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  1. You can see an hi res version here Just gonna say that this looks like a very polished game were the design has been clearly thought through to produce a coherent multiplayer experience. It's just an experience that I wouldn't play. GOW and COD fans will love it though. Could be a big hit.
  2. Doesn't look well though. Why would they waste advertising potential by not announcing a PC version of GRFS with the console versions unless it is a completely different game or it doesn't exist.
  3. Doesnt look like Ubi will sort themselves out. I mean look at the god awful new Call Of Juarez game. They messed with the core of the game and now they have one of the worst games of 2011. And from what I can tell about the new Brothers in Arms game, it will be going down the same path. GRFS has been changed to a GOW/Socom/COD hybrid that has disillusioned the core fan base and at the same time not impressed the mainstream or gaming media. On a plus Assassins Creed is a monster and Far Cry 3 has the potential to be a big hit. But they seem to have lost their way on several franchises.
  4. Why don't you play a movie avi file of the effect you are looking for.
  5. They are all mostly MP only which is alot easier than a SP/MP combination. But you do have a point. GB has taken too long and it will probably never see the light of day. But as I said before I think main rason for this was that the idea behind Ground Branch was far too grand. A MP only tactical shooter with some new elements, a few maps and some solid animations sold for $4.99 would have been more realistic ( or at least it seems that way to an inexperienced person like myself ) and probably profitable. I suggested that one time on the forums but was firmly told that I was wrong and that GB was gona be the holy grail of tactical shooters. BFS got caught up in the hype and desire for a great shooter in the Ghost Recon mould. That hype was further fed by the community. Nobodies fault, it just happens and is fairly understandable. In fact I got caught up in the hype, with me donating money to BFS as well. I don't feel cheated by that, I just feel that's life. I like the owner though. He's a decent guy who really has the best interests of the community at heart. Maybe if he had not been as close to the community, things might have been different.
  6. Got stuck on the 5th mission, I think , because there were no Demo Charges to equip.
  7. Getting the game not to load from a saved game was a hassle. I even contacted RSE staff to ask if it could be done. They said no but Tinker posted a way to do it which I used. I also tweaked it to allow the reversal of this, so you can switch saves back on. Might do this to allow a checkpoint system, ala OFP. Maybe allow a save when the chopper goes down, which I will inform the player of the opportunity to do so via a info box.
  8. Having an engine is only a small part of the process of making a video game. You have to model all the objects in the game, then texture them, then there is coding, scripting, storyboarding, beta testing etc. It is a long process for even a big team, never mind a self funded small team. I still think GB is way way too big to accomplish and that BFS should lower their aims. Making a small modular semi realistic online shooter would be more beneficial for them in the long term but they have ideals, which you have to admire.
  9. I've added 3 seconds to all messages. At a later date all messages will have voice recordings added to make it easier to understand. The save game feature is to bypass the trial and error nature of GR and up the tension level. Like everyone else I would reload every time I lost a single soldier. I think it would be better to have a slightly easier game but make it so you will still continue after losing some soldiers. Maybe that's not to everyone's liking but I feel it will be beneficial to the gameplay.
  10. I think its obvious now that the PC version isn't happening. The GRO is the PC version. And that isn't my cup of tea at all.
  11. Thanks guys, your feedback has been very helpful. I've tried to change the things you brought up.
  12. Thanks for the good feedback. I'm trying to get this as polished as possible so all feedback ( especially ) negative is greatly appreciated. I would love to do the missions for co-op but co-op won't allow helos unfortunately. You can save the hostages but its not necessary. The timer is short to convey that innocent people die in war, and if you try to save them you risk the lives of yourself and your men. Trying to do something different with Ghost Recon. Convey that you need to make hard choices in war, which is what the save the pilots decision is about. Only one pilot is supposed to be dead. Need to look at what happened there. The eventual mod will only be 5 missions long, with this mission being the last of the 5. But the mod will only be part 1 of 3. Whether I do the rest will depend on feedback. The XM8 weapons are from Snowfella. I just tweak the ammo counts a bit. So credit goes to him. Negativity is essential for all good design. The sniper is supposed to block of a chunk of the map, you can eliminate the snipers by going behind the building via the broken river bridge by using demos on the truck blocking your path. But only after the civilans have moved, then you sneak into the hotel and kill the sniper team. Trying to go via the alleyways before the russians arrive leads to IEDs killing your men. But it sounds like you got past the sniper, how did you manage that. As for the swearing, I grew up in a rough neighborhood lol. One last thing, has the removal of the ability to save games made the mission too hard. I'm trying to make it less trial and error but still challenging enough to increase the chances of losing men.
  13. What do you mean by CTD? And its not a campaign. There is a campaign file but only use quick mission to play the mission revelation.
  14. Need a final run through on this mission before final polish. I'll not explain what is needed to complete the mission as I hope it's all self explanatory, if not please give me feedback. Also I've added an option which i hope works. On normal and hard difficulty levels save games are disabled. If you save then try to load the save game, Ghost Recon will crash ( fingers crossed ). So I need to know if the mission is too hard are not. Also tell me if the roping in insertion looks lame or not. Feedback on bugs, gameplay, story, fun factor and difficulty would be appreciated. Spent a lot of time on this mission. Download link is below. Just download the file, then unzip and put the Mission2Test folder in your Ghost Recon folder. Then enable the mod and play revelations in quick missions. Disable other mods when playing this please. The amount of ammo used with the XM8 weapons is part of the gameplay. http://www.gamefront...ission2Test.rar Thanks if you try this out. Its appreciated.
  15. I did something similar but it seemed to dominate all the other noises. Need to play around with it.
  16. Some people might disagree with that. Oh dear. Goldfish memory.
  17. If there any way to stop a ambient sound at a certain point in a mission via the scripting?
  18. Hardly good news as the game is a huge festering pile of crap.
  19. Having trouble, I converted the files as you said. I've listed them in effects.xml but they still wont work when called from the script. Can someone tell me if any of these are wrong The wav file is attached and this is the effects.xml <SoundVolFile> <VersionNumber>1.000000</VersionNumber> <Count>8</Count> <Entry Filename = "crowd_outside_4.wav" Length = "6.000" Min = "1.500" Max = "2000" Rolloff = "2000" Ambient = "1"/> <Entry Filename = "w_xm8sd_auto.wav" Length = "0.407" Min = "1.000" Max = "2000" Rolloff = "100"/> <Entry Filename = "w_xm8sd_single.wav" Length = "0.295" Min = "1.000" Max = "2000" Rolloff = "100"/> <Entry Filename = "w_xm8_auto.wav" Length = "0.851" Min = "1.000" Max = "2000" Rolloff = "2000"/> <Entry Filename = "w_xm8_single.wav" Length = "1.157" Min = "1.000" Max = "2000" Rolloff = "2000"/> <Entry Filename = "gr6.wav" Length = "7.802" Min = "1.000" Max = "2000" Rolloff = "2000"/> <Entry Filename = "gr2.wav" Length = "3.670" Min = "1.000" Max = "2000" Rolloff = "2000"/> <Entry Filename = "[GR].wav" Length = "3.298" Min = "1.000" Max = "2000" Rolloff = "2000"/> </SoundVolFile> gr1.wav
  20. So will Cold War Assault be the old OFP and Resistance campaigns but remade using the ARMA 2 engine?
  21. Some guys have modded GTA IV to give it a more realistic look. And it is amazing. Check it out below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEHtzSz8FT0.swf
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