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  1. More vague replies to questions that I have never seen asked. GRFS is an info blackhole. It's like they are embarassed of their product or fear the wrath of the fans too much to actually show us stuff.
  2. BI games are always bug ridden messes when they are released. That is not the sign of a good developer.
  3. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/327677/newell-says-piracy-is-basically-a-non-issue-for-valve/ enough said
  4. Once we get it, what will it do. I mean is it got to do with anything other than a silly viral campaign or is there substance behind this?
  5. Use counters. If weather counter equals 1 then rain, fog x etc. Use a 1 sec time elapsed and it should work.
  6. That and no gametype editor. Just COD style match making which goes against what the Ghost Recon community was about. I really can't see myself buying this game.
  7. Check it out. Some good and some bad new info. http://www.play2compete.com/homepage/index.php/play2ccompete/features/568-grfs-exclusive-qaa
  8. I didn't enjoy it at all. It just doesn't feel right. About 2 months ago I would have sold my granny to get my hands on this game but that Beta has completely changed my mind. Will probably skip BF3. And I doubt I am the only person who feels this way after that Beta.
  9. So what if it's popcorn gaming. It never claimed to be anything else. Lets see if BF3 matches up to it's self made hype. After that Beta I'm not hopeful. Cod knows what it is and sticks to it. Pity Ghost Recon didn't do the same.
  10. GR2 had clambering ( not jumping ) and it worked very well.
  11. To be honest it looks amazing. After the very disappointing BF3 beta I think I will buy MW3 first and then pick BF3 up later when it is cheaper. MW3 while silly will be entertaining and the MP is always solid and has the excellent Hardcore mode.
  12. To have one player in your team you can either do 3 things: Kill all the other players in the team at the start of the mission. Teleport all other players in your team to a remote location on the map and put avatar swtching to off. Set a mission failure criteria based on the number of players in the players team. Switching to pistols is easy. Just used the setactorkit command to either a player variable referencing the only player in the platoon or actor nearest insertion.
  13. I love Ghost Recon but I can't seem to get excited about GRFS. Personally I feel that Ubisoft has changed too much and not made any concessions to give us the experience that older fans want. At the moment there is a less than 20% chance I will buy the game. Hell I'm even debating whether to download the Beta when it is released. Admittedly that might change when they start to give out real information about customisation and explain other features in full. So I want to gauge what other people think about GRFS at this present time.
  14. Looks crap. Really really crap. As in I wouldn't even play it if it was free. Wait a minute, it is free. And I'm still not playing it. Point proven.
  15. Label the objects as tanks, then use vehicle destroyed.
  16. Or just do what I did and display a box to all players saying Charge Placed - 10 second timer.
  17. Ok I played missions 1 and 3. Mission 1 is fun and requires good tactics to get over the nice challenge. It has varied gameplay and seems to run smoothly. Good job. Mission 3 isn't as much fun and seems broken. The data transfer is way too long unless you were looking for a defend scenario while it downloads. Once I initiated it I buggered off to the extraction but it never gave me objective complete. So something wrong there. Another problem is that there is no feedback to know you placed the demo charge in the correct place. Plus it just feels like a turkey shoot with all those guys coming at you in the open.
  18. You could look at it completely differently. Have zones where you think the solider should get shot by the sniper and safe zone where there is cover. Then script a X sec trigger for when the solider enters the sniper zones. When X is finished then use a killactor command to simulate getting shot from a sniper. Cancel the timer if the soldier gets into a safe zone. That means you could encourage the player moving from cover to cover until he can get the shot. Better to have the sniper moving sporadically as well. Maybe as you move up. Also have the X sec timer be a random number between say 3-5 to give a little randomness into the gameplay. Hope this helps.
  19. LOL I see you are allowed a sense of humour again after leaving UBI.
  20. This is a huge waste of time. The game is in the polishing stage so no major changes will be made. And even if there was time, after the massive screw up of the 2010 re-do there is no chance of another expensive content/design change. We are left with what we have atm. A popcorn shooter with tactical elements. Sorry for being harsh but trying to save you some long term disappointment.
  21. Please god I hope they ship with a hardcore mode.
  22. It's all very angular and artificial with all the chest high cover. Looks like the cover system has restricted the map design. I'm no longer really interested in playing this game. Just want to follow it to see where it is going from a design point of view. Thanks for the heads up anyway kimi.
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