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  1. This is only a guess, but have you uninstalled the demo?
  2. Do you remember on which level it happened? I've heard that the pilot is having some domestic problems to take care of and that screws with his temper ^^
  3. How come 90% of all the people in that forum is saying they wont buy another UBI game still hangs around in there. And most of all, keep posting in the threads?
  4. I've played Arma and that was one of the things that I liked most about it. It simulates the players "head" and as you say gives the player more body awareness.
  5. The one in the puke green hooded sweatshirt or the black hooded sweatshirt? Nope, not wearing a sweatshirt
  6. LOL, that only cuts it down to around 3. I'll get numbers on that image when I get home. I'm that good looking guy!
  7. Being in the GRIN group is voluntary. When new employees show up they are sent a message outlining the package that comes with the group tag. GRIN_mast has been slow in responding, but with a little prodding from a birdie, he accepted today and his status has been changed. I'm official!
  8. I feel obligated to say, that this is misquoted by the magazine and not entirely correct.
  9. Welcome to GR.Net and your first post and your teasing us. Not cool man, not cool. JK. Sorry about that As soon as I'm able to tell you more I will, and no, I haven't been told when that is =p
  10. Welcome! And more? Could that possibly be a demo or gameplay videos, or both I guess we'll have to wait. 360 comes first these days... Thanks for the welcome guys! As you (probably,) already know, I cant tell you stuff like that.
  11. We have screens and more, but we are not able to show you them yet...
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