How is a free to play game gona allow modding. Their aim is to make money by selling you additional content but by allowing the community to make its own.
  5. How many hits on average does it take to kill an opponent? Are there abilities/equipement that allows for greater health or decreases damage taken from opponents? Why choose third person view over first person view? What gametypes will ship with the game? Would you describe the maps as open with multiple routes to achieve objectives? Will the game have Drones? Did the developers interact with Red Storm Entertainment/Ubisoft Paris staff ( who worked on previous Ghost Recon titles ) when designing the game? What feedback did the developers use from the community when designing the game?
  6. Mass Effect 3 Deus Ex Revolution MW3 ( don't care I love it )
  7. I'm glad you are excited about this. But just because it is the first dedicated Ghost Recon game for PC doesn't mean it will be any good. TBH It will probably be a good game for casual players but I definitely don't think it for the likes of us.
  8. I'm struggling to see why you guys are loving the idea of this. To me the video looks like a Halo game with a cheap Ghost Recon skin. But you guys seem to have been involved with the development. So explain to me why this is a good thing. I have an open mind.
  9. Looks interesting. Might need to send the BIS a dictionary with the following words/phrases highlighted though: Bug Testing Optimisation Accessibility Fun I dont mean to be a dick. The screenshots and premise of the game look amazing. BUT BIS can't make a fun game IMO. I played the demo for Operation Arrowhead and it was a mess. You sometimes think they don't have any competent gameplay designers.
  10. I was expecting it. Releasing against BF3 and COD8 would be suicide. Hopefully they will use the extra time to communicate with the community with regards multiplayer content.
  11. AHHHH you would have thought I would have tried that lol
  12. Played a few missions and jesus they are hard. Maybe dial back the enemies spotting distance because at the moment I'm dying and I having no clue where from. The first mission is fun when you know you have to shoot from the windows ( no chance staying in the open ) but the second missions is just a complete nightmare to complete. Looks great though, never seen GR look so much like an open warfare game. Is there any way to make the enemy pause for x amount of time before they shoot?
  13. Great mod. Especially love the industrial map and mission. Now that feels like GR. Actually feels like GR on a OFP map. Really enjoyed it. One thing though, how are you supposed to get the intel? The door is shut and I have no idea how to open it.
  14. That worked thanks. What other console commands are there?
  15. Ok my file already has: <Engine> <Rain>1</Rain> <Weather>2</Weather> <Wind>0.5</Wind> But its still raining completely vertically. Tinker that console command works but I want the map to load automatically with slanting rain. You got it to work on the Rockall Castle Night mission. How did you do it. I tried setting weather index to 3 ( same as Mountain Stronghold ) but it didnt work either.
  16. I know how to put the rain to full intensity ( 2.00 ) but how do I get it to fall diagonally, like it does on Stronghold ( mission 8 ) on GRIT. Plus can you get the same effect with snow?
  17. I agree. The main story isn't great compared with the first game, but the side quests are fantastic. Definately one of the best games of last year.
  18. Thats pretty cool. Whats the next logo to go on it?
  19. Another problem. On mission 6 ( Airport day ) ive cleared the HQ and airport ( got the objectives completed ), taken out 3 tanks and killed everyone on the map but the take out armour objective hasn't been given. Where are the other tanks to take out.
  20. I completed the mission after restarting it. There is a glitch though. Not sure what actions made it come into being though. On the second mission, it just makes sense to have things labelled on the command map. Great mod though.
  21. Ok I am stuck on mission 5. For some reason I am not allowed to kill any enemies. Dont mean to be picky but that should have been stated in the briefing or at the start of the mission. And why the 20 second wait to say mission failed when I shoot someone. Don't get me wrong I think the Mod is great but this is just annoying. Well here's my problem. I cant get the informant out. As soon as I enter the hut, a guard automatically runs to the front door and waits. Then the other guard on the continous patrol re-enters the hut and shoots me. One other problem. None of the objectives on mission 2 are labelled on the command map. Just makes things a little bit more confusing than they have to be.
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