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  1. Hello Rubbleman, Just a question, which game mode did you try to see those results? It's not the same playing an online game and playing single player or watching another player while in online. i.e. I get 90-120 frames while watching another's game but I keep in the known limits when playing online. Anyway, nVidia control panel uses applications profiles to optimize many games, and these settings are ok after reviewing them. Thanks and regards.
  2. What about the temperature? Might be the card is slowing himself because of this reason? I'm gettin around 80-90ÂșC while playing. Anyone noted this? Just installed ASUS SmartDoctor and it says "VGA chipset is overheated! Contact with ASUS for help" Anyway, these levels were normal with my 7800 GTX... Regards. Edited: Asus SmartDoctor must be setup after installed: there's a setting regarding tempeture alarm that should be put in the desired report level, so it looks like this is not the problem.
  3. Hello Nutlink, It's a thermaltake PurePower 500v, so I think it's ok for a non sli configuration. Reading the PSU manual, 12v rails are able to give about 18 amps, if i'm not wrong (I'm not at home atm) Thanks.
  4. Hello all, I've just bought this monster and I'm not very satisfied with it for now. Don't misundestand me, it runs smoothly most of the time, at high levels, but when there's enemies nearly, sometimes fps drop to levels over 28-30 frames, at 1280x1024@70 My specs: AMD 4400+ x2 3 Gb ram ddr-400 dual channel x-fi fatality ed. Windows xp driver v. 97.92 (released january, 10th) I know there are a few posts regarding 8800 gtx performance, but I think it's better to have a new thread about this. could anyone post his impressions about it based on his own experience? Thanks and regards
  5. Hello, I have just bought the new lian-li box case (mid-tower, review its dimensions and the hdd box at the pci-e top right area) and the 8800 gtx gets into it. As Coling said it's sized over 260-275 mm, at least my asus vga. regards
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